These 15 Photos Will Leave You Questioning Reality And Checking If You're In The Correct Dimension

It's not uncommon to see some weird stuff on the internet.

"Well that was weird"

But r/Weird takes it to a whole other level. Here are the 15 most bizarre photos I found while perusing it this week:

1."This spam text message I received today."

"You have very little time left so you should cherish it"

2."This is weird, right?"

"he's fully supportive of my career"

3."Not panicked at all."

"Don't panic"

4."Why do doctors wash and reuse surgical gloves? I thought that they used them for one time."

Gloves drying

5."Found in the back of a painted over vent in our apartment. Gotta be body parts, right?"

A jar of gunk

6."Found in a house listed on the market. Would you buy this house?"

A charcoal print of a body on the hardwood

7."WTF is going on here?"

Light coming from the drain

8."Someone please explain."

A floating silhouette in the sky

9."Elevator button, but no elevator..."

An elevator button on the wall

10."Weird image in a used car listing."

Image of a person seemingly unconscious on a car dash

11."Weird news story I got about a year ago."

"Do not lick the toads"

12."My first floor neighbor's front window."

A bunch of bugs on someone's window

13."Someone thought that doing this would be a good idea... And perhaps it has been."

A toilet in the shape of a drummer


A giant ball of supposed meat

15.And finally, "Am I the only one scared by this?"

A person standing on a balcony