15 Texts That Are So Awkward, I Don't Think These People Will Recover After Sending Them

1.This seller who revealed his lowest point:

"Probably when my wife took the kids and left me for another man"
u/ridgedAvena50 / Via

2.This guy who texts ~lik3 this~:

"That's gr3at"
u/youreallbabes / Via

3.This DoorDasher who tried hitting on this person's girlfriend after delivering food:

"We'll go out sometime unless ur way young ...."
u/Nsjsjajsndndnsks / Via

4.This person who thought they were going on a dinner date:

"Dinner hangout"
u/TroubleCapable1477 / Via

5.This person who thought their crush was asking them out:

u/nxecutioner43 / Via

6.This ex from two years ago who KEPT TEXTING their former partner who's been in a new relationship for over a year now:

"Do you still love me?"
u/Raging_Hope / Via
"I miss you"
u/Raging_Hope / Via
u/Raging_Hope / Via
"I love you"
u/Raging_Hope / Via

7.And this ex who used an excuse to reach out:

"I had a feeling"
u/snutis / Via

8.This person who received a text from his mom's ex-boyfriend who asked if they wanted something of theirs that he found:

"I'm sorry. It was a poor joke."
u/smallpersona / Via

9.This person who texted the wrong person, but DEFINITELY has some drama with someone at work:

"Crying over me*"
u/ropadope23 / Via
"the only thing that's fossilized is clearly your brain stem, idiot"
u/ropadope23 / Via

10.This aunt who sent this alarming message to the wrong number:

"We are headed to the ER"
u/applesheep4 / Via

11.This security guard who texted this person's wife after checking her into a business:

"Just trying to get to know u...."
u/FunnyHighway9575 / Via

12.This woman who won't accept the fact that she texted the wrong number...and now won't stop calling this person:

"I am just a new person with a new phone number"
u/learningytube / Via
"No, I do not"
u/learningytube / Via

13.This wife who sadly didn't realize her husband is on the dating app, Plenty of Fish:

"Its really good he finds someone to go with almost every weekend."
u/GroundbreakingAge591 / Via

14.This person who tried to make his ex jealous???:

"srry I didn't mean to send that"
u/pinsmari / Via

15.And finally, this date who meant to send this text to her friend:

"live and let die"