150 Irish Boy Names and Their Meanings for Your Lucky Lad

Irish boy

Finding out you’re going to have a baby is one of the most magical and exciting moments in a woman’s life. But before your baby arrives earthside, there is so much you have to do, from decorating your child’s nursery, to buying clothes, to figuring out your new schedule to going to look like and more. Though one of the most exciting and important things you’ll need to do is pick out a cute, strong name—which brings us to these 150 Irish boy names!

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, if you’re still not set on a specific moniker, why not consider an Irish first name for your little bundle of joy? They are great because many come with a deep history with influences from Celts, Vikings and Anglo cultures as well as from Irish mythology and famous fables. And while you may not be sure if an Irish-inspired name is right for your baby boy, you may be surprised that several modern and popular ones are actually used in America, like Liam, Conor and Flynn.

Below, you’ll find 150 unique Irish names for boys and their meanings. We even broke them up into different groups to make searching through them easier. Trust us, these male names are good as gold for your baby boy. By the time you’re finished reading them you’ll be thinking to yourself, “Irish I would have come across this list sooner!”

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150 Popular and Common Irish Boy Names

1. Rían

Pronounced as both "rhian" and "ryan,” as the newest little royal to your family, this name is fitting because it means “little king.”

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2. Oisín

A favorite of Ireland, this name of Irish origin means “little dear.”

3. Fionn

This popular name means “clear.”

4. Tadhg

Meaning “storyteller,” a baby with this name will have so many amazing tales to share.

5. Aidan

A little boy carrying this moniker won’t give up easily as this name means “the fiery one.”

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6. Cillian

A name with a religious tie that means “associated with the church.”

7. Finn

Let your son know how lucky you feel to have him by giving him this name that means “blessed.”

8. Conor

This name means “lover of wolves” and is a great name for any boy.

9. Seán

Meaning “God is gracious,” it’s no wonder this name is so popular.

10. Darragh

If you’re searching for a popular nature-inspired moniker, this one means “dark oak.”

11. Cian

This well-known name means “enduring.”

12. Oscar

"Friend of deer” is the translation of this Irish boy’s name.

13. Liam

This popular boy’s name translates to “a strong-willed warrior.”

14. Declán

Meaning “man of prayer,” you can’t go wrong naming your son this Irish name.

15. Caelan

This gender-neutral name means “slender person.”

16. Shay

Let your baby know how happy you feel to have them by calling them a name that means “fortunate.”

17. Ruairi

Meaning “red king,” this name will perfectly suit a little red-headed boy.

18. Sullivan

This popular Irish surname can also be a first name and would be fitting for a little boy with brown eyes since it means “black-eyed one.”

19. Éanna

This name has a sweet meaning, and translates to “bird-like.”

20. Rónán

With a name that means “a pledge,” your bundle of joy will be very trustworthy.

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Unique Irish Boy Names

21. Rafferty

This rare name means “abundance.”

22. Giollaiosa

If you’re looking for a religious moniker that isn’t super common, this one means “servant of Jesus.”

23. Fiadh

Meaning “as secretive as a raven,” a little boy with this name will be mysterious.

24. Daíthí

This male name means “swiftness.”

25. Naomhan

Meaning “little saint,” this name is pretty rare, though would make a great name for any boy.

26. Ciarán

This is the masculine version of the name Ciara and means “little dark-haired one.”

27. Abbán

This name means “abbot” and was also the name of a 6th-century Irish saint.

28. Ceallach

This memorable moniker can be used for both sons and daughters and means “bright-headed.”

29. Faolán

“Little wolf” is the adorable definition behind this rare name.

30. Gobán

This Irish name means “smith,” which refers to a goldsmith.

31. Larlaithe

This name may be a bit unusual, but it has a royal meaning: “prince.”

32. Nollaig

If you are expecting a son in winter, consider this moniker that means “Christmas.”

33. Riordan

Meaning “Irish poet,” this name is rare, but cute.

34. Séaghdha

The spelling for this moniker may be unique, but the meaning behind it means “a majestic man.”

35. Tighearnach

Pronounced TEER-nakh this Irish name means “lord.”

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36. Ardghal

Meaning “bear-like” this name is a unique Irish boy name.

37. Bairrfhionn

“Fair-headed” is the definition of this Irish moniker.

38. Calbhach

While the meaning of this name is “bald,” don’t let that keep you from using it.

39. Dubhán

Meaning “black” this unique name is great for a boy with Irish heritage.

40. Keefe

What boy wouldn’t be happy to have this name that means “handsome”?

