17 Best Places To Eat And Drink In Belmar, NJ

food and drinks before Belmar
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Belmar, New Jersey is a haven for Garden State residents and New York folks alike who want to kick back and relax on the Jersey Shore. Park your car for the week and leave it there, since this town is super walkable, and you can stroll to find everything you could possibly need, from hardware stores to CVS to coffee to the beach and back.

When down the shore, you've got to ditch the usual restaurant chains and go for spots you can only visit when you're there, at least when they're open for the warm-weather season. (A quick shout-out and R.I.P. to Stay Gold Cafe, a beloved coffee shop downtown that has apparently closed forever; you'll be missed.)

I decided to take a look at every bar, brunch spot, restaurant, dessert cafe, coffee shop, and any other eatery in Belmar to find the best of the best in terms of one main quality: food. There are definitely some hyped-up spots in town that may be recommended to you, and they're likely all right, but these spots range in style from fine-dining steakhouses and seafood joints to hole-in-the-wall locales offering birria tacos and subs (or what you may call hoagies, depending on where you hail from), and are all worth a pit stop when you're in beachy Belmar.

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Klein's Fish Market

meal at Klein's Fish Market
meal at Klein's Fish Market - kleinsfish / Instagram

Don't be fooled by the name: Klein's is more than a fish market. Klein's is an experience you need to put at the top of your Belmar bucket list. Yes, if you're staying in town for a week or more, you can absolutely go to Klein's and peruse the fresh fish and seafood selections to take and cook back at your place. However, the reason Klein's is on this list is because it's one of the best seafood restaurants in the entire town.

The view is so fun at this restaurant, as you can sit outside on the pier and watch the boats pass by and the nearby drawbridge lift up every so often. Aside from the salt air and good vibes, the food here is amazing. I recommend the crispy calamari appetizer, as well as the boom boom shrimp (though be warned — this can be a bit spicy). But you can't go wrong with any of the seafood here, as everything is fresh.


(732) 681-1177

708 River Rd, Belmar, NJ 07719

WindMill Hot Dogs

WindMill hot dog and fries
WindMill hot dog and fries - WindMill Hot Dogs / Facebook

Absolutely the most casual spot on this list, the vibes at Belmar's WindMill location are so chill that anything goes there. You could be stopping by at midnight after drinks with friends, grabbing some dogs after chilling at the beach all day, or going there for breakfast: There's no judgment at WindMill.

Known for its titular hot dogs (which are gigantic), the eatery also has a lot of classic American items like burgers, fries, milkshakes, and chicken sandwiches. Still, in my experience, WindMill does hot dogs, french fries, and chicken fingers the best. You can't go wrong with WindMill's classic comfort food, which many folks associate with Belmar. After all, when driving into town this place is the first thing you see, so it should be your first stop, too.


(732) 681-9628

1200 River Rd, Belmar, NJ 07719

Los Barbaros Birria

tacos at Los Barbaros Birria
tacos at Los Barbaros Birria - Los Barbaros Birria / Facebook

A new favorite place for myself and my friends, I quite literally dream about Los Barbaros Birria, and am counting down the days until I visit it again. If you're unfamiliar with how birria typically works, you order your main dish — whether it's tacos, quesabirrias, mulitas, or something else — and it comes with a large cup of birria broth for dipping your food. The broth also serves as a sort of consommé, so feel free to grab a spoon or take some sips; you'll find meat in there, as well.

Not only are the birria tacos amazing (I recommend the quesabirrias), but the drinks are so refreshing and tasty. You need to try one of the specialty beverages when you're here. My favorite is the sangriaendiablada, which comes with a tajin rim and a tajin-coated straw (this is non-alcoholic sangria, and it's quite sweet).


(848) 404-9041

1110 Main St, Belmar, NJ 07719

Federici's On 10th

Federici's penne alla vodka
Federici's penne alla vodka - Federici's On 10th / Facebook

For some perfect Italian bites in Belmar, make a stop at Federici's on 10th. Not to be confused with Federico's Pizza (which is also on this list), Federici's is a favorite spot among locals for its flavorful pizzas, pasta, and Italian dishes.

