17 Posts From Online Mom Groups That Melted My Brain And Rendered Me Speechless

Online parenting groups have gotten very out of control. Here are some recent posts that will make your head spin:

Woman working on a laptop with a baby on her lap holding a toy. They are indoors, suggesting work-life balance for parents
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1.This parent who posted about drinking their own chocolate breast milk:

person holding a baby bottle with their pumped milk and chocolate syrup that they plan to drink
u/Magatron5000 / Via reddit.com

2.This parent who proudly chews up their babies' food and then spits it out for the babies to consume:

A text post questioning the benefits of bird feeding babies and sharing personal experience with it

3.This parent who asked for no judgment...yet here I am judging them anyway:

social media post of a parent asking if others also will leave their child in a dirty diaper if they are in a rush to leave the house

4.This free birth that couldn't possibly come with any consequences whatsoever:

Text states a person's dream of having a free birth in the ocean along with a lotus birth

5.This parent who needs to get a freakin' hobby and shut up about their kid's teacher's armpits:

Question on parent forum about opinions on a female teacher with visible hairy armpits compared to shaving
u/Smart-Gazelle991 / Via reddit.com

6.This person who wants to have a home birth...in someone else's home:

The image shows a screenshot of a text post seeking advice on home/birth options in rental homes and expressing concerns for a comfortable birth experience

7.This parent who wants their 2-year-old to get trained in self-defense:

Text from a social media post expressing concern about a child's safety after an incident at a playground and considering self-defense classes for the 2-year-old child

8.This person who thinks they can just pay for stuff with their husband's special sperm:

facebook post of a person wanting to select a baby's gender without IVF and saying they want to pay for the procedure with their husband's sperm

9.This devastating dilemma that was a shock from start to finish:

Text from an advice column discussing a surrogate's ethical dilemma about baby care after the intended mother passes away and the father says he no longer wants the baby

10.This person who's having a wedding but didn't plan for it at all:

A text plea for free wedding help offering zero funds, seeking decor, photography, and bakers, noting a single mom of five's plight

11.This performing parent:

parent posting about singing loudly and keeping their teen up late

12.This parent who seems to be bragging about denying their daughter seconds at dinner:

Mother prioritizes boyfriend's meals over daughter's request for seconds, causing upset

13.This parent looking to pay pennies for childcare:

Parent's online post seeking an urgent babysitter for their daughter, offering $150 per week, and requesting private messages from interested parties
u/Ms_Business / Via reddit.com

14.This parent who really thinks it's a good idea to travel to Disney two weeks after giving birth:

Forum screenshot asking for advice on traveling to Disney 2 weeks postpartum with a baby

15.This...interesting comment about how to protect a child from illnesses:

post and comment about navigating Disney with a baby, seeking advice from other parents to avoid illness

16.This comment that also made me say, "Oh, interesting!" but not in the way they intended:

A social media screenshot of a conversation about using goat's milk as a breast milk supplement

17.And, this parent who wants to watch an animated movie that won't encourage their kid to go rogue:

Social media post asking for Disney/Pixar film suggestions suitable for a 4-year-old, avoiding naughty or scary themes

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