41. Cearbhall

This name was used by a few medieval kings, however, it’s not super common today. It means “victorious warrior.”

42. Meallán

This rare Irish name is pronounced MEHL-awn and means “attractive.”

43. Riagán

While not used a lot, this boy’s name means “king.”

44. Ruadh

If you love the color red, this is what this Irish name means.

45. Tiernan

Usually an Irish surname, it can be a great boy’s name too. It means “lord.”

46. Caomhán

With the meaning “friend,” how could you not be tempted to use this for your little boy?

47. Ruadhan

If there’s a good chance your baby boy could have red hair, consider going with this name that means “little redhead.”

52. Senán

This means “little wise one.”

53. Diarmuid

Your sweetheart will be beloved as this means “loved by many.”

54. Bréanainn

This traditional Irish moniker means “king,” which is perfect for any boy.

55. Dalon

The Irish roots of this name date back to the 12th century. It means “blind.”

56. Desmond

This old-fashioned name means “from South Munster.”

57. Eoghan

While the spelling may be tricky, this is a variant of the well-known name Owen and means “born of the yew tree.”

58. Feidlimid

Meaning “ever good,” how can you not be a fan of this traditional moniker?

59. Brádach

This Old Irish name means “thriving.”

60. Carthach

Moms and dads will instantly like the meaning of this name because it means “loving.”

61. Féchín

Pass on an Irish moniker with this name that means “raven.”

62. Brendan

Want a name that will never go out of style? This one is it! It means “prince.”

63. Duane

This name was super popular during the 1960s and though it’s dropped in use, it’s still a traditional Irish name used for boys. It means “dark.”

64. Abban

This traditional name means “monk.”

65. Fintan

Derived from the name Fiontan, this traditional moniker means “white fire.”

66. Bradán

This name doubles as an ancient Irish word that means “salmon.”

67. Cairbre

This name has historical significance in medieval Irish culture and is associated with various figures in mythology and history. It means “chariot driver.”

68. Séamus

If you like the name James, this is the Irish version of it. It means “supplanter."

69. Turlough

Your little boy will be your biggest assistant since this name means “helper.”

70. Padraig

This name, pronounced the same as Patrick, is one of the most traditional and well-known names and means “nobleman.”

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Cute Irish Boy Names

71. Finney

“Fair-haired” is the meaning behind this name.

72. Finley

This moniker sounds adorable and has an inspiring definition as it means “fair-haired hero.”

73. Finnegan

Not only is this name cute, but there are loads of adorable nicknames that go with it as well. It means “fair.”

74. Mainchin

Celebrate your faith by naming your son this, which means “little monk.”

75. Glenn

This one-syllable name means “valley.”

76. Mannix

Meaning “little monk,” your little boy will impress everyone he meets.

77. Doyle

This Irish-rooted name has a mysterious flare. It comes from the surname Ó Dubhghaill and means “dark stranger.”

78. Rooney

You can honor your Irish bloodline and the winners in your family with this name that means “descendant of champions.”

79. Barry

A baby with light-colored locks would suit this name seeing how it means “fair-haired.”

80. Codi

Embody the act of kindness into your little munchkin by calling them this, which means “helper.”

81. Eri

In Irish, this easy-going name comes from the word eiri, meaning "arise.”

82. Conán

Show your son how much potential they have by naming them this, which means “high.”

83. Grady

This name is gender-neutral and means “noble.”

84. Lachlan

If you have special memories at a lake, honor them by naming your son this moniker, which means “land of lakes.”

85. Tristan

Even though this Irish name means “sad,” it sounds so sweet to say.

86. Colman

Meaning “little dove,” names don’t get much cuter than this.

87. Flynn

This is often known as an Irish surname, but it would be a cute and preppy boy’s name as well. It means “red.”

88. Peyton

“Noble” is the meaning of this gender-neutral Irish-oriented name.

89. Cormac

This masculine name means “chariot lad.”

90. Collins

Naming your baby boy this name means “darling.”

91. Erend

If you want a name that embodies your heritage, this one means “Ireland.”

92. Mellon

This fruit-inspired name sounds like a cute Hollywood moniker and means “small pleasant one."

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Strong Irish Boy Names

93. Tracy

Meaning “fighter” and “fierce,” this name will praise the magnificence of your baby boy.

94. Donnacha

“Brown-haired warrior” is the definition of this name.

95. Páidí

Your son will feel close to his Irish heritage with this name that means “noble.”

96. Dermot

This name will show your son to be proud of his own accomplishments, as it means “without envy.”

97. Oneal

Your little one will be destined to do great things with this name seeing as it means “hero.”

