19 Absolutely Wild Cheating Stories That You'll Have To Read To Believe

Breaking up is hard to do, and it's even worse when cheating is the reason why. Whether you've ever had an S.O. do something behind your back, watched #Scandoval unfold on reality TV, or maybe was a cheater yourself, it's a downright messy business.

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When Reddit user Throwaway235191 asked, "What is the worst cheating story you have ever heard?" people chimed in with stories that'll probably leave you with your jaw on the floor. Here are some of the wildest ones they shared:

1."Went on a camping trip with my new fiancé and friends. I was sick, went to bed early in our tent, and woke up to my guy and best friend of 15 years having sex next to me. He broke my heart, so I broke his nose."

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2."This happened to a guy I knew in high school. He was married to a girl for several years that ended up needing a kidney transplant. He was a match and gave her one of his kidneys instead of having her wait on the transplant list. Just three months after the surgery, she cheated on him and divorced him."


3."My boyfriend got married while we were dating and then called me up after he returned from his honeymoon. He told me he was gone for work. I met his new wife when she caught us at his office together. I had no idea..."

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4."I got talking to a woman on public transport randomly, just normal polite chit chat before she turned to me with a grave look and said 'my husband had an affair.' I apologized because I didn't really know how else to respond. She told me, of the 12 years they had been married, he'd been seeing someone else for seven. They had three kids 17, 13, and 6. The woman he'd been seeing was his best friend. She was a huge part of their lives, their oldest son's godmother. She had Sunday lunch with them all almost every week."


5."My girlfriend of five-and-a-half years cheated on me while I was asleep in the next room (in our bed). I found out the next day. I remember her coming in to kiss me at some point in the night. I never had the stones to ask whether it was before or after."

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6."I had a former coworker find out his wife was filming a lot of amateur porn, being paid next to nothing after being married for a few years. He found out when he found one of her DVDs hidden in the house. He assumed it was a gift for his birthday in two weeks and watched it when she wasn't around. When he confronted her, her only reply was she was doing it for him. He imploded after that and needed counseling for a few months after the divorce was finalized."


7."I had been seeing this girl for about four months and she was starting to bore me. I decided to just flirt with a few guys and just have fun but never act on it. I talked to one guy for a day and a half, and he asked me out. I said no but maybe someday. I lied and said I wasn't ready for a relationship. Anyways, he FaceTimes me while I'm with my girlfriend and he looks at her once and hangs up. She calls him right after and starts yelling at him. We were cheating on each other with the same guy."

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8."An old coworker of mine nailed his girlfriend's mom after they were together for four years."


9."I heard this story from a friend who's friends with a girl who has four boyfriends. On her birthday, she requested that all four boyfriends buy her the same purse (neither knew of each other). The boyfriends complied, and she sold three of the purses for money, and kept one of them. All four boyfriends are extremely pleased when they see her wearing the 'purse he got her.' This story sickens me to the core..."

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10."Friend of mine's fiancée went and married her coworker who she had only known for a month. In Vegas. While she was still engaged to my friend."


11."My ex and I were dating for 2.5 years. I came back from a business trip without telling her when I was coming home so I can surprise her. I walked into my apartment and saw her f--king my younger brother on the kitchen counter. I was devastated. My scummy brother didn't apologize or anything. I just grabbed my stuff and walked right out."

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12."My friend found out her husband cheated on her when she was six months pregnant with their third child. She decided to stay with him for the sake of the kids. Less than a year later, he admits that it wasn't just that one time and he had been cheating on her throughout the entire relationship (dated two years, married for nine). She had an irregular pap smear and discovers he gave her HPV. Her doctor found pre-cancerous cells on her cervix. She had to have it removed and go through radiation treatment."


13."Friend of a friend woke up to his girlfriend f--king a stranger in their bathroom on his birthday."

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14."My ex-boyfriend told me he had to work on our anniversary, which also happened to be the night before my birthday. I was disappointed but whatever. Next day he tells me his kidneys (he has a bad kidney problem that gets worse when he drinks) are acting up and he can't come to my birthday dinner. Come to find out he was drinking and f--king one of my best friends the night of our anniversary."


15."A friend of mine was dating this guy for seven years before they finally got married. They got divorced after one month of being married because she found out he was cheating on her with her maid of honor. The maid of honor tried to get him to go for alimony, too."

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16."My husband cheated on me with a woman that shares the same name as our daughter. I haven't called my daughter by her name in a long while, just nicknames. And yes, I forgave him. I know he's sorry. He knows he f--ked up on a huge scale. He has done/is doing his best to make it right. But I'll never forget it."


17."A friend told me her husband went from her hospital bed (where she just gave birth to their son) to his girlfriend's house to spend the night. Later she told him to end it or she was leaving him. He told her that he didn't want to end it with the girlfriend because he was interested in seeing where the relationship went. He also didn't want a divorce, just in case the girlfriend thing didn't work out. Unbelievably, when the girlfriend broke up with him, he went back to my friend, AND SHE TOOK HIM BACK!"

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18."My brother's friend had been talking to another girl on a dating website for months. Finally, his girlfriend asked him if he was talking to another girl. He said no. She confessed that she was the girl from the website."


19."My fiancée had an affair. I took her back. Found a way to forgive. THEN, she broke up with me. 'You didn't get mad enough,' she explained."

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What's the wildest cheating story you've ever heard or experienced? Share yours in the comments!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.