The 19 Best Things to Buy at Trader Joe's This May

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Trader Joe's released a whole slew of new springtime groceries, just in time for warmer weather. We can always count on the nautical retailer to brighten our day, even if it's raining, and this month is no exception. When you cruise the TJ's aisles you'll see fun new items, including drinks and snacks, great pantry upgrades, weeknight dinner helpers, breakfast must-haves and a whole lot more.

To help make your shopping trip more efficient, we rounded up the 19 best new and returning TJ's items the internet cannot stop chatting about so you can keep an eye out for these fan favorites. Give our list a read, then grab your carts and get to shopping!

19 Best May Trader Joe's Finds

1. Tropical Green Tea Instant Boba Kit

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This brand-new green tea boba kit makes it easy to make a delicious boba shop drink at home. The slightly sweet, slightly tart blend of passionfruit, mango and green tea mixed with tapioca pearls is a snap to prepare. If you can, we'd suggest serving it poolside for maximum tropical vibes. Find it for $4.99 in stores toward the end of this month.

2. Freeze Dried Raspberries

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Not just for snacking, these freeze-dried gems can also be used as a fun addition to cookies, a cereal topper or a garnish for your favorite cocktail. "Ooh my kids love to smash these over their oatmeal with granola!" says one excited Instagrammer. Shoppers had been having a hard time find these bags of tart and crispy berries, so they were thrilled to see them back on shelves recently. Find them near the trail mix and nuts for $3.99 per bag.

3. Lemon Flower Cookies

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"I ate the entire box in less than 24 hours. They taste......SO GOOD! lol" says one Redditor who can't get enough of these cute little lemony shortbread cookies with a tangy lemon jam center. Find them in the bakery aisle for $5.99 per box.

4. Super Strawberry Sorbet

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Get ready to be berry excited about this new (vegan!) drop coming soon. These peppy pints of strawberry sorbet mixed with hunks of real strawberry pieces will be dropping in stores (and your freezer) later this month. Full details aren't available just yet but be on the lookout starting later this month.

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5. Bake at Home Organic Garlic Bread

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People on Reddit are split on this new bake-at-home garlic bread, with some saying it would be great for a banh mi or French dip sandwich, and others commenting on the shelf life, toughness of the bread and the ingredients. However, after a brief hiatus, it's back on shelves for $3.99 per loaf so it might be worth giving it a shot.

6. Sonora Style Flour Tortillas

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If you live near a West Coast TJ's, you already know about the mini version of these tortillas. Luckily for the rest of the country, TJ's has decided to expand these fan favorites nationwide. "Perfectly pliant in texture, and with a mild, just slightly sweet flavor," Trader Joe's challenges you to find a more perfect vessel for your taco Tuesday. Find them for $2.99 per pack with the bread and tortillas.

7. Milk Chocolate Covered Honeycomb Candy

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"I got these yesterday! So good! I’m looking up recipes now to make honeycomb at home 😊" says one instant fan of this new crispy/chewy chocolate-covered candy. TJ's says their newest confection is also called “sponge candy,” “seafoam candy,” or “cinder candy,” depending on what part of the world you’re in, and is a classic candy made of sugar, honey and baking soda. Try it out for $3.99 per bag.

8. Potato Salad

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If you're gearing up for grilling season and need a last-minute side dish, look no further than Trader Joe's new potato salad, made with potatoes, celery and onion with a touch of horseradish for some added zing. "Woohoo!!! Getting ready for grilling season and all the sides!!!👏😍" says one fan on Instagram. Find it in the refrigerated case for $4.99.

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9. Grilled Chili Lime Chicken Breast

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If you're looking to get dinner on the table in a flash, grab a pack of these grilled chili lime chicken breasts, which are perfect for taco night, topping a salad, or as a quick main dish (maybe with a baked potato on the side). "I’ve had the others! I love the convenience of having it ready for quick lunches, I’m excited to try this one… chili lime is my kind of flavor lol" says one Instagrammer. Find them with the other refrigerated ready-made meals for $7.99.

10. Belgian Truffle Ballotin Box

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Who could pass up this cheery box of chocolates that's just perfect for springtime gifting? For $3.99 you get a 3.5-ounce box ("ballotin" means small elegant box in French) filled with eight different Belgian chocolates: Cappuccino Milk Chocolate Cream, Cocoa Bean Lait, Caracol Milk Chocolate, Caramel Eclipse, White Hazelnut Flower, Corazon Negra, Crunchy Caracol Dark Chocolate and Bloc Gianduja.

11. Red Island Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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This is one of those limited-time private label buys that Trader Joe's offers periodically, so you'll definitely want to swing by this month to pick up a bottle (or three). This Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from early harvest olives "grown on a single estate, which are then cold pressed to preserve even more flavor," according to Trader Joe's. Grab a bottle for just $7.99 to drizzle on veggies, use in a salad dressing or as a dip for bread.

12. Vanilla Cookie Thins

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If you love the Meyer Lemon and Triple Ginger Cookie Thins, you're going to want to grab a box of the new Vanilla Cookie Thins, which are just as good for snacking on as they are crumbling over ice cream or dipping in a tub of TJ's cannoli cream. Find them in the cookie section for $4.49 per box.

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13. Sous Vide Chicken Thighs

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Some fans online are thrilled to see these on store shelves again after a hiatus and a packaging change. "Got some today and made it with the Chimichurri rice and made a Wrap with the Habanero Lime tortillas - so good!! 😋," says one Redditor. Others complain that these are too salty and the quality has changed, but we'll let you decide for yourself. Pick up a pack for $8.99 in the refrigerated prepared foods case.

14. Brown Sugar Boba Mochi

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Redditors are split 50/50 on these new sweet poppable snacks that feature a gooey boba pearl center surrounded by a chewy rice layer. "LOVE the texture of these but the flavor is kind of lacking. I also didn’t notice a real boba texture or flavor in the middle- but again, loved either way!" says one commenter. Find them for $2.99 per bag.

15. Dried Australian Red Papaya

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Some Redditors say this new unsulphured dried papaya is way too tough but others don't mind it at all and find it a pleasant, chewy addition to their homemade trail mix. Grab a bag for $2.99 and try it out for yourself.

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16. Cinnamon Twist Danish

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"Run, don't walk," says one TikTok dedicated to this new boxed Danish that's covered in spicy-sweet cinnamon and crunchy sugar. This custard-infused dessert (breakfast?) is basically a cross between a cinnamon bun and a pastry, which definitely has us intrigued. Find it for $8.99 in the pastry section.

17. Savory Squares

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These new vegan and gluten-free crackers are crispy, cheesy and downright delicious. "they are TOO good and small. I just ate half of the bag while putting away the rest of the groceries!" says one Redditor of this Cheez-It-meets-Wheat-Thins cracker. Find them for $3.99 in the cracker section.

18. Ube Mochi Pancake & Waffle Mix

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Along with the ube shortbread cookies and the ube sandwich cookies, the ube pancake mix is back! A returning fan favorite, this mix combines a sweet rice flour base with powdered ube for a delightfully delicious, gluten-free stack of purple pancakes every time. Grab this seasonal item for $3.99 in the baking aisle.

19. Synergistically Seasoned Popcorn

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"I eat a bag for dinner this is my literal favorite popcorn in the world," says one Instagram fan of this seasonal popcorn that's back on store shelves this month. Combining tangy, smoky, salty and spicy flavors, it's everything you want in an afternoon snack. Grab a bag for your next movie night (or afternoon snack attack) for $2.29 in the chips aisle.

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