18 Times Americans Proved We're The Dumbest Bunch Of Yee-Haws Out There

1.The American who thought their ancestry meant more than it did:

An American says they have Irish ancestry from Munster county, an Irishman says Munster is a province, and the American accuses them of mansplaining Ireland

2.The American who had the wrong Georgia:

An American googled "when was Georgia founded," the answer is 1008, and the American posted it on social media saying "Yes, because the US existed in the 11th century"

3.The American who was very sure that nobody ever calls it "4th of July":

An American claims nobody says the date before the month, someone asks "when is American Independence Day," and the American replies "July 4th, which is how I hear the majority of people say it"

4.The American who is never, ever a foreigner:

A commenter on Reddit says "American are foreign now? LOL" and someone has to point out to them that yes, when they're in another country, Americans are foreign

5.The American who wanted "real" numbers:

An American asks for height in "real measurements," and gets trolled with people providing numbers in meters, centimeters, and kilometers

6.The American who is pretty sure everyone uses English and cars:

An American asks why they always see things in European languages and "hope y'all are enjoying those gas prices," and a European responds that they don't need gas because they can just take the bus to the hospital without having to take out a loan

7.The American who's never gonna give up that grind, bro:

An American says "the main thing to be clear about here is that vacations are only interesting for about four days and beyond that you're basically just a lazy bum"

8.The American who is a geography expert:

Someone posts a map showing how much more extensive Europe's rail system is than the US's, and an American responds "show these maps to the same scale, Europe is about the size of Texas"

9.The American who's NEVER heard of ANYONE taking a train between two neighboring European countries:

An American says "It would take all day to get from Toronto to NYC on a train or 45 minutes to fly. Same thing in Europe. Nobody takes a train from Germany to France"

10.The American who couldn't figure out why this birth date form wasn't working:

A Reddit post that says "so May 16 doesn't exist?" because they entered the date as 5/16, but the verification form was asking for the day first, then the month

11.The American who considers George Washington and Michael Jordan to be more significant in history than Napoleon:

An American made a list of the most significant people in human history, with Jesus first, George Washington second, Michael Jordan 12th, and Napoleon 13th

12.The American who thinks all of YouTube is in America or something:

An American commented on a YouTube video from Germany and said "This is America, gotta speak English at least a little bit"

13.The American who has very clearly never been to Europe:

An American who says "Europe sucks. It's like stepping back in time 30 years. No tech. No food. No chains. No hotels that aren't mom and pop tiny"

14.Both Americans here (Port o' Rico is killing me):

Someone posts about the differences in Spanish between Europe and South America, and an American responds "Why would they speak Spanish in Europe? They speak Spanish in Mexico and Puerto Rico, but it's not like there's a place called Spania"

15.The American who got a lot wrong here, but also mentioned "no guns" twice:

Someone says they wish they had been born in Norway, and an American responds "do you really want third-world socialism, no guns, no cars, no food, no good military, no guns, no freedom of speech, and fascism?"

16.The American who has never picked up a history book:

A Twitter post from an American that says "it's crazy the US is the only modern country that has banned slavery"

17.The American who's pretty sure they hate us cuz they ain't us:

Someone posts a meme celebrating how much more paid time off Europeans get than Americans, and an American responds "Even so, all Europeans want to live the American dream"

18.And finally, the American who sounded very sure about this:

Someone uses a German word on YouTube, and an American responds "I don't know how to pronounce that as written, but what he said is a pretty common American saying"