This $2.49 ALDI Find Is a Perfect OXO Look-Alike

I love saving money.

<p>Simply Recipes / Getty Images</p>

Simply Recipes / Getty Images

When it comes to dishwashing, especially my favorite pots and pans, I have to have good scrub brushes to get the job done, and I’m very particular about the tools I use.

Though I like some of the rougher scrubbing implements, I can’t use them on my nonstick pans, as they’ll absolutely destroy them. So, I was really delighted to discover the Easy Home Dishwand Brush at ALDI. It has made handwashing dishes so much easier.

What’s So Great About ALDI’s Dishwand Brush

First of all, these dishwands are stylish. They come in gray and clear or white, blue and clear, and they’re only $2.49. I purchased the gray one because it matches the tile in my kitchen.

Secondly, they’re dishwands, which means you can be a little bit lazier while you’re washing dishes because you don’t actually have to reach for the dish soap. These magical wands dispense them.

The wands themselves are similar to the OXO Good Grips soap dispensing brushes, but those cost about $11. The ones at ALDI are eight dollars cheaper, which means I can throw a Mama Cozzi’s pizza or flatbread into my cart along with the brush for the same price.

I love the bristles because they’re sturdy and stiff enough to scratch off burnt bits of food, but they’re gentle enough that they don’t scratch my nonstick pans (including my favorite one). They also work well on other dishes. It is particularly satisfying to use to remove coffee stains from the bottom of cups.

<p>Simply Recipes / Instacart</p>

Simply Recipes / Instacart

My son, who doesn’t like doing dishes at all, doesn’t mind doing this chore with the new dishwand because his hands don’t have to touch the icky bits since it’s a wand and not a regular sponge. He also likes squirting out the dish soap—and yes, he does sometimes use a bit more than I would, but so long as he’s getting the job done, I’m not going to complain.

Though I use my dishwand for dishes, I’m thinking about returning to ALDI to get a second one for laundry—it would be perfect for dispensing stain remover and scrubbing. Since I’ve had a child, I’ve become quite an expert in removing different types of stains (Murphy’s Oil Soap is good for marker stains).

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