14 Questionable Moms Who Might Just Need Their "Parent Card" Revoked

14 Questionable Moms Who Might Just Need Their "Parent Card" Revoked

I love my mom. I love my friends' moms. Honestly, I love most well-intentioned moms! They truly make the world go round.

Drag performer in elegant attire with text "I LOVE YOU MOM!!" in a show of affection

Unfortunately, there are quite a few moms out there who aren't too good at "momming." Here are 14 examples from r/ShitMomGroupsSay that made my jaw drop:

1.This mom who complained about their kid getting mad at them for blasting the TV at 1 a.m.:

Social media screenshot with obscured text, showing a user's complaint about their child being mad at their loud music and their own state of inebriation

2.This mom who posted an explicit photo of her toddler on Facebook for everyone to see and thought it was hilarious:

Text post discussing a child's self-soothing behavior by rubbing legs together, seeking advice to stop it

3.This mom who prioritized her boyfriend over her daughter:

Text: A parent explains not letting their daughter have seconds to ensure their boyfriend, who provides food, gets enough to eat first

4.This mom who refused to cut up a high choke-risk food for her toddler:

Parent's post of a child's lunch tray with peanut butter and jelly sandwich, crackers, grapes, and a cookie

5.This mom who brought her 10-month-old baby to a rave, and then complained about people not being accommodating enough:

Image of a text conversation discussing personal disapproval of bringing a baby to a noisy environment such as a rave

6.This mom who had way too much trust in her "crunchy mom friends":

Screenshot of a social media post asking for advice on a baby product with mixed feedback due to potential toxic ingredients

7.This mom who thought trapping her daughter in her bed was a GREAT idea:

Parent's DIY crib modification for child's safety and improved sleep, with a zippered mesh cover on top

8.This mom who thought their infant would understand a "firm NO":

Post: A new parent shares frustration about their baby having tantrums and seeks advice, noting that firm 'NO's aren't effective

9.This mom who tried to pawn their teenager off on a stranger from Facebook because of her marital issues:

Post seeking family support for daughter, mentions trust issues with her father, and requests help from the community

10.This mom who shamed every woman who's unable to breastfeed:

Post discussing the challenges and opinions on breastfeeding and seeking agreement or disagreement from others

11.This mom who proudly carried her gun around while carrying her baby at the same time:

Forum post asking for advice on carrying essentials with a baby, discussing methods for convenience and safety

12.This mom who insisted on giving newborn babies goat's milk:

Social media screenshot of a conversation about using goat's milk for infant feeding, with positive feedback from a reader

13.This mom who gave her child a "whooping" for not wanting to separate from her:

A social media screenshot discussing a parent's concern about their child's behavior when dropped off at school

14.And finally, this mom who shouldn't have even had to ask this question:

Question about whether a niece should let her boyfriend, a convicted sex offender, stay over during the eclipse; concerns due to kids in home