"Didn't Your Mom Tell You Never To Assume Things" — 15 Times People Should Have Thought Twice Before Contributing To The Conversation

1.This person who accused dear Mack's hair of being too long when he is actually missing eyes:

A close-up of Mack, a dog, posted by Dog Sanctuary. A commenter suggests Mack trims facial hair to reveal eyes. Dog Sanctuary replies that Mack has no eyes


u/lolihull / reddit.com

2.This person who didn't take a moment to consider anything before they accused this love interest of fooling around:

Snapchat conversation showing a plate of food and painted toenails. User: "I see painted toe nails. U f***ing her?" Response: "My mom."
u/Ryan_Swee / reddit.com

3.This person who never learned they shouldn't judge, among other things:

Person recounts an incident at Walmart where a lady devalued painting work to her child, highlighting societal stigmas against such jobs

4.This person who made this very wrong assumption:

Chat screenshot with criticism of cultural appropriation, followed by a response stating the criticized person is Chinese
u/Aki008035 / reddit.com

5.This husband who told his wife all interior door frames were the same size and found out the hard way they were not:

A white door partially open, revealing a glimpse of another room inside a house. The door has six rectangular panels and a silver doorknob
u/BlahMehUgh / reddit.com

6.And this husband who assumed his wife was only texting him directly:

The image contains a Reddit post where the user describes mistakenly sending a message meant for their wife to a family group chat asking them what they wanted for dinner and feeling embarrassed

7.This person who thought it was fine to call someone "baby" and then made up this excuse when it wasn't:

Text conversation: Person 1 asks "How you been, Farha?" at 11:15 PM. Person 2 replies "Hi baby" at 2:02 PM. Person 1 responds, "don't call me that" at 2:04 PM. Person 2 explains the previous message was an accident involving their baby cousin at 2:06 PM
u/paulblartmallcap / reddit.com

8.This Uber driver who felt it was okay to hit on this stranger after they dropped them off:

A text conversation discussing meeting up with messages about directions and compliments. One person mentions their car being a white Prius and their voice calls acting up
u/Nsjsjajsndndnsks / reddit.com

9.This person who assumed grabbing dinner meant they scored an intimate date:

  u/r/sadcringe / reddit.com
u/r/sadcringe / reddit.com

10.And this whole accidental exchange where a person's mom shouldn't have assumed this was a question that needed to be answered:

Text says someone accidentally texted their mom a question intended for Monica, asking about the color of her panties. Mom replied "Black". They never discussed it again

11.This dealer who shouldn't take it as a given that people can't do their own research when buying cars:

Text conversation at 12:34 PM: Person 1 discusses lease buyout options and mentions NYC taxes. Person 2, named Rob, responds humorously: "Rob, really showing your cards here."
u/czapatka / reddit.com

12. This person who shouldn't have assumed they knew what all hand gestures meant:

Twitter: @meganlewis74

13. And this person who shouldn't have been so certain that avocados were attacking them:

Twitter: @MavenofHonor

14.This person's mom who should have thought twice before serving up the worst type of assumption — pregnancy:

A woman encounters an old friend at the mall. Due to her posture, the friend mistakenly assumes she is pregnant. She clarifies with a laugh, feeling only slightly offended

15.And, finally, this person who shouldn't assume Barb won't be accepting of constructive criticism about her lasagna...

Text conversation: Person 1 apologizes and asks if another is bringing lasagna, bashing Barbara's lasagna. Person 2 agrees to pretend to like it. Person 3 refuses and accidentally texts the wrong number
u/PrestigiousAbalone63 / reddit.com

Because life is too shorty for shitty lasagna:

Text message conversation: A person is mistakenly told they should be honest with Barbara about life being too short for bad lasagna. The recipient replies they will
u/PrestigiousAbalone63 / reddit.com