The 2-Ingredient Sauce Your Next Burger Needs

cheeseburger and bowl of burger sauce
cheeseburger and bowl of burger sauce - Marko Jan/Getty Images

We always crave a good burger from the grill; however, let's be honest. Sometimes, the burger can be a little bland or a little dry. Luckily, there's an easy remedy to this: A simple 2-ingredient sauce you can craft easily for your next burger.

To make this simple yet delicious sauce, grab your jar of mayonnaise, be it Duke's, apparently the best mayonnaise with the most loyal followings, or our favorite, Kewpie mayo from Japan with a baby on its logo. Then use a sauce, such as your favorite barbecue sauce, to mix with the mayonnaise. Once thoroughly mixed, you have a whole new sauce that you can slather over your burger bun or the burger patty itself. You can also use the sauce as a dressing for the cabbage, lettuce, or other veggies you add to your burger.

If you're wondering how much mayonnaise and sauce to use, start with 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise and 1 teaspoon of barbecue sauce. Give it a taste and add more sauce as needed. Of course, you could always use an easy 1:1 ratio -- 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise to 1 tablespoon of sauce. This amount, by the way, is enough sauce for one burger.

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Mix Mayonnaise With Hot Sauce, Like Chili Crunch, To Give Your Burgers A Spicy Kick

bowls of mayo, barbecue sauce and mustard
bowls of mayo, barbecue sauce and mustard - Goskova Tatiana/Shutterstock

If you're not a fan of barbecue sauce, you can mix the mayonnaise with another sauce. The possibilities are endless. Let's say you're craving a little heat. Well then, mix a hot sauce, such as sriracha, sambal oelek, Thai chili sauce, buffalo sauce, or chili crisp with the mayonnaise. The resulting sauce will have a beautiful reddish or orange shade and turn up the heat in your burger.

Let's say you're looking to add umami to your burger. Mix mayonnaise with miso or hoisin sauce. Both condiments are packed with umami, and if you haven't cooked with hoisin sauce yet, be sure to learn how to incorporate hoisin sauce into recipes as a beginner.

Finally, if you need some burger recipes to pair with this incredibly delectable and easy 2-ingredient sauce, start with our easy smash burger recipe. Instead of adding the standard ketchup and mustard, mix up a sauce with mayonnaise and barbecue sauce and slather it over your burger buns. Another recipe you can try pairing with a 2-ingredient mayo sauce is our Shake Shack's classic cheeseburger recipe. Give the cheeseburger a spicy spin by using a sauce made from mixing Kewpie mayo with chili crunch.

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