These 17 People Thought They Were Having A Normal Day Until They Stumbled Into A Parallel Universe

Have you ever felt like there was a glitch in your reality? These 17 people from r/weird certainly experienced that this month:

1."This shark was found in the middle of a cycle lane in Denmark and no one knows how it got there."

A shark lying on a paved pathway bordered by greenery. No people are present

2."Put the lid back on the cactus, before it goes bad!"

Workers on a crane tower replace part of a large cactus with a cell tower, blending it with the natural cacti landscape

3."Someone sent me a $300 necklace and I have no idea who."

A packaged micro Cuban chain bracelet, a black pouch with "GLD" logo, and an authenticity and lifetime guarantee card on a speckled countertop

4."I'm working alone in an empty office building, and this was slid under my door."

Hand-drawn image of two snowmen and the text "Do you want to build a snowman?" on a piece of paper lying upside down on a gray carpet

5."My neighbor brings his skeleton to sit outside, only on sunny days."

A plastic skeleton sits at a small outdoor table with two chairs on a grassy lawn, near a barbecue grill, surrounded by greenery

6."My mom's car has now received 3 text messages from her recently passed sister."

Car dashboard screen displaying a text message from "Sharmy" that reads "This information is not available while driving." Time displayed is 7:13 PM

7."I encountered this guy hiking down a mountain with some weird luggage..."

Back view of a person walking up a rocky mountain trail, carrying a large metal crate strapped to their back. Rugged mountains are visible in the background

8."Just noticed this buried window on my house."

There is a hole in the foundation of a house near the ground, partially covered by grass

9."I went into my attic for the first time, and was not expecting this..."

An attic space with A-frame wooden planks and floral print curtains. Laundry hangs from a line, and the room appears rustic and unfinished

10."Not sure what their message is..."

A worn-out creepy baby doll is tied to a wooden plank on the back of a car. A "Baby on Board" sign is next to it

11."Rosary beads filled with fetuses."

Close-up of a rosary with blue, teardrop-shaped beads, gold medallion, and red accents, arranged on a wooden surface

12."When the guy you paid to renovate does a bunch of shrooms before starting."

A door with a triangular cutout at the top to fit under a sloped ceiling, next to a brown wooden desk and chair

13."This casket has been sitting on someone's property in my neighborhood for about a week."

An old camper with the word "Dutchmen" is parked near a green truck; a metallic object and tree branches are on the camper's roof. A coffin lies on the ground in front

14."I had this random message from Siri pop up on my phone."

A Siri prompt says, "Maybe you should twirl. I'm told this is the perfect moment to twirl."

15."Estate sale creepiness."

3D bust in a golden frame on a wooden wall, depicting a woman's head and hands resting under her chin with a red bow in her hair

16."Went to a yard sale and bought some beads...There were baby teeth in one of the containers."

Broken dental crowns and fragments scattered on a textured surface

17.And finally, "Look who got arrested."

Two ducks sit inside a police car, one looking out the open window and the other facing forward