19 Signs From The Past Week That Made Me Laugh So Hard, I Popped A Muscle In My Back And Shed A Single Tear

Dear reader, you've made it through another tough week of existing — I'm so proud of you!!! As a reward, please enjoy the funniest signs of the week, courtesy of r/funnysigns:

1."It's a win-win profit right there."

Sign on glass door offering a 10% discount for spotting spelling mistakes in the menu

2."This poster I saw in my neighborhood."

Lost cat poster with humorous text, claiming the cat is a liar about being unfed and is on a diet

3."The advertisement caught attention."

A sign reads "State of Vermont Pure Maple Syrup Sold Here" with a graphic of a syrup jug

4."Which way would you turn?"

Road marking with a misspelling, should read "TURN RIGHT" but says "TURN BEAT" instead

5."Who plays here?"

Workers are fixing a stadium sign where some letters are missing or covered

6."Every joke has a bit of truth."

Sign with hiking tip advising to stay put if lost in the woods for better chances of being found, with playful remark

7."Such a long day."

Sign announcing bridge closure for one day between October 17 and 28

8."Good invention."

Sign on a glass of beer reads "Gone to PEE - Leave my drink alone" at The Square Castle bar

9."Just don't."

Sign partially obscured by bushes reads "DO NOT." Full instruction unclear

10."I'm disappointed."

Sign humorously advertises a "FREE BLOWJOB" to capture attention for a 5 mph speed limit reminder

11."Be careful."

Sign warning of a cougar in the area, advising to stay on trails and not let men under 30 travel alone

12."Effective fire extinguisher."

Sign reading "FIRE EXTINGUISHER" with an arrow pointing to a water bottle on a hook

13."Whoever did this makes a good point."

Sign at Christadelphian Meeting Room stating "Evolution is a Lie" with details on a Bible address every Sunday, offering a reward for disproving evolution

14."Not bad. 🤔🤔"

Chalkboard sign with humorous comparison of walking miles to beer consumption, crediting Jim Beam

15."You need a better graphic artist."

Caution sign with a handwritten note reading "Worms may chase you!!" below a printed warning icon

16."You got that? Not a drill."

Sign shaped like an upside-down hammer with text "THIS IS NOT A DRILL" placed above a spinning drill bit creating a hole

17."Things I hate."

Handwritten note listing humorously contradictory dislikes: vandalism, lists, irony, repetition, and inconsistency

18."They always bring in the legal issues."

A handwritten note with humorous complaints about the blood donation process

19."I'm sure he's a friendly fellow."

Note on window warns not to open more than a crack due to geese, with a goose visible outside

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