14 Popular Coffee Mate Creamer Flavors Ranked, Including One that Fans Buy 4 at a Time

Coffee mate creamers flavors

Starbucks coffee is universally loved for its customizations, including dozens of syrup options. However, a daily beverage from the chain will cost you. But Coffee mate creamers? They're easier to find than Starbucks syrups and Coffee mate creamer flavors are vast and wide and they're always adding new options. Pour in your creamer of choice, stir and you've got yourself a cup of Joe with a little flavor (or just extra creamy if you're going with the original). It's a fast, easy and affordable way to customize your coffee when you don't want to go any further than from the kitchen to the couch.

Coffee mate creamers are also found at 7-Eleven coffee stations, and you can find complementary ones at many hotel chains, so chances are good you can find them whenever you need them. Nestlé, the company behind Coffee mate creamers, owns the lion's share of the market, according to a 2023 report by Mordor Intelligence. And the brand has more than coffee in its sights. Most recently, Coffee mate branched out a bit with a coconut lime flavor designed to add to Dr. Pepper to made your own trendy "dirty soda" at home.

"Most customers prefer Coffee mate creamers because they are available everywhere, and it's a household name," explains Austin Blankenship, a barista at Alma Cafe in New Orleans. "Familiarity drives consumption of these name-brand creamers. Plus, there are abundant flavor choices so consumers can get creative with their coffee."

Which flavors are worth getting creative with, and which should you keep out of your cart? We asked several current and former baristas and consulted Internet reviews to bring you this list of the Coffee mate creamer flavors ranked worst to best.

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14 Coffee mate Creamer Flavors, Ranked Worst to Best

14. Coffee mate Zero Sugar Italian Sweet Crème Liquid Coffee Creamer

<p>Coffee mate</p>

Coffee mate

The Zero Sugar Italian Sweet Crème is supposed to be rich (two times richer than milk!) and indulgent despite not having a gram of sugar. However, a 3.3-star rating on Coffee mate's website (based on more than 1,000 reviews) suggests otherwise. Many reviews complain about a change in the recipe, saying it's just not the same.

"Italian Sweet Crème tastes super artificial with a weird aftertaste," says Johny Morrisson, a former barista, self-proclaimed coffee nerd and content creator at coffeeabout.com. "It's supposed to have vanilla flavors but misses the mark completely."

13. Coffee mate Zero Sugar Cinnamon Roll Flavored Liquid Coffee Creamer

<p>Coffee mate</p>

Coffee mate

Another zero-sugar option that Coffee mate fans say fails to hit the sweet spot. It's unfortunate because the Zero Sugar Cinnamon Roll Flavored Liquid Coffee checks many dietary restriction boxes: It's non-dairy, zero sugar, cholesterol-free and gluten-free. However, fans give it a 3.7-star rating, saying Coffee mate's promise of a coffee that tastes like an "ooey-gooey fresh-baked cinnamon roll" went unfulfilled. In fact, some sad customers say they didn't taste cinnamon at all.

12. Coffee mate Natural Bliss Zero Sugar Almond & Coconut Milk Cinnamon Coffee Creamer

<p>Coffee mate</p>

Coffee mate

Nestlé launched its Natural Bliss line of Coffee mate creamers in 2011, getting ahead of the "all-natural" market trend. Yet, reviews have been a mixed bag. The Coffee mate Natural Bliss Zero Sugar Almond & Coconut Milk Cinnamon Coffee Creamer is vegan and plant-based — yay. However, it only has two reviews on Coffee mate's site—and they're on opposite ends of the spectrum — a 1-star and a 5-star—indicating it hasn't quite caught on. Target reviewers give it a 2.5-star rating out of five, citing a bad aftertaste and "chemical" flavors.

11. Coffee mate Caramel Salted Brownie Liquid Coffee Creamer

Coffee mate salted caramel brownie<p>Coffee mate</p>
Coffee mate salted caramel brownie

Coffee mate

Coffee mate is known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to flavors, and they went all in on this one. The flavor gets a perfect 100% rating on the Coffee mate site, with reviewers saying, "I wish there was a big jug of this flavor!!! My absolute favorite!!!"

Over on Walmart's website, it's a bit of a mixed bag, but the flavor still gets a pretty enthusiastic response. "Hopefully they will put this in a big bottle soon," says one person. There are a handful of one-star reviews as well, but those included complaints that the customer got the wrong flavor or that the bottle was too small. One commenter did say that it tasted like it was "sugar free," and was bothered by the aftertaste.

10. Coffee mate Kellogg's Eggo Waffles with Maple Syrup Flavored Liquid Coffee Creamer

Eggo Waffle Coffe mate<p>Coffee mate</p>
Eggo Waffle Coffe mate

Coffee mate

If you love coffee with your waffles, this might be the perfect flavor for you. Walmart shoppers are very enthusiastic about this wacky creamer. "I'm kinda picky about coffee flavors," says one commenter. "But I'm hoping this becomes a permanent flavor cuz dang it's good!" Another fan kept things simple by saying, "I hope they keep this flavor it's the best." A fan on the Coffee mate site added that they've already bought three bottles of the creamer. As always, there are some detractors, with one Walmart commenter saying it tastes like "you're drinking hot pancake syrup."

9. Coffee mate Mean Girls Pink Frosting Coffee Creamer

<p>Coffee mate</p>

Coffee mate

On Wednesdays, we drink pink? That was likely the goal for Mean Girls Pink Frosting Liquid Coffee Creamer. Clearly, Nestlé caught next-gen Mean Girls fever ahead of the musical release of the classic flick (which turns 20 this year). The creamer is pink and supposed to taste like a fruity frosting. However, reviews are as hot and as cold as Regina George at her best, with some fans begging Nestlé to stop trying to make this limited-edition creamer happen. Some people on Target's site, where it has a lukewarm 3.2-star rating, wish it just tasted like frosting sans fruit, while others were pleasantly surprised. One fan recommended adding it to a Starbucks vanilla latte. Fetch.

