13 Red Bull Flavors, Ranked Worst To Best

assortment of Red Bull flavors
assortment of Red Bull flavors - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

My very first energy drink was a Red Bull. As a teenager, I would frequently pick up a can on my way to dance classes after school, and it gave me a second wind to make it through the latter half of the day. Nowadays, I look at Red Bull in much the same way, but the flavor offerings since those days of drinking the original version in my car have certainly evolved.

I remember when Red Bull released its first specialty flavors. My compatriots and I enjoyed trying the different options while working our days away in the heat of summer camp. Fast-forward to today, and I am still a Red Bull fan, but now I enjoy it as a busy mom and writer.

While Red Bull has been my go-to energy drink for decades — even as the world of high caffeine content energy drinks ever expands — I've never had an opportunity to sample the whole lineup, until recently. Curious about which flavor is the best, I procured every variety of Red Bull I could find and committed to taste-testing them over the course of several days. What resulted is a ranking based primarily on the innate enjoyment factor of each Red Bull variant, but also taking into consideration how closely the taste of the drink matched its claimed flavor profile.

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13. Red Bull Sugarfree

Red Bull Sugarfree in can
Red Bull Sugarfree in can - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

In addition to trying various specialty-flavor Red Bull editions for this ranking, I sampled the original flavor, along with its Sugarfree and Zero versions. With these in hand, I was super curious if I would be able to tell the difference between them, so I set up a blind tasting for myself.

With the first drink I sampled, I found that it had the classic Red Bull taste that I've come to know, but it also had a very fake sweet flavor to it. Turns out this was Red Bull Sugarfree. Looking at the ingredients, I immediately spotted sucralose, which I've become very sensitive to when it comes to flavors, so that no doubt accounted for my immediately tasting the sugar substitute.

Although this one was my least favorite due to its artificial sweetness, it still has that Red Bull taste. As a result, I can confidently say that if you are accustomed to the taste of zero-calorie sweeteners like sucralose, and you enjoy the flavor of Red Bull, you'll quite likely enjoy this offering — even if I, personally, couldn't get past that fake sweet flavor.

12. Red Bull Zero

can of Red Bull Zero
can of Red Bull Zero - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

In addition to the sugar-free version of Red Bull, the brand also offers a Zero edition. This one, like Red Bull Sugarfree, is sweetened with sucralose rather than sugar. Looking at the ingredients for the two sugar-free options, they seem remarkably similar. Red Bull states that the Zero edition offers a distinct flavor profile while still being made with no sugar.

When tasting them back-to-back, I found that Red Bull Zero did, in fact, taste a little bit closer to the original Red Bull flavor than the sugar-free edition, with just a little less of that fake sweetener feel ... but it was still there. All told, the difference between the Zero and the Sugarfree editions tastes very slight to me. If you're in a situation where you look for the Sugarfree version but only have access to the Zero, it would work easily as a substitute. I rank this slightly higher than the Sugarfree variety, because it does have more of that original Red Bull flavor with less of the fake-sweetener taste.

11. Red Bull Sea Blue Edition

poolside Red Bull Sea Blue
poolside Red Bull Sea Blue - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

My first thought when I saw the Sea Blue Edition? It's amusing that Red Bull offers both a Blue Edition and a Sea Blue Edition. Not to mention, the flavor of Sea Blue is labeled as juneberry, which elicits my next wonder: What in the world is a juneberry? This fruit that sounds like it comes from some kind of fantasy is actually related to apples, even if its color and size make it resemble another deep-purple fruit: the blueberry (for which Red Bull has another flavor variety altogether).

A fresh juneberry tastes something like an almond, and though I don't necessarily get almond from a can of Red Bull's Sea Blue energy drink, there is a flavor that resembles something closer to a typical mixed berry feel than anything else. I ranked this one as my least favorite of the flavored editions because the juneberry feels odd here and a little out of place. While Sea Blue is certainly a fun name bringing to mind a beautiful blue oasis, the fruit flavor doesn't actually make sense with this one — and rather than a blue color, the drink actually has more of a lavender hue.

10. Red Bull Green Edition

Red Bull Green amid greenery
Red Bull Green amid greenery - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

We love a brand that listens to its fans. When the popularity of a dragon fruit flavored Red Bull summer release showed how much customers enjoyed it, the flavor became part of the permanent lineup as the Green Edition. While demand of the masses may have led this flavor to its permanent status, I didn't quite see it that way. Like the Sea Blue Edition, the color of this drink really threw me for a loop.

The Green Edition, which is labeled as having dragon fruit flavors, is a pinkish-purple tinted beverage that is, in no way, green. I find this especially odd because dragon fruit is so often represented as having a kind of magenta color. Starbucks' Mango Dragonfruit Refreshers, for example, are ultra-bright pink in color, teetering on the brink of magenta territory. Even the outside of a dragon fruit isn't green in totality; it's bright pink with just the littlest bit of green.