Sit outside when you're here and soak up the nice weather — and don't forget the people-watching. The salads are big and colorful here, with the Jim Salad being a favorite for its mozzarella, salami, tomatoes, string beans, and onions. My friends and I enjoy getting a small Federici's pizza with meatballs on top to share as an appetizer, and then we go ahead and each order what we want for our main (you'll usually find me choosing the penne alla vodka, as it's delicious).


(732) 681-3337

705 10th Ave, Belmar, NJ 07719

Anchor Tavern

Anchor Tavern BBQ pork sandwich
Anchor Tavern BBQ pork sandwich - Anchor Tavern / Facebook

A classic pub-style restaurant in the middle of downtown Belmar, Anchor Tavern is perfect for a hearty meal after a long day of beaching it up. The food here is quality, and there's a ton of televisions inside so sports-loving people can catch the game while they eat.

You can't go wrong with a burger here, but as far as appetizers go, the Bavarian pretzels, fried pickles, and cowboy sliders are great choices. The short rib grilled cheese sandwich is a staple, along with the black bean burger. You can also get your beach-trip pulled pork fill here, with different variations of it available on the menu.


(732) 280-2266

713 Main St, Belmar, NJ 07719

Federico's Pizza & Restaurant

Federico's margherita pizza
Federico's margherita pizza - Federico's Pizza & Restaurant / Facebook

This is not a doppelgänger of Federici's on 10th. Federico's Pizza & Restaurant is on the other side of downtown Belmar, offering more casual Italian food with a slightly different vibe than Federici's. Do not compare them, just enjoy both of them.

Federico's has a very large menu, with just about any type of Italian food you're craving available. The pizzas are, of course, amazing (get a traditional white pizza with garlic and ricotta if you can't decide what to choose), and the extensive pasta and sandwich options are enough to come back every day for a month and get something different each time. Do not count out the calzones, either, as they're pretty tasty.


(732) 681-6936

700 Main St, Belmar, NJ 07719

Flames Brazilian Steakhouse

meat being carved at Flames
meat being carved at Flames - Flames Brazilian Steakhouse / Facebook

Flames Brazilian Steakhouse is one of the nicest restaurants that Belmar has to offer, and it serves exactly what the name entails: steak. But it doesn't offer just any steak — this spot is serving up some high-quality steak cuts with the fun of bringing them cooked to your table on a skewer and slicing them up right in front of you.

It is a pricier spot; the full all-you-can-eat experience costs $59.99 a head, with kids aged five to 11 dining for $29.99 (though a perk is that kids four and under eat free). This place is perfect for an anniversary, graduation, or any type of celebration. Dress up and go all out.


(732) 749-3025

1000 Main St, Belmar, NJ 07719

Coney Waffle

Coney Waffle ice cream treat
Coney Waffle ice cream treat - Coney Waffle / Facebook

With some of the best ice cream in town, Coney Waffle is a favorite on the "boardwalk" of Belmar right by the beach, and in recent years a second Belmar location opened downtown. This is not just because it's popular: The whole setup of Coney Waffle is fun, engaging, timeless, and sweet (pun intended).

You can get any preferred traditional frozen favorites here, from scooped ice cream to soft serve cones, but if you're feeling fun, I totally recommend the waffle ice cream sandwich (hence the name, Coney Waffle). You get a warm Belgian waffle with three scoops of your chosen ice cream in it, and any toppings you want. My pro tip? Split one with a friend and choose flavors together, as it can be quite a filling and memorable experience.


Multiple locations

Mike's Giant Submarines Of Belmar

halved Mike's Giant Submarines sandwich
halved Mike's Giant Submarines sandwich - Mike's Giant Submarines of Belmar / Facebook

The best hoagies in town can be found at Mike's Giant Submarines, and, no, I'm not exaggerating. This place really knows how to do subs well, and subs are the perfect thing to get if you're bringing your lunch on the beach. The folks here are super friendly and easy to talk to, and will help you customize your sandwich to include whatever you want.