8. Coffee mate Sugar-Free Vanilla Caramel Powder Coffee Creamer

<p>Coffee mate</p>

Coffee mate

One coffee pro is "meh" about this creamer.

"This one tasted weird because of the artificial sweeteners," says Joonas Jokiniemi, the founder of Coffee Maister. "The taste is just a bit too unnatural to my liking."

While some people on the Coffee mate website agree, others adore the taste. One review noted that the blend of vanilla and caramel — two much-loved coffee flavors for their familiarity — was like a "fall carnival" for tastebuds. This creamer is a bit hard to find (but I located one at my local Walmart in New York).

7. Coffee mate Coconut Créme Liquid Coffee Creamer

<p>Coffee mate</p>

Coffee mate

Loved by fans, the Coconut Créme Liquid Coffee Creamer's tropical notes transform sipping a morning cup of Joe into an island getaway (for your tastebuds, at least). The customer-favorite Coffee mate flavor has a 4.8-star rating on the brand's website, with 97% of shoppers recommending it. So, why is the creamer in the middle of our list? Our baristas beg to differ. "Ugh," says Alex Frankel, who was an "inpatient barista" for four years in college and is now the CEO and founder of the Hot Fat Guy Club. Blankenship doesn't have much patience for the flavor either, saying it tastes artificial and ranking it in his bottom three.

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6. Coffee mate Caramel Latte Coffee Creamer

<p>Coffee mate</p>

Coffee mate

Jokiniemi recommends this flavor, formerly known as the Caramel Macchiato. It promises to turn even a standard cup of coffee into a specialty drink, and Jokiniemi feels it hits the mark.

"For those with a sweet tooth, this creamer provides a luscious caramel flavor with a touch of creamy goodness, reminiscent of the popular espresso drink," Jokiniemi says.

Some fans agree, but this isn't one of the top-rated Coffee mate options on the brand's site (3.8 stars) or Walmart.com (4.1 stars). Some adore the taste and say it's Coffee mate's best creamer yet. Others completely disagree, saying the macchiato-to-latte rebrand came with a recipe change that reduced the strong caramel flavor they loved.

5. Coffee mate Cinnamon Vanilla Crème Liquid Coffee Creamer

Finally, a creamer fans and baristas can get behind.

"The Cinnamon Vanilla Creme has a nice bold cinnamon flavor that actually comes through," Morrisson raves. "Most of the flavored creamers are too subtle, but this one provides a good cinnamon kick that pairs well with coffee."

As for the fan vote, 97% of Coffee mate website reviews say they'd recommend the smooth, spicy and modestly sweet creamer to a friend. Some recent adopters say it's become their go-to since the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Coffee mate creamer is no longer available.

4. Coffee mate Irish Crème Liquid Creamer



Consider this buttery-smooth creamer a perfect addition to an Irish or St. Patrick's Day breakfast—or any breakfast. Or a mid-day pick-me-up. Two former baristas call the Irish Crème Liquid Creamer a gift from Coffee mate to us all.

"Perfect for its rich and indulgent taste," says Jessica Kopach-Paulson, the founder and senior strategic publicist at The JKO Agency, LLC, and a former barista and coffee manager.

Jokiniemi agrees.

"A luxurious blend of cream and whiskey flavors, this creamer adds a touch of sophistication to your brew, offering a smooth and indulgent experience," he says.

Note that it's only available in mini cups, but you can always put out a little bowl of them and pretend like you're at a diner.

3. Coffee mate Original

<p>Coffee mate</p>

Coffee mate

Coffee mate isn't shy about trying new flavors. However, Blankenship and Kopach-Pauslon reach for the original, which you can find in powder or liquid form.

"It’s a classic, and you can find it everywhere," Blankenship says. (This separates it from other previous offerings, like candy collaborations that are now off the shelves.)

Kopach-Paulson opts for the powder and offers this hot tip: "It keeps my coffee warmer for longer periods and has a subtle taste," Kopach-Paulson says.

2. Coffee mate Hazelnut Liquid Coffee Creamer

<p>Coffee mate</p>

Coffee mate

Hazelnut frequently appeared in the top three of current and former baristas' rankings.

"Hazelnut is a timeless classic that adds a rich and creamy sweetness with a hint of vanilla essence," Jokiniemi says. "It's perfect for enhancing the flavor of both light and dark roasts."

Blankenship, who loves all things hazelnut, echoed similar sentiments.

"This creamer really gives the coffee a depth of flavor," Blankenship says.

In lay terms: "Give me hazelnut anything every day of the week," Frankel says.

1. Coffee mate Vanilla Bean Liquid Coffee Creamer

<p>Coffee mate</p>

Coffee mate

If you're going to flavor your coffee, vanilla is a quintessential choice. Unsurprisingly, it appeared in three baristas' top three and topped our list.

"When I desire a slightly sweet touch, this flavor is my go-to," Kopach-Paulson says.

The Vanilla Bean flavor is triple-churned and richer than milk. Yet, it's non-dairy and lactose-free (there's no gluten or cholesterol, either). It's one most customers can—and do–enjoy.

One you try it, you might want to stock up, like this fan who left a rave review on the Target website. "This is often sold out at my local Target because so many people seem to really like it, and I tend to buy 3-4 at a time when I do see them," they said. "It has a really nice vanilla taste that doesn't taste too artificial or sweet."

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