16 DIY Home Improvement Projects That Went So, So, So, So, So, So, So Wrong

I, like many others, love to save money, so I try to fix things around the house myself. Do I know how to use a saw? Absolutely not. Have I tried to use a saw before, anyway? Absolutely. But, as a fellow amateur DIY-er, I admit that we sometimes need to recognize our limits, and that reigns true for these 16 do-it-yourselfers.

1.This person tried to build a fancy glass staircase and opted for a cut-up ladder and acrylic:

the ladder leading to the acrylic short platform
Reddit: Coneskater / Via reddit.com

2.This tile job doesn't even slightly line up right:

tiles put on haphazardly
Reddit: Machinefun / Via reddit.com

3.This woodsy bathroom filled with rocks, cork, and tree stumps:

the floor of the bathroom is rocks
Reddit: fakeaccount572 / Via reddit.com

4.This attempt at fixing a broken fence:

a wood plank in between the fence as a fix
Reddit: OnetB / Via reddit.com

5.This door handle that doesn't turn:

door handle is a lego build
Reddit: TurtleMaster472463 / Via reddit.com

6.This door that probably leads to Wonderland:

door extends to the ceiling
Reddit: Zoteku / Via reddit.com

7.This porch swing that looks like a deconstructed shopping cart:

it's a wire swing in the same vain as a shopping cart
Reddit: rascarcapak13 / Via reddit.com

8.This person who attempted to hang a toilet paper holder but gave up after nine attempts and bought a standing one instead:

the holes on the wall
Reddit: Noworknoeat / Via reddit.com

9.This tiled outdoor staircase:

top of the stairs are tiled and the rest is exposing the cement
Reddit: throwawayhyperbeam / Via reddit.com

10.This toilet seat warmer made out of leg hair:

actual human hair shaved off and glued onto the seat
Reddit: reillyfitz / Via reddit.com

11.This "shower" head:

shower head is a faucet
Reddit: mutantbabysnort / Via reddit.com

12.This...honestly I'm not sure. It looks like it's supposed to be a heat and air unit but it also looks like a toaster:

a track of wires in the wall going to the wall unit
Reddit: BidEiden / Via reddit.com

13.This failed light switch installation:

the outlets have a cutout through the door frame
Reddit: dangernoodle18 / Via reddit.com

14.This walkway of nipple lights:

hallway up the stairs has a lights that look like boobs
Reddit: Kattivakk / Via reddit.com

15.This ramp that was meant to be wheelchair accessible but then quickly lost its intended purpose with the addition of stairs:

the ramp is raised from the street with no one to access
Reddit: CinemaslaveJoe / Via reddit.com

16.And finally, these bark-inspired cabinets:

wood panels as the doors
Reddit: Maleficent_Sock_ / Via reddit.com