16 Screenshots Exposing Brides And Grooms Who Think Their Wedding Is The Only Thing In The World That Matters

Weddings are meant to be exciting, but the stress surrounding planning and expenses can often eclipse the main event — or at least, that's the excuse I give rude brides and grooms on their big day. Regardless of any grace we try to offer our loved ones when they turn into bride/groomzillas, here are 16 couples I simply cannot defend:

A bride and groom smiling
Klaus Vedfelt / Getty Images

1.This couple made their bridesmaids and groomsmen sign a contract saying they are legally obligated to give them a gift valued at over $500 and each have to host a party in the couple's honor at a venue outside of their home:

A contract for guests of a wedding

2.This bride decided to ask a Facebook group to "roast" the ring her partner planned on proposing with after she accidentally stumbled upon the surprise hidden in a nightstand:

"Not a fan."

3.This guy got into an Uber pool with a couple on the way to their wedding, and they were mad at him for joining:

"I was just in an uber pool with a couple going to their WEDDING and they had the audacity to be mad at ME for joining the pool even though they chose UBER POOl on their WEDDING DAY"

4.This bride asked all of her bridesmaids to cut their hair and dye it the same exact color so that everyone would look cohesive on her day:

"Dilemma of the day..."

5.This couple has been struggling with fertility, and after spending a lot of money and time on a specialist, they were finally set up for a successful implantation. However, the couple's in-laws are planning to get married around the time the baby would potentially be due, so the bride and groom are asking that they skip having a baby until the wedding is over:

"Other peoples plans have nothing to do with your own life plans, including baby time"

6.This guy used to be the groom's boss, and he rejected the couple's invite to their wedding because the groom previously stole from his company. Despite this, the couple is still asking him for a "monetary gift":

"The bride and groom are humbling asking for monetary gift of..."

7.This person asked their friend to bake them a wedding cake that can feed 75+ people...but they're refusing to help cover the cost of materials:

"Am I wrong to be offended that she's not gifting me the cake as a wedding present?"

8.This bride is upset because the bartenders she hired want to keep their tips. She feels like the money guests give them for a job well done should go to her honeymoon fund instead:

"We are choosing to cancel because this was not something we were made aware of prior to signing the contract."

9.This bride can't believe no one has offered to pay for her to get her nails done because, without it, she can't take any good pics with her ring:

"Still nobody has offered to take me to get my nails done"

10.This couple let people know they weren't invited to their wedding, but that they still expected a gift from their registry:

"If you would like to congratulate the bride and groom, rather than a registry, they are accepting money to aid in a beautiful honeymoon."

11.This bride demanded she receive a wedding dress for $10. Please be so serious:

"the shipping will cost more than $10"

12.And speaking of cheap brides, this one said guests would not be allowed entry into the wedding unless their gift was worth at least $75 or more:

"Lastly must come with a gift 75$ or more"

13.And this bride wants someone to shoot her entire wedding for free:

"free in exchange of photos for their portfolio"

14.Meanwhile, this bride decided to call out people who RSVP'd "yes" to her wedding but hadn't bought her a gift yet:

"I've noticed a lot of you who have RSVP'd have not sent a gift"

15.This bride admits she "has money to pay for things," but still feels like her husband's family should do more than just pay for the rehearsal dinner:

"Please help as I am feeling very frustrated about this situation."

16.And finally, this "influencer" couple with less than 20,000 followers combined are offering exposure in return for free wedding products:

"We are open to also doing brand deals for our wedding!"