14 Best Phrases to End a Text Conversation, Plus the #1 Way You *Don't* Want to Finish Your Message

Woman trying to end a text message

Because of text messages, we can have a conversation with our fingertips. With a few taps, we can let someone know we care or engage in a full-on insightful discussion about the news of the day. In theory, texts have made conversations easier, but they've also complicated things. Exhibit A: In-person chats and phone calls generally require us to let the other person know we have to go. Text messages—even the most in-depth ones—can end abruptly. 

One person involved in the text may have gotten unexpectedly pulled in another direction—a phone call came in, a child woke up from a nap or the dog got into the pantry and helped themselves (again). Still, it's best practice to end a text conversation.

"Whether you're wrapping up a discussion with a colleague or saying goodbye to a friend, how you conclude your conversation can leave a lasting impact," says Dr. Joel Frank, Psy.D., a psychologist with Duality Psychological Services. "When someone knows how to close that conversation effectively, it is a sign of respect, a nod to the value of each other's time and energy."

If you're the person who never ends a text, you may be all, "Oh no." It's OK. You're not alone.

"Ending a text conversation can be challenging as it requires finding the right balance between being considerate and respectful and the need to shift attention to other tasks," Dr. Frank says. "This balance is complex."

However, it's not impossible to find. Dr. Frank and another psychologist the best—and worst—ways to end a text.

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14 Best Phrases to End a Text Conversation, According to Psychologists

1. "Take care and stay safe."

It can be challenging to convey care in short-form messages from behind a screen, yet this phrase from Frank does it well. 

"It's a compassionate sign-off, especially relevant when health and safety are concerned, showing that you care about the person's well-being beyond just the conversation," Dr. Frank says.

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2. "Talk to you soon."

This phrase may sound so...obvious, but ending a text message doesn't have to be complicated. It is important, though.

"Ending a text message properly can encourage further conversation down the line, improve relationships and help maintain a favorable impression," says Dr. Gina Radice-Vella, Psy.D., the chief psychologist at Jersey Shore University Medical Center in New Jersey.

"Talk to you soon" is a four-word wrap-up that hits on all these points, particularly the first one. With this phrase, you're signaling that there will be more interactions—it's not goodbye; it's TTYL.

3. "I'm here if you need to talk more."

This phrase is another one that sets the stage for additional conversations while also conveying a healthy dose of care for the recipient.

"This is perfect after a tough conversation," Dr. Frank says. "It leaves the door open for further discussion, providing comfort and support."

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4. "Let me know if you need anything."

Dr. Radice-Vella suggests this similar but more open-ended version of No. 3. It lets the other person know you're just a text message away, ending even an emotional conversation on a relationship-building high note.

5. "Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me."

A little gratitude goes a long way, whether you're messaging a higher-up at work about a project or getting advice from a pal.

"This acknowledges the value of the conversation and the other person's input and is suitable for personal and professional contexts," Dr. Frank says.

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6. "Have a great day!"

"We often send texts in a rush or on the go, not spending too much time thinking about ending it properly," Dr. Radice-Vella says. "It may also be difficult to find the balance between being too abrupt and too lengthy."

Yet, this phrase solves all these problems. It's four words, friendly and has an exclamation point that emphasizes the bright thought behind the short phrase.

7. "Let's catch up again soon!"

Conversations don't have to end, even if the back-and-forth of a text message needs to be put on pause.

"This statement indicates a genuine interest in continuing the conversation later, fostering an ongoing connection without pressuring an immediate response," Dr. Frank explains.

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8. "Sending you good vibes!"

While this one may veer into toxic positivity for some, others may appreciate the sentiment—know your audience.

"This statement is an uplifting and slightly informal sign-off that can lighten the mood, particularly after discussing challenges or setbacks." Dr. Frank says.

9. "Appreciate your insights, as always."

This phrase is perfect for office settings because it's polished yet genuine.

"This statement expresses gratitude and respect for the other person's contributions to professional exchanges where valuable ideas are exchanged," Dr. Frank says.

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10. "Feel free to reach out anytime."

Dr. Frank says this versatile phrase exudes openness and availability. 

"[It's] ideal for supportive personal contexts and collaborative professional environments," Dr. Frank shares.

11. "Looking forward to hearing from you."

Dr. Radice-Vella recommends this simple phrase. The tone is clearly friendly (which can be hard to convey via text) and respectfully signals that the ball is in the other person's court.

"Let the next steps or expectations of the conversation—if any—be known in a polite, respectful manner," Dr. Radice-Vella suggests.

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12. "Remember, you've got this!"

Again, know your recipient here. While some may find the phrase tired and trite, others may get a mental boost.

"This encouraging and empowering statement is ideal for when someone has shared their doubts or fears with you," Dr. Frank says.

13. "Grateful for our conversation today."

This phrase can be used in several situations and hit all the right notes. 

"This statement expresses appreciation for the exchange and the connection it has fostered, which is applicable in personal and professional contexts," Dr. Frank explains.

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14. "Until next time, take care."

Keep it simple, short and sweet.

"This gentle reminder of care neatly concludes the conversation and is suitable for friends and colleagues," Dr. Frank says.

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The No. 1 Worst Way to End a Text

Abruptly. "The worst way to end a text is abruptly or without any acknowledgment whatsoever of the conversation," Dr. Radice-Vella says. "This can leave the recipient feeling dismissed, abandoned or ignored, which is likely going to impact the relationship moving forward."

Dr. Frank echoes these sentiments.

"Ending a text conversation abruptly with a simple 'OK' or 'bye' or not responding at all can make the other person feel unappreciated and unsure about the relationship," he explains. "Without the warmth and closure people look for in interactions, it comes off as cold and dismissive."

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