The 2-Ingredient Cocktail That Gives Your Bourbon A Paloma Vibe

Grapefruit juice and bourbon
Grapefruit juice and bourbon - Clarkandcompany/Getty Images

Cocktails don't have to be complicated. In fact, the simpler, the better. If you like a classic paloma, which uses tequila, lime juice, grapefruit soda, and a little salt, you'll enjoy this two-ingredient drink that puts bourbon front and center. All you need is a bottle of your favorite bourbon and some grapefruit juice (or soda, if you like things bubbly), and you will be able to create a whiskey cocktail with a paloma vibe.

Bourbon can have a strong flavor profile depending on the type you are drinking and how long it has been aged. But all those sweet caramel and vanilla notes, along with the cinnamon and nutmeg, pair perfectly with a tangy and bitter grapefruit juice or a sweetened soda version. However, the pamplemousse juice or soda can be equally bold in taste. When this alcohol is mixed with this citrus, their day and night tastes collide to create a cocktail that is incredibly well balanced. For this reason, you want to use a 1:1 ratio of bourbon to grapefruit juice. If you want like your bourbon to standout, you could use a 1:.5 ratio and be a little heavy handed with your booze. Either way, it may also have you thinking of a brown derby cocktail sans the honey.

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What Brand Of Bourbon Works Best?

Different types of bourbon
Different types of bourbon - John Sommers Ii/Getty Images

To make this two-ingredient cocktail, you may want to experiment with your favorite bourbon. Angel's Envy — which has a warm, citrus flavor — can give you a smooth, velvety texture in your mouth while the fruity elements intensify the grapefruit. Blanton's Single Barrel is also an excellent option. It smells like fresh citrus and offers its imbiber a soft, floral, and orange taste. Mix your Blanton's with some grapefruit soda, pour over crushed ice, and be prepared for a sweet and rich cocktail you'll want to have on repeat.

If you do plan on using a grapefruit soda with your bourbon, try Fresca or Betty Buzz Sparkling Grapefruit. Either of these options will be reminiscent of a classic paloma. If you are using grapefruit juice, which can have a thicker texture and make your mouth pucker, you may want to add a little simple syrup to sweeten it up, ever so slightly. You might also want to try a little juice from the sweetest type of grapefruit — the ruby red grapefruit — which offers a lovely sweet and sour zen your tastebuds will love.

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