No matter the color, the dragon fruit flavor is quite good. It's sweet, and it does very much taste like the dragon fruit drinks you can find in the Refreshers lineup over at the coffee giant. However, the misguided name of Green Edition sets this one back in the ranking, just because it somehow makes the drink feel artificial. It's a little unnerving.

9. Red Bull Red Edition

handheld Red Bull Red Edition
handheld Red Bull Red Edition - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

It's funny to me that the red version of Red Bull is now a watermelon flavor, whereas when special versions of Red Bull originally premiered in 2013, the red option had a rich cranberry flavor. Despite the labeled flavor of Red Edition, its watermelon taste is too slight. It is present, to be sure, but it's overwhelmed by the strength of a Red Bull's typical taste, so this offering has a much stronger flavor than you typically want from watermelon beverages.

To me, watermelon has much more of a light flavor, and its color is certainly more of a light pink rather than a red. Watermelon mixed with another flavor could do well in a Red Bull edition, but watermelon all on its own seems like a bit of a strange choice. When I think Red Bull, I don't think of light flavors like watermelon, and that's why it didn't really work with this one. But though Red Edition wasn't my favorite flavor, a can of it did make a great shopping buddy on a Target run.

8. Red Bull Energy Drink

original Red Bull held aloft
original Red Bull held aloft - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

The Red Bull flavor that started it all is strong, and difficult to pin down in terms of flavor. It doesn't taste quite like anything else, but certainly has a you-know-it-when-you-taste-it sort of flavor. Although I definitely enjoyed the original Red Bull when it was the only flavor available, I must say, since the release of additional taste options, I definitely have editions that I prefer much more — even if the original flavor is my go-to in a vodka Red Bull.

That said, I rank the original higher than some of the edition flavors because I'm a firm believer that Red Bull should have a hearty taste to it, and since the classic is a little bit stronger in flavor than some of the other editions, it scores a little higher on my list. When tasting the original flavor next to the Sugarfree and Zero versions, it's easy to tell that Red Bull is sweetened with sugar rather than fake sweetener. That sugar adds a delicious taste to the drink that artificial ingredients just can't quite hit.

7. Red Bull Peach Edition

Red Bull Peach Edition outdoors
Red Bull Peach Edition outdoors - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

In 2019, Red Bull came out with the Peach Edition, as well as a sugar-free pear variety. Though the pear flavor may be gone — much to the chagrin of those who prefer sugar-free drinks — the Peach Edition remains. While many different Red Bull editions take their names from a color, this one is actually named after the fruit flavor it aims to impart.

The can calls this edition a peach-nectarine flavor, but I get a much heavier peach flavor than I do nectarine, even if the two stone fruits are pretty similar to one another. Although the flavor of this one is nice, peach just doesn't say "energy drink" to me. That designation feels like it belongs to richer flavor profiles, and peach just isn't among them, even if the taste is enjoyable. That said, I've noticed that the Peach Edition is a little more difficult to find in stock at some major stores in my Central Florida region. If this variety were more widely available, I would likely rank it higher.

6. Red Bull Blue Edition

Red Bull Blue Edition can
Red Bull Blue Edition can - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

The same year that Red Bull's original red flavor made its debut, so too did the blue version in its original form. Although cranberry didn't quite stick it out to become the red flavor I would have hoped for, blue was able to combat time and stick around, as the modern-day Blue Edition is still blueberry flavored.

In what I've come to notice is something of a trend with Red Bull edition drinks, the color name given to each drink doesn't quite match the actual liquid's hue. For example, the Blue Edition — representing a blueberry-type flavor — is more of a light violet color than an actual blue. In all truth, it feels closer to a blueberry color than a true blue ... but the color of the can is still quite nice, if misleading.

In terms of flavor, the first sips of this one don't really taste like blueberry. However, as the flavor lingers on the tongue for a little longer, you certainly begin to get more of that blueberry taste, even if those first sips taste like an unknown ultra-sweet berry of some kind. If it weren't for that initial impression, this flavor would definitely be higher in my ranking.

5. Red Bull Winter Edition

sunlit Red Bull Winter Edition
sunlit Red Bull Winter Edition - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

I've found myself looking forward to new seasonal Red Bull releases. When the Winter Edition emerged with its pear-cinnamon flavor, I was completely surprised by just how tasty it was. It's hard to capture what would be wintertime in an energy drink, especially because everything seems to slow down in the cold season. That said, this Red Bull flavor falls closer to the beginning of the ranking for me because it's just so unexpectedly tasty and interesting.

Cinnamon, for one, just isn't a flavor I would expect in an energy drink, but it gives off the vibes of something like a warming chai. I don't rank this drink higher because I know cinnamon is sort of a hit-or-miss flavor; some may not find it as enjoyable.

