150 Best 'Put a Finger Down' Questions to Use For Your Next Game Night

We all know the thrill of a sleepover with your closest childhood friends, holiday get-togethers, or even game nights as adults. While board games and puzzles are certainly the tried and true methods of entertainment (right alongside movies and plenty of food), "Put a Finger Down" questions are certainly rising in popularity as one of the best ways to pass the time. 

This fun game is sure to bring about plenty of laughs, and maybe even some intrigue, to you and your friends and family. There are spicy, juicy questions for adults, cute and funny questions for kids, and so much more.

Not sure what to ask? Not to worry! We have a list of the 150 best "Put a Finger Down" questions to inspire you!

What Are 'Put a Finger Down' Questions?

"Put a finger down" questions are asked in a game where participants put a finger down if they have experienced the thing that the specific question is asking. Keep reading for plenty of examples!

How To Play 'Put a Finger Down'

This game works similarly to "Never Have I Ever" but almost in reverse. The group will choose, as a whole, if you're using one or both hands, and will keep all of your fingers up until something is said that you relate to.

For example, if we were to say "Put a finger down if you've ever read a Parade article," you would put one finger down. The group takes turns asking the questions and whoever is last to put all their fingers down wins!

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Best 'Put a Finger Down' Questions

Put a finger down if... 

1. you've spent money that wasn't yours to spend. 

2. you've gone to a party you weren't invited to. 

3. you have a tattoo. 

4. you've eaten an entire carton of ice cream.

5. you've ever stolen anything.

6. you've used someone else's toothbrush. 

7. you've ever dated someone super annoying simply because they’re cute. 

8. you've had a broken heart. 

9. you have ever eaten caviar.

10. you've ever broken a bone. 

11. you've been to a bachelor or bachelorette party. 

12. you've ever been expelled.

13. you've been told you snore loudly.

14. you've admitted you love your pet/s more than other humans. 

15. you've ever pretended to be on the phone to avoid a conversation. 

16. you have ever shaved your head.

17. you've laughed at a very inappropriate time.

Deep 'Put a Finger Down' Questions

Put a finger down if...

18. you've seriously thought about marrying someone. 

19. you've lied on a first date. 

20. you've seen a ghost. 

21. you've ever told your parents you were staying at a friend's house but were really somewhere else.

22. you've lied to someone in this room. 

23. you've ever intentionally started a fight with another person. 

24. you've ever been arrested. 

25. you've spent the night in the hospital. 

26. you've ever had a crush on a friend's sibling.

27. you've re-gifted a gift. 

28. you've ever been to a psychic.

29. you've been on TV for an embarrassing reason.

30. you've had a relationship that was completely online. 

31. you've ever cried yourself to sleep. 

32. you've ever broken the law. 

33. you've lied about what you were doing on social media.

34. you've been snowboarding.

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Funny 'Put a Finger Down' Questions

Put a finger down if...

35. you've ever laughed so hard you spit out your drink.

36. you've screamed during a scary movie.

37. you've told someone "I love you" on accident.

38. you've worn something out of your dirty laundry.

39. you've gotten heated during a family game night.

40. you've ever flirted to get something you wanted.

41. you've farted in front of a significant other.

42. you've laughed so hard you spit out your drink.

43. you've auditioned for a reality television show.

44. you enjoy a smell that's supposed to be gross.

45. you've ever Googled yourself.

46. you've lied playing this game.

47. you've ever given someone a fake phone number.

48. you've gone several days without showering.

49. you've lost a bet.

50. you've ever clogged a toilet.

51. you've turned your underwear inside out so you didn't have to wash them.

52. you've ever toilet-papered someone's house!

Spicy 'Put a Finger Down' Questions

Put a finger down if...

53. you've ever been to a nude beach.

54. you've ever been skinny dipping.

55. you've made out in public.

56. you've been given a speeding ticket.

57. you've snooped through someone else's phone.

58. you ever played Spin the Bottle.

59. you've been called a "player."

60. you've been on a blind date.