Everything from the bread to the meat is fresh here, and you can taste it. If you're in a rush, you can also place your order online and then pop in the store on 8th Avenue to pick up your order. Don't forget a bag of chips and a drink, and your perfect lunch is ready.


(732) 681-7980

700 8th Ave, Belmar, NJ 07719

Azteca Restaurant

Azteca chicken tacos with toppings
Azteca chicken tacos with toppings - robgokee / Instagram

Another great Mexican eatery in Belmar, Azteca Restaurant is a hidden gem a bit farther away from the main downtown strip. But, it's worth going to, as the locals adore it — and for good reason.

You'll find a pretty decent-sized menu here, with steak, fajitas, eggs, pork, chicken, and seafood entrées available. You also can't forget the tacos, and you need to get the nachos as your table appetizer. Just some of the options here include burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas, flautas, and chimichangas, so there really is something for everyone here. This place is the real thing, and if you've never been before, you should stop by and give it a chance next time you're in town.


(732) 749-3536

1633 NJ-71, Belmar, NJ 07719

Sonny's Grille

Sonny's Grille burger and fries
Sonny's Grille burger and fries - Sonny's Grille / Facebook

Sonny's Grille serves up all-American eats that will leave you satisfied and happy after coming here. Self-proclaimed as being the Jersey Shore's favorite burger spot and serving the best dirty water dogs, Sonny's Grille lives up to its claims by having some quality burgers, hot dogs, and a lot more than that, too.

Take a guess at what types of food items you could get here. Different specialty hamburgers, french fries, chicken tenders, wings, and hot dogs come to mind, but did you expect the grilled shrimp burger? You'll find all your favorites here, and you'll definitely discover some new ones, like the Flying Dutchman appetizer (fries with breaded crab, mozzarella, and aioli tartar sauce), the shrimp po-boy sandwich, and the Jerry Seinfeld sandwich (two deep-fried hot dogs wrapped in bacon within a grilled cheese). Basically, you can make any combination of classic American foods in your head, and it'll probably be on the menu at Sonny's Grille.


(732) 749-3953

821 Belmar Mall Plaza, Belmar, NJ 07719

La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita clams casino
La Dolce Vita clams casino - La Dolce Vita / Facebook

Located closer to the ocean, La Dolce Vita is truly living it up in Belmar. This Italian restaurant offers a more upscale experience, including white tablecloths, fancy fun cocktails, and out-of-this-world meals. However, here you don't have to get as dressed up as you would for Flames; just put on something a bit nicer than your beach clothes, and you're set.

What shines here (more than the beauty of the place, because it's pretty) is the food. First, we've got to spotlight the very generous happy hour spanning noon to 6 p.m., when à la carte choices are offered for $6 or $8 — like meatball sliders, boneless buffalo chicken wings, and a fresh mozzarella tower. The dinner items are all tasty, though the rack of lamb, zuppa di pesce, and branzino are especially delicious.


(732) 749-3177

400 Ocean Ave, Belmar, NJ 07719

Bar Anticipation

crowd at Bar Anticipation
crowd at Bar Anticipation - Bar Anticipation / Facebook

Welcome to the Jersey Shore: We've got great pizza, tasty ice cream, and Bar A. This place has a reputation for a reason, and if you've tried to pop by on any Friday or Saturday night, you'll notice that the bar is completely packed with a long line stretching around the block. Folks from beach towns (and towns in general) from all over the area travel to Bar A, as it's been an institution in the Belmar area for decades now.

Bar A — nobody calls it by its full name — is absolutely gigantic, featuring multiple bars, different terrains, varied dance floors, and VIP cabanas. Wondering what we meant by different terrains? Don't wear shoes that you're too attached to here, as one moment you'll be walking on wooden planks, and the next you're on sand. But beyond the electric energy surrounding this place, people keep coming back here not only because it's popular. It's because the drinks are actually tasty and the vibes are good.