The pear comes through nice and strong, with the cinnamon being a little spicy. The flavors are a nice departure from the original Red Bull, but it's not too far off. This is definitely more of a warmer flavor of Red Bull, which is quite enjoyable. It is hard to find this variety after the winter months, but you can locate it at some grocery stores where Red Bull demand isn't high. I was tempted to stock up on this one before the season ended, but then got excited about the summer flavor instead.

4. Red Bull Amber Edition

Amber Red Bull by patio
Amber Red Bull by patio - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

Though the color of the liquid in this can is pink, it's called the Amber Edition, and the flavor is a mixture of strawberry and apricot, which may be a surprising combination. But this drink is one of my favorite options, because the flavors are so very juicy and refreshing.

First sips reveal a drink that is strong in strawberry, with the apricot playing second fiddle — and very lightly, at that. As you continue drinking and those flavors linger, you'll begin to notice more of that apricot, with strawberry fading more into the background. It's definitely a juicy sort of feel that is just very enjoyable and refreshing.

Some Red Bull editions manage to impress even when the flavors don't immediately seem like they'd be exactly what you want from an energy drink. Though the flavor combo is perhaps unexpected, that doesn't necessarily mean unwanted in the case of Amber Edition. In fact, one of the reasons I really enjoy this one and am putting it closer toward the top of my list is because that strawberry flavor definitely had wide appeal.

3. Red Bull Yellow Edition

elevated Red Bull Yellow Edition
elevated Red Bull Yellow Edition - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

Anything with more of a tropical feel to it is going to be an absolute winner to so many. Though I love the flavor of Red Bull Yellow Edition, and definitely reach for it over and over in my refrigerator, the only drawback is the actual naming convention. Deemed the tropical flavor, this one claims to have flavorings of tropical fruits, but unlike the other editions, it doesn't necessarily say which tropical fruits it represents. I would probably rank this one even higher if I knew exactly what kinds of fruits are supposed to be in it. It's a small beef, to be sure, but it does place this drink a little on the confusing side.

That said, I found that it tastes very much like tiki cocktails, but without the alcohol. People who enjoy grabbing a tropical drink on vacation or while lounging on the beach will enjoy this one quite a lot. I find that it's the perfect beverage to grab as you're headed out the door into the beautiful sunshine, providing just enough energy to lug all of that beach equipment to our spot and settle into the sand.

2. Red Bull Coconut Edition

coconut Red Bull on planter
coconut Red Bull on planter - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

I took a sip out of this can, and my immediate reaction was so surprising. Coconut Edition definitely reminds me of a sunny day at the beach, even more than the tropical flavored Red Bull; this tastes sort of like the way a great sunscreen lotion smells. Not to mention, it's blue. I expected a clear or even creamy sort of color, but this liquid is blue, like the sea. This was ultra surprising to me.

If you are a lover of coconut flavor, this will certainly become a favorite. However, if coconut isn't really your bag, you'll probably want to leave this be, because the coconut flavor is nothing short of strong. I, for one, really enjoyed it, and having drank so many overly fruity Red Bull options, I very much enjoyed switching up the flavor profile.

As the taste continues to linger, it ends up feeling a little like a coconut cake and less like a coconut tiki drink. According to the label, blueberry is part of the equation, but I did not find its presence to be strong enough to warrant much of a mention. If it were just labeled as coconut, the feel of the drink would have remained quite the same.

1. Red Bull Summer Edition

sunlit Summer Edition Red Bull
sunlit Summer Edition Red Bull - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

When the Winter Edition began disappearing from shelves, I was wary about what was next. Would anything be able to achieve a flavor profile that so perfectly fit its season? And then, there was Red Bull Summer Edition. One sip of this one, and I knew this would become a seasonal flavor I would stockpile when we reach those fading days of summer.

This edition reminds me of a green Jolly Rancher, and is pretty similar to the kiwi-starfruit option in the Starbucks Refreshers lineup. That became an absolute favorite drink for me, and I've been missing it. Summer Edition is quite refreshing, and a great option if you're not a big fan of the typical energy-drink flavor, because this option tastes nothing like a regular Red Bull.

The only downfall is that this is limited to summertime. Summer Edition ranks as my best of the bunch because, well, it has a delicious, strong, refreshing flavor. You don't feel like you're drinking an energy drink with this one, and it's just purely enjoyable.


Red Bull on desk
Red Bull on desk - Dani Zoeller/Tasting Table

After I put my son down for his nap, and before I settle in to write for a little while in the afternoon, I almost always crack open an energy drink. I love playing with different brands and flavors, but one I always seem to return to is Red Bull.

For this review, over the course of several days, I sampled each flavor and rated them according to the overall enjoyment provided, as well as how closely the taste evokes the flavor name given on the can. Obviously, this does not apply to the original flavor or the Zero, and Sugarfree versions. For that, I relied solely on flavor to place them in the rankings. Admittedly, alignment to the flavor on the can wasn't always my top concern, but it certainly played a part. The prevailing factor, as always, was how much I enjoyed the taste of each beverage.

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