61. you've ever played strip poker.

62. you've kissed your best friend.

63. you've kissed more than one person in a day.

64. you've ever slid into someone's DMs.

65. you've social media stalked an ex.

66. you've had a crush on a teacher.

67. you've kissed a friend's ex.

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Work-Related 'Put a Finger Down' Questions

Put a finger down if...

68. you've lied about why you were late to work.

69. you've called in sick when you felt just fine.

70. you've ever been fired.

71. you've left the printer out of ink for the next person to deal with.

72. you've heated fish in the company microwave.

73. you've forgotten food in the company fridge and it molded.

74. you've tried to guess someone's password.

75. you've quit or walked out without giving a two-week notice.

76. you've gotten into an argument with your boss.

77. you've hidden in the bathroom while avoiding a work call.

78. you've used your work credit card for personal reasons.

79. you've used someone else's Netflix password.

80. you've taken credit for a coworker's efforts.

81. you've left a customer on hold and forgotten about them.

82. you've put a customer on hold to catch the ice cream truck.

83. you've forgotten to put in a customer's food order.

84. you've served a customer the wrong item.

85. you've overcharged a customer and didn't realize until they'd left.

Travel-Related 'Put a Finger Down' Questions

Put a finger down if...

86. you've ever missed a flight.

87. you've run out of gas while driving.

88. you've ever been on a cruise.

89. you've ever traveled alone.

90. you've taken a train.

91. you've ever ridden in a limo.

92. you've been involved in a car accident.

93. you've ever gotten on the wrong plane.

94. you've been skydiving.

95. you've never been on a boat.

96. you've ever ridden a motorcycle.

97. you've driven the wrong way down a one-way road.

98. you've been bucked off a horse.

99. you've gotten lost abroad.

100. you've ever met a celebrity.

101. you've learned the native language of a place you've vacationed.

102. you've had your luggage misplaced.

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'Put a Finger Down' Questions for Teens

Put a finger down if...

103. you've ever helped a friend lie.

104. you've ever pulled an all-nighter.

105. you've gotten a piercing no one knows about.

106. you've been accused of sharing too much on social media.

107. you've ever gone to a party you weren't invited to.

108. you've had a surprise party thrown for you.

109. you've ever been expelled.

110. you've ever fallen asleep in class.

111. you've ever sleepwalked.

112. you've knowingly spread a rumor.

113. you've eaten whipped cream straight out of the can.

114. you've used a dumb excuse to text an ex.

115. you've ever read a whole book in one day.

116. you've left someone on "read".

117. you've lied to get out of plans with friends.

118. you've ever used a pick up line.

'Put a Finger Down' Questions for Couples

Put a finger down if...

119. you've ever stood someone up.

120. you've dated someone more than 5 years younger than you.

121. you've ever been stood up.

122. you've ever said "I love you" without meaning it.

123. you've stayed in a relationship that you knew you shouldn't have.

124. you've ever ghosted anyone.

125. you've had a relationship last less than a month.

126. you've ever had a friend with benefits.

127. you've used a dating app.

128. you've had a relationship last longer than a year.

129. you've broken up with someone over text.

130. you've dated someone more than 5 years older than you.

131. you've ever cheated on someone.

132. you've fallen in love at first sight.

133. you've had or given a pet name to a significant other.

134. you've broken someone's heart.

135. you've received a love letter.

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'Put a Finger Down' Questions for Kids

Put a finger down if...

136. you've ever been sent to the principal's office.

137. you've ever stayed up all night.

138. you've deleted a social media post because it didn't get enough likes.

139. you've ever sang karaoke.

140. you've ever cried at school.

141. you've ever pretended to be sick to get out of school.

142. you've stayed somewhere haunted.

143. you've told a secret you weren't supposed to share.

144. you've made your favorite food.

145. you have ever wished you were famous.

146. you've tried to cut your own hair.

147. you've beaten a video game.

148. you've ever seen an alligator in real life.

149. you've ever helped a friend in need.

150. you've played Go Fish!

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