98. Nollan

Derived from the Irish surname Ó Nualláin, your baby will be confident with this name seeing it means “champion.”

99. Cornie

Inspire your baby to have a “fearless” nature, as that’s what the name means.

100. Dempsey

“Proud” is the definition of this name.

101. Comhghall

Meaning “war,” this name has a solid sound to it.

102. Lorcan

If you’re looking for a name that means “fierce,” this one is it! It means “little fierce one.”

103. Anlon

Give your baby boy a name that means “great champion,” like this one.

104. Bearach

With a name that means “spear-like,” there’s no denying this is a strong moniker.

105. Cathal

Meaning “great warrior,” this Irish name has a strong meaning behind it.

106. Críostóir

Known as a strong Christian name, this means “Christ bearer,” and is the Irish version of the name Christopher.

107. Naoise

Pay tribute to Irish mythology with this name that means “warrior.”

108. Niall

Giving this name to your son shows you think he’s a star because it means “champion.”

109. Peadar

Pronounced like Peter, this Irish name means “rock.”

110. Tiarnáin

Your little guy will want to rule your household seeing how this name means “lord.”

111. Bodevan

The definition of this boy’s name is literally “strong.”

112. Connal

Why not name your baby after a strong animal, like a wolf? That’s what this name means.

113. Larkin

This is a modern gender-neutral name that means “fierce.”

114. Killian

Rich with meaning, this translates to “little warrior.”

115. Keegan

“Fire” is what this Irish name means.

116. Murphy

Though this is a common surname, it could pass as a great first name for a boy and means “sea warrior.”

117. Rylee

Did you know this name means “courageous?”

118. Sloane

Believe it or not, this name means both “warrior” and “raider.”

119. Casey

You won’t regret naming your son this name, which means “brave, “watchful,” and “vigilant.”

120. Mackenna

If you want to give your son or daughter a strong name, this means “fire-born.”

121. Troy

Meaning “foot soldier,” this moniker is mighty.

122. Neil

Honor your deeply-rooted heritage with this name that means “victory.”

123. McCoy

124. Rya

What’s not to love about this simple name meaning “little ruler?”

125. Sionainn

This name alludes to knowledge as it means “possessor of wisdom.”

126. Brian

Meaning “noble,” this name has a strong foundation that would be fitting for any boy.

127. Rourke

Your son will love this fiery-sounding name that means “illustrious and mighty.”

128. Rennie

This delightful name means “small and mighty,” just like your baby will be.

129. Kane

Meaning “little battler,” there’s nothing a little boy with this name can’t do.

Modern and Cool Irish Boy Names

130. Connelly

This name flows off the tongue and means “love and friendship.”

131. Lennon

If gender-neutral names are your thing, this one should be a contender. It means “lover.”

132. Lonan

Meaning “blackbird” this Irish name is fresh and fun.

133. Rowan

The best thing about this name is it can be used for girls or boys. It comes from the surname Ruadhain and means “red-haired.”

134. Tynan

How smooth is this name? It means “gray.”

135. Garvey

Encourage your son to embrace both sides of their personality with this name that means “peace” and “rough.”

136. Brody

Traditionally a surname meaning “muddy place,” it also works as a boy’s first name.

137. Teagan

This is a great example of when a surname can make a great first name. It can be used for both boys and girls and means “darling.”

138. Shane

This Irish name stems from the name Seán and means “God is gracious.”

139. Rogan

This would be perfect for a red-headed addition to your family since that’s what it means.

140. Dargan

This Irish name stems from the name Seán and means “God is gracious.”

141. Lir

If you’ve always envisioned your son to have a name with an ocean connection, this is perfect for your water baby because it means “the sea.”

142. Kenth

No matter if your baby boy grows up to give it or demand it from others, the meaning of his name will always remind him how important “respect” is.

143. Brawley

Calling a baby boy this Irish surname meaning “descendant of Brollach,” will put a modern-day twist on it.

144. Caden

This is the modern version of the Irish Gaelic surname Mac Cadáin and means “battle.”

145. Irish

If you want a name that encompasses your heritage, why not just go with Irish? It means “from Ireland” and will capture the heart of anyone who hears it.

146. Bourke

Mostly heard as an Irish surname, this moniker means “of the borough,” and would make a cool and modern name.

147. Keveon

“Handsome child” is the definition of this classic name with a fun, Irish twist.

148. Tavis

This short, yet interesting moniker means “twin,” making it a great name if you’re blessed with two babies.

149. Gallagher

Meaning “support,” this name is great for any little boy.

150. Brín

If you’re thinking of going with this name, it means “high,” as in noble.

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