The 2 Ingredients That Turn Your Iced Coffee Into A Satisfyingly Boozy Float

boozy glass of stout and ice cream
boozy glass of stout and ice cream - Elena Veselova/Shutterstock

For many, iced coffee is a favorite summertime drink. The chilled-out beverage simultaneously cools your palate and keeps you caffeinated on the hottest of days. However, have you ever considered turning your iced coffee into a deliciously sweet and tipsy tipple? Fortunately, you only need two ingredients to make this creamy and memorable cocktail happen. Move over, espresso martini, a new boozy float just dropped.

The easy (and obvious) upgrade to iced coffee is a scoop of vanilla ice cream, which adds fat and flavor and ends up a bit like an affogato. However, what if you're ready to create something a bit more boozy and sophisticated? Enter a shot of coffee liqueur and an unexpected gelato. For this particular recipe, we like Baileys Espresso Crème, but any other coffee-flavored liqueur will infuse a bit of sugary indulgence. The other key ingredient is -- wait for it -- a scoop or two of Guinness gelato. So, why does this combination work so well? The creamy softness of the gelato works against the coffee bitterness in harmony, and the beer's slightly malty qualities accentuate the coffee-roasted flavors. At the same time, the bittersweetness from the liqueur easily blends with the iced coffee.

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The Magic Of Coffee Liqueur

glass of mixed ice coffee cocktail
glass of mixed ice coffee cocktail - Igor Normann/Shutterstock

Ready to get started? Follow these easy steps to make your boozy iced coffee float dream take flight. Begin by filling a glass with your favorite blend of iced coffee. We recommend a medium or a dark roast coffee to stand up against the other ingredients, but the choice is yours. Next, add a splash of coffee liqueur. Now, it's time for a scoop (or two) of silky Guinness gelato. Gently blend the iced coffee, coffee liqueur, and gelato until you have a creamy consistency but still retain a bit of frothiness. Or, instead of heavy mixing, simply swirl the ingredients to thoroughly combine their flavors. The gelato will slowly melt and infuse the coffee mixture for a smooth, slightly frothy result. Finish this upgraded dessert cocktail by adding a dollop of whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate sauce (we don't blame you). For extra decoration, you could use chocolate shavings, a dusting of cocoa powder, or a sprig of mint.

Every sip of this summertime drink spotlights the taste of iced coffee with just a hint of a creamy alcoholic finish. With these ingredients in mind, you can drink this delicious summer cocktail disguised as the iced coffee to your heart's desire. Take that first step and confidently say yes to upgrading your next glass of iced coffee.

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