13 Celebrities Who Manifested Dating Other Celