13 Pretty Pastel Nail Ideas to Usher You Right Into Spring

These soft and dreamy hues are perfect picks for warmer weather.



Peering down at a fresh and glossy mani is oh-so satisfying, and doubly so when the manicure is very “of the season.” Spring obviously calls for a plethora of dreamy pastel hues, cute prints, and floral motifs—in other words, a palette that’s aligned with all those plants and flowers swaying in the breeze and cute treats like ice cream, matcha tea, and macarons. From mint green to creamsicle orange to bubblegum pink, these pastel nail ideas are the perfect way to saunter into spring.

Pastel Skittles

If you can't decide on just one pastel color to swipe onto your nails, go for the whole kit and caboodle. This sweet mani puts a pastel spin on the classic skittles nails trend and is perfect for springtime.

Retro Flower Power

You’ll be channeling all the ‘70s retro flower power with this groovy pastel nail idea. It features big pastel blooms in a variety of colors along with some gradient action and textural embellishments.

Creamy Spearmint

Mint has to be one of the most underrated pastel colors, so if you’re on the hunt for an unexpected manicure for spring this is the way to go. While bold, it also feels low key cool since it’s all the same hue.

Pastel Desert Landscapes

The desert may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to springtime and pastels, but it’s the ultimate inspiration with all its sandy hues and muted tones. This spectacular pastel desert manicure is undoubtedly one that'll earn you compliments wherever you go.

Pastel Rainbow

Here’s a gorgeous nail job that leans more into bright pastel territory. Watercolor rainbow swirls dusted in chunky iridescent glitter make for a show stopping effect, and the French style accents add character.

Lavender Fields

Get literal with your springish pastel mani by having your nail tech paint on realistic lavender blooms. You could opt to keep them on just an accent nail, or incorporate them on several fingers. Either way, it's super dreamy.

Blue and White Blooms

For a simpler spin on a floral manicure, take your inspiration from this sweet and straightforward design. The accent nail features a trio of lined up blue and white flowers while the others feature a French tip with a flower underneath each.

Celestial Pastels

We often look to the Earth when drawing inspiration for spring, but don't forget to look upward, too! This celestial manicure embraces a mixture of soft and bright pastels and features a different design on every finger.

Teeny Pastel Hearts

How sweet are these teeny pastel hearts against a beige backdrop? The design is created by applying small splotches of pastel color, then drawing a black heart outline over each. You can paint the other fingers your preferred—the lavender here was a lovely pick.

Peachy Keen

Another underutilized pastel hue is peach, but as you can see it has such a dreamy quality to it. To keep it extra mesmerizing, opt for a mix and match approach pictured here with solid nails, French tips, and an accent nail with hearts and dots.

Ethereal Marble

This ethereal marble mani embraces spring showers vibes with its watery blue tones and marble effect. Hints of green, purple, and pink swirling throughout nod to blooms that are on their way.

Sparkly Lilac Buds

Calling all those who crave a little bit of pizzazz in their spring manicures. A little gold or silver glitter action goes a long way, and has a surprisingly striking effect when paired with pastels.

Swirling Pastels

For this playful pastel nail idea, choose three or four of your favorite complementary pastels and then paint them on in a swirled effect. It's an easy nail art idea that packs some serious wow factor.

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