19 People Who Know How To Insult Folks In The Worst Way Possible

1.This no-context-needed diss that took out someone AND their mom:

"Your mom had to close her eyes and think about other babies during breastfeeding"
u/mofuq / Via

2.This hilariously on-point swipe at Coldplay's Chris Martin:

Closeup of Chris Martin
u/kevinowdziej / Via

3.And this YouTube comment which is just...chef's kiss:

"That's a lot of effort to announce that the bride and groom are siblings"
u/Illusion_Hashima1999 / Via

4.These washing instructions which — for no reason whatsoever —added a devastating insult:

"so you don't ruin it like everything else in your life"
u/Ozbilasyon / Via

5.This comment someone left on a photo of Elon Musk:

Closeup of Elon Musk
Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

6.And this one someone equally bent on destruction left on a photo of Mark Zuckerberg:

Closeup of Mark Zuckerberg
Drew Angerer / Getty Images

7.This inspired takedown of an entire national cuisine:

"The peas look like someone melted the toy soldiers from toy story"
u/abcdefabcd123 / Via

8.This graphic explanation of why someone changed providers:

"I'd rather give a rabid skunk a proctology exam in a closet than ever deal with AT&T again"
u/3tarzina / Via

9.And this dig at the Cats movie that somehow manages to capture just how bad the movie actually is:

"if they showed this movie on an airplane, people would still walk out on it"
u/CSWorldChamp / Via

10.This insult which was totally out of left field...making it even funnier than it should be:

"Bro is driving a washing machine"
u/ildolcii / Via

11.This hilariously rude comeback:

"your mom must've pushed you around in a wheelbarrow"
u/RealRaging_Fire / Via

12.And this equally hilarious comeback that there's no coming back from:

"It's more of a driver's test."
u/gChloe_xoxo / Via

13.This takedown of Kid Rock (or is it a takedown of his fans?):

"Kid rock makes music for people who know the exact legal amount of Sudafed you're allowed to buy at Walgreens"
u/weregoingtoginas / Via

14.This fantastically snarky reply:

"I'm guessing that 's' isn't needed?"
u/Parallax_2137 / Via

15.And this brutal comment on a stand-up comedian's video:

"This guy is about as funny as a fractured skull."
u/moredishesmorebishes / Via

16.This ownage by a marshmallow sandwich:

"Buddy it's a Saturday night and you're talking to a marshmallow sandwich on the internet"
u/Visible-Pop-2576 / Via

17.This nickname that's legen-dairy:

"so everyone called him milk for the rest of the year"
u/YTSlime / Via

18.This reply that is as true as it is funny:

"you're the exact reason the rest of us wanna stay home"
u/MsSeraphim / Via

19.And lastly, this classroom diss that absolutely leveled a kid straight into the ground:

"You're like a plunger. Always bringing up old shit."
u/potatohereee / Via

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