16 Screenshots Of Selfish, Entitled, And Arrogant Students And Classmates Who Think The Whole World Revolves Around Them

1.This classmate who just wants another classmate's paper instead of following the instructions for the assignment:

"are you gonna send me your paper?"

2.These students who leave their trash like this for the janitor to clean up:

A trash can piled high with garbage

3.This student who's upset his teacher contacted his parents because of his bad grades and bad behavior in class:

"School legit sucks"

4.These kids who destroyed a fellow classmate's school project to reuse the board — and didn't even ask for permission first:

A blank science fair board

5.These students who were apparently wasting food and using it to damage school property:

"Students are wasting food and using it to damage school property"

6.These students who left the bathroom like this after the first day of school:

A bathroom with trash all over the floor

7.This kid who took up two handicap spots in the school parking lot:

A track parked badly

8.The students who keep peeling the trackpads off the communal computers at school:

A peeling track pod on a laptop

9.And these students who do this to the Chromebooks at school:

A Chromebook missing buttons

10.This student who apparently lied to her teacher that her grandmother passed away:

"Both of her grandmother's are living and healthy"

11.These students who park like this in the school parking lot:

Cars parked terribly

12.This classmate who borrowed someone's calculator...and returned it covered in scribbles:

A calculator with scribbled writing on it

13.This student — apparently a notorious cheater in class — who copied the answers from another student's test, including their name:

A spelling test with the same names

14.This kid who stuffed a cheeseburger into a computer at school:

A cheeseburger stuck in a computer

15.This classmate who asks for other students' pens in class, and then does this to them:

Someone taking the ink out of a pen

16.And finally, these students who broke all the board games in class and threw them in the trash:

Closeup of a trash can

Not OK. What are the most entitled things you witnessed classmates do in school? Let us know in the comments below.