16 Kind Of Shocking Photos That Show How Different British Food Is From Every Other Country

16 Kind Of Shocking Photos That Show How Different British Food Is From Every Other Country

1.Their version of Chinese food includes seaweed, curry, "chicken balls," and french fries:

A plate filled with spring rolls, noodles, seaweed, fries, and meat topped with a yellow sauce

2.Their breakfast burritos have beans on them:

A tortilla wrap filled with egg, bacon, and hash brown topped with baked beans in tomato sauce on a white plate
u/Jimbo4794 / Via reddit.com

3.So do their pastries:

Mini tarts topped with white cream and baked beans, arranged on a baking tray

4.Their pizzas have kebab meat, corn, and red onion on them:

Close-up of a cooked pizza topped with beef, corn, onions, and melted cheese in a cardboard box
u/SausageAndBeans88 / Via reddit.com

5.Their salads look like this:

Plate of mixed salad with sliced ham, cheese, boiled egg, pickles, beetroot, coleslaw, and a bread roll on a tray with black dots

6.They're big into "beige" meals:

A plate of various foods, including waffle, chicken nuggets, slices of pizza, cooked macaroni and cheese, and chicken tenders, with a drizzle of sauce

7.Their version of a baked potato is called a "jacket potato" and is smothered in beans and cheese:

A styrofoam container with cooked meal including beans, shredded cheese, beef, eggplant, and mashed potatoes, placed on a plastic bag. Keyboard in the background

8.They have something called a "munchies box," which is basically just a million types of fast food jumbled together:

A variety of food items including burgers, fries, pizza, and chicken wings, all packed in an open delivery box

9.They're very into labeling things "salt and pepper." Like these salt and pepper chips and wings:

Two baked dishes: one with fried chicken pieces, onions, and peppers in a square tray, and another with seasoned crinkle-cut fries in a rectangular dish

10.They have roast beef and horseradish flavored "crisps:"

Bag of Tesco Finest Crinkle Cut Roast Beef & Horseradish Flavour Hand Cooked Crisps showing two crisps outside the bag and decorative illustrations

11.Their paella has ribeye on it:

A large pan of paella topped with slices of grilled meat is set on a small outdoor table alongside two glasses of wine, a bottle of wine, and a baguette
u/BuytheDiP33 / Via reddit.com

12.Their sandwiches have cream cheese and beets in them:

A sandwich on a plate, filled with layers of meat, fresh greens, tomato slices, and a spread

13.Their charcuterie boards are quite unique:

A wooden platter featuring various cheeses, slices of bread, ham, grapes, pickles, cucumber, tomato, and small dishes with pickles and chutney, on a wooden table

14.They love a smattering of ambiguous veggies, meat, and carbs:

A plate featuring roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, mashed turnips, brussels sprouts, carrots, kale, and potatoes topped with mushy peas
u/NMarCarr / Via reddit.com

15.They eat bacon sandwiches. Just bread and bacon:

Two slices of bread topped with cooked bacon placed on a green plate, on a speckled countertop
u/Spaceman4224 / Via reddit.com

16.And finally, their version of "pudding" looks like this:

A halved Scotch egg is displayed on a plate, revealing its breaded outer layer, sausage meat, and a hard-boiled egg at the center