16 "Hard To Look At" Photos Of The Most Terrifying Jobs In The World

At this very moment, you're probably daydreaming of all the things you'd rather be doing than working your droll, corporate job.

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But I have good news for you: Things could be way, way worse. Here are 16 petrifying photos of jobs people have to work every single day:

1."These are pics from my job on a 2000-ft.-tall radio tower, working for maintenance. The views are incredible."

Views from a radio tower

2."For approximately 15 months, a man named Tomoaki Hamatsu participated in a Japanese reality TV show in which he stayed alone and unclothed in an apartment, surviving on commercial sweepstakes. At the show's peak, over 17 million viewers would watch weekly."

A man in his apartment


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3."My job is to check that the electrical network of most buildings in Rome is properly done. The main equipments are usually installed in the lower levels of the buildings. This one definitely had a horror vibe, and being there was kinda terrifying..."

A dirty basement of a building

4."My job is to inspect every single one of these cars. Night time hits different. I can't ever shake the feeling that someone, or something, is going to jump out from one of these. I'm always hearing these weird whisper noises that I'm sure is the wind, but still makes your hair stand up."

Parked trains on the tracks at night

5."Love my job..."

A very dirty bathroom

6."Plumbing is not an easy job — especially with incredibly bizarre objects you might find as the cause of a clogged sink. If you’re lucky, you’ll forget the nauseating images in a few days, but it’s bound to stay with you for some time when you come across things like this."

Teeth stuck in a drain

7."A computer that was brought into my husband's job for repairs. These are roaches by the way — it gets worse the longer you look."

Roaches in someone's computer
A roach in someone's computer

8."Just started a new job. My coworkers say it’ll get so cold inside, even my paycheck will say minus."

"Avoiding frost bite and hypothermia"

9."Got tipped with blood money at my job (dog groomer). 😐"

A $5 with blood on it

10."A Reddit comment I found on a thread about dementia. Absolutely terrifying."

"I worked at a nursing home in the kitchen..."

11."The entrance to the break room at my job."

Staircase going down to a dark room

12."My workplace."

Yellow palettes

13."This sign at the dialysis clinic I work at."

"Mops and buckets"

14."The tiny screaming robot on my big robot at work."

A tiny robot

15."I found this kitten skull at my job as a car park janitor."

A hand holding a kitten skull

16.And finally, "After closing up at work, I found a red balloon in the toilet."

A red balloon in a toilet


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