18 Silly Little Signs That Made Me Laugh Hard Enough To Forget The Hellscape That Is Life In 2023

It's time to collectively forget our woes and take a gander at some clever and giggle-worthy signs, courtesy of r/funnysigns on Reddit. LMK if you laugh:

1."Happy hour."

a text conversation about making a flyer for a party becomes the actual flyer

2."Teaching nowadays."

projection screen reads dear students, i know when you're texting in class no on ust looks down at their crotch and smiles

3."Just a friendly reminder."

open fridge door note says check for cat arm before closing

4."They know what they're doing."

you haven't eaten pizza until you've eaten dicks

5."Revenge is sweet."

do not panic, organize with pac man fish

6."Well that escalated quickly."

those who eat the devil's corn will choke on his cob

7."Seems like a good deal."

today only do a silly dance  walking in if we like it- $5 gas free on us

8."Shame on you!"

why are you littering check box, i am a jerk, i don't care about natural areas, mommy still cleans up after me, all of the above

9."It won't hold."

the car's weakest part is the nut holding the steering wheel

10."I guess they need alcohol."

grocery store sign reads, baby needs beers and wines

11."Yeah, spelling is very important. 😂"

please use tongues to pick pastries thanks

12."Now that you mention it..."

did it bother anyohne else that the guy from operation game was clearly awake

13."Are you sure?"

door that reads not a door

14."#whatsinyourmouth #run."

the fastest land mammal is a toddler who's been asked what's in their mouth

15."British museum's way of saying, 'Do not touch.'"

everyone who ever sat on this chair is now dead, play it safe and remain standing

16."Resistance is futile."

whomever keeps adding "og" to the end of my door sign stop it. dr hedgehog

17."Prevention is better than picking up poop."

illustration of a dog pooping on grass that is saying, oh yeah give me that sweet brown joy

18."Sign that will stop you in your tracks."

sign that has a list of things you cant enter the store with like no shoes, no shirt, no closeup magic