(732) 681-7422

703 16th Ave, Lake Como, NJ 07719

Beach Haus Brewery

fun drinks at Beach Haus
fun drinks at Beach Haus - Beach Haus Brewery / Facebook

Offering a completely different vibe from the chaos of Bar A, Beach Haus Brewery is for people who want to kick back and relax at a nice rooftop bar with a cold drink in hand in the company of friends. Beach Haus Brewery offers not only that but much more, too.

First of all, this is a brewery, so there are a ton of different local and non-local craft beers on tap waiting for you to try — but if you're not a beer person, Beach Haus Brewery caters to you as well. The signature cocktail selections here are vibrant and fun, from the seasonal mule to The Hornet (featuring gin, lemon, and hot honey). There are also some tasty small bites here to sample, like the Haus fries (with bacon, Peppadews, chili oil, and Parmesan) and the nachos, as well as some burgers, wood-fired pizzas, and sandwiches.


(732) 202-7782

801 Main St, Belmar, NJ 07719

Corner Bagelry

Corner Bagelry bagel varieties
Corner Bagelry bagel varieties - Corner Bagelry / Facebook

Having a prominent Jewish community, Belmar is bursting with bagel spots to choose from. Though different places have opened and closed over the years, you'll always be able to find a quality bagel in town. A favorite is the Corner Bagelry, which recently moved to a new location.

Fresh, warm bagels are homemade here, and whether you're a lover of a simple specialty bagel with cream cheese, or you're a diehard fan of pork roll, egg, and cheese bagel sandwiches, Corner Bagelry is killing the game in all departments. If you want to spice things up beyond your typical order, you can also go for some avocado toast.


(732) 894-9798

1104 Main St, Belmar, NJ 07719

Turnstile Coffee Roasters

Turnstile chai drink and muffin
Turnstile chai drink and muffin - Turnstile Coffee Roasters / Facebook

In my opinion, a good beach day isn't complete without coffee, and some of the best coffee you can get in Belmar is at Turnstile Coffee Roasters. A legit spot that roasts its own beans, this wholesome cafe is a great escape from the sometimes-touristy businesses of downtown Belmar. Bring your favorite book, order a specialty latte, and take in the atmosphere.

Or, get your iced vanilla latte to go and spend the afternoon strolling the streets of Belmar, admiring the pretty architecture. Turnstile can make pretty much any type of coffee your heart desires, and if you're obsessed with the flavor, buy a bag of beans to bring home and bring a bit of Belmar into your kitchen.


(732) 894-9012

1607 Highway 71, Belmar, NJ 07719

Caffè Di Famiglia

sandwich at Caffè di Famiglia
sandwich at Caffè di Famiglia - buonomangia_caffedifamiglia / Instagram

A beach town wouldn't be complete without a bakery, and Caffè di Famiglia is the perfect spot to hit when your sweet-tooth craving hits in Belmar. Your favorite pastries can typically be found here, from donuts to croissants to seasonal favorites like Key lime pie.

You can also get some fun coffee drinks here to pair with your sweet (or savory) treat. This charming, lemon-themed authentic Italian cafe is a wonderful local business to support and check out in every season to see what fun treats the place has cooked up. Caffè di Famiglia also does catering, so it's a great place to check out if you need edible delights for your next event in the area.


(732) 217-5490

917 Main St, Belmar, NJ 07719


Belmar beach and coastline
Belmar beach and coastline - Vincent DeMilio/Shutterstock

I compiled this list of the best spots in Belmar, New Jersey based on extensive personal experience, locals' recommendations, and online opinions about the various food and drink offerings in town. Belmar is a walkable community with a ton of food and drink options to choose from, so I purely looked at the quality of the food and drinks you're going to get at these establishments.

These spots ranged in price, aesthetics, decor, parking availability, and more, from some fine-dining spots to locally owned sandwich shops, but what made a spot land on this list was the quality of its food. You're getting amazing-quality bites at every place on this list, so you can't miss them when you're in Belmar.

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