WOOF, I Feel Sorry For These 19 Poor, Miserable People Who Just Had A Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much Worse Week Than You

WOOF, I Feel Sorry For These 19 Poor, Miserable People Who Just Had A Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much Worse Week Than You

If you just had the absolute worst week, keep in mind...

1.The person whose birthday just got extra waxy:

Close-up of hands removing a bunch of melted birthday candles from a chocolate brownie
u/zb7400 / Via reddit.com

2.The person who shared a bed with a most dangerous beast:

A small scorpion is on a gray quilted blanket placed on a white sheet
u/billmillerbbq / Via reddit.com

3.The person whose entire kitchen came crashing down:

A kitchen with a broken fridge door lying on the floor, scattered items, and debris. The living room in the background appears unaffected. No people are present
u/angelofdeath771 / Via reddit.com

4.The person who avoided a fate worse than death:

Close-up view of an escalator's step with a black comb plate and yellow safety markings at the edge
u/vitessence / Via reddit.com

5.The person who had a delicious AirPodian midnight snack:

A close-up of a hand holding an Apple AirPod, showing its damaged and dirty microphone mesh
u/anemoneofmyenemy / Via reddit.com

6.The person whose guacamole portion is an affront to God:

A hand holds a small cup of guacamole in front of a plate with a paper bag containing tortilla chips
u/jerky-legs / Via reddit.com

7.The person who got absolutely pummeled with little rocks:

Pickup truck on a city street carries a large load of gravel or sand in the back. RIDGID tool storage box is mounted on the truck's bed
u/evildread / Via reddit.com

8.The person whose fridge provided them the biggest disappointment of their life:

A white refrigerator in a kitchen is next to a countertop with cleaning supplies and a dishwasher below. Windows with plaid curtains are in the background
u/guncleshark / Via reddit.com

9.The person whose trash can ceased to exist:

A melted and burned blue trash bin on a suburban street, with a charred area on the pavement next to it
u/charmkaster7 / Via reddit.com

10.The person who needs to get an NFL tryout ASAP:

A shattered glass shower door lies in pieces on the shower floor, with small fragments scattered all around. A bottle of soap is visible on the ledge
u/gutfeelingonthelong / Via reddit.com

11.The person who might wanna hop down to the doc to get a rabies shot:

A bat is hanging upside down from the top of a curtain, adjacent to a wall and ceiling inside a room
u/vividbre / Via reddit.com

12.The person whose car now sports a cornucopia of colors:

Car interior with yogurt and food spilled on seats and floor. Various containers and food items create a messy scene inside the vehicle

13.The person who invented a brand new type of pancake:

A fly is sitting on an uncooked pancake in a pan
u/pyretta-blazeit / Via reddit.com

14.The person who has no fork but they must eat:

A takeaway container with a bowl of food including avocado and meat inside a bag. Nearby are packaged food items and a brown napkin pack labeled "Zum Aufladen."
u/Substantial-Canary15 / Via reddit.com

15.The person whose freezer looks like something Ernest frickin' Shackleton would've been privy to on his incredible voyage:

An open freezer door reveals significant ice buildup inside, blocking the interior space and shelves

I'm serious!!!!!!

u/colonyy / Via reddit.com

16.The person who learned a valuable microwave lesson that day:

A plastic rice cooker with burnt rice residue at the bottom is placed in a sink
u/vitathevixen / Via reddit.com

17.The person who must leave and never return to their home:

Pantry cupboard with black mold on the walls and shelf edges, containing various items like mugs, containers, egg cartons, and an apron
u/echowolfe88 / Via reddit.com

18.The person who just went bankrupt after this:

A spilled drink and popcorn at a movie theater, with a foot in a sneaker stepping on some of the mess

19.The person whose toaster is laughing in their face:

A slice of toasted bread and a boiled egg placed on a paper towel on a dark countertop, with a butter knife nearby

Sad state of affairs.