2 New Oreo Flavors Are Coming to Shelves

How did we not think of this flavor before?



Remember when we said 2024 is the year of the Oreo? Well, we weren’t kidding. Two short months into the year, and we’ve already seen four new Oreo flavors on shelves, plus multiple yummy collaborations.

But, if you thought Oreo was done with new innovations for the year, think again because the brand just announced that two new cookie flavors are hitting shelves in March.

Starting March 4, you’ll find a new limited-edition Dirt Cake flavor, plus a new Tiramisu Thins flavor that’s joining the permanent portfolio.

Oreo Introduces 2 New Flavors



Oreo is bringing all the childhood nostalgia with a flavor inspired by the beloved no-bake dirt cake. If you haven’t had a dirt cake in years, you might recall it’s made with a pudding-whipped cream base and topped with crushed Oreo cookies and candy—normally gummy worms—to look like you’re eating straight from the earth.

We know Oreo likes to release some pretty meta flavors (yes, we’re talking about the Most Oreo Oreo), so, of course, they’re putting a dirt cake inside an Oreo cookie. The Dirt Cake Oreo will feature a chocolate cookie filled with a layer of brownie-flavored creme and a layer of chocolate creme mixed with Oreo crumbs. The cookie is also topped with multicolored gummy worm-inspired sprinkles.

Imagine making your dirt cake with these Oreos—then you’d have the most dirt cake dirt cake.

Dirt Cake Oreos will be available at retailers nationwide while supplies last.



Oreo is also turning another no-bake dessert into a delicious cookie; this time, it’s the delectable coffee-infused tiramisu.

You might remember Oreo releasing a limited-edition Tiramisu flavor in its regular Oreos a few years ago. Now, the brand is taking that same tiramisu-flavored creme and adding it to the crisp Oreo Thins.

However, unlike the original Tiramisu Oreo, which had both tiramisu-flavored creme and the classic Oreo creme in the center, the Oreo Thins will only have a layer of tiramisu creme between two thin wafers.

Oreo Thins Tiramisu will launch in March as part of the permanent lineup of Oreo Thins, which includes the original Oreo, Mint, Golden, and Extra Stuf.

With new Oreo flavors arriving this frequently, might we suggest that next time the research and development team needs a second to rest, they can simply bring back one of these beloved flavors. We promise we’d be just as excited to see Neapolitan Oreos make a comeback as we are about Tiramisu and Dirt Cake.

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