14 Photos That Perfectly Encapsulate How Mildly Infuriating Tipping Culture Has Become

1.This person went to a bar and saw these suggested tips listed at the bottom of their receipt:

Receipt showing suggested tip amounts for 15%, 20%, and 25% and total prices for each tip option
NineDayOldDiarrhea / Via reddit.com

2.This person was asked to tip at the airport self-checkout station:

Digital payment screen asking for a tip with options, with a bottle of coconut water and wrapped pastry on the counter
u/_seaweed_ / Via reddit.com

3.This person discovered Waffle House took a much larger tip than what they originally put:

Screen showing a transaction update at Waffle House including tip, with new total of $34.69
u/Real_Johnodon / Via reddit.com

4.This person went to pay the $40K cost of having the side of their house replaced and was asked to tip:

Payment screen with options for tipping and a highlighted agreement to pay $12,000,000.00 with terms and privacy statement links
u/spuldup / Via reddit.com

5.This person had to pay a cleaning fee at an Airbnb and was still asked to tip:

Hand-drawn thank you note with a house and two cars, beside a paper towel roll on a counter
u/spuldup / Via reddit.com

6.This person was asked to tip at a place where customers can only use the kiosk to order:

Touchscreen displaying a tip selection screen with options, featuring an illustrated character holding a phone
u/hellothere808 / Via reddit.com

7.This person went to pick up their takeout and was encouraged to tip anyway:

Sign at a counter reminding to tip server or to-go person with a minimum $10.00 credit card charge notice
u/recklessSPY / Via reddit.com

8.This person took a $15 cab and was given these tip options after the ride:

Digital payment device displaying tip options: $5, $10, $15, $20, and custom, with $15 selected
u/Dodds-Furniture / Via reddit.com

9.This person stepped into a hotel elevator and saw a barcode to send tips:

Elevator panel with floor buttons, a QR code for tipping, and braille numbers beside each button
u/jaysus94 / Via reddit.com

10.This person went to a coffee shop that essentially blamed the barista's unlivable wages on customers not tipping:

Handwritten sign states "Barista wages start at $5.15. You are expected to tip. Thanks" on a cafe counter
u/DavidRandom / Via reddit.com

11.This person was online shopping and asked to tip at checkout:

Screenshot of a mobile checkout screen with an option to add a tip for the team at Jammy Job, with preset percentages and a custom tip field
u/Salt-Butterscotch-79 / Via reddit.com

12.This person who was also online shopping, left no tip, and then was asked if they forgot to tip:

Screen prompt asking if the user would like to leave a tip with options to leave a tip or continue to payment
u/mxrcarnage / Via reddit.com

13.This person who went out to eat and was asked to tip the kitchen as well:

Restaurant receipt with handwritten tip and total amount on wood table, pen aside, note suggesting a tip for kitchen staff
u/sylhy / Via reddit.com

14.And lastly, this landlord who encouraged tenants to tip them so that they would do THEIR LITERAL JOB:

Summarized text: A person expresses frustration about their landlord's policies and emphasizes the importance of being proactive in understanding and asserting tenant rights
u/yoshigronk / Via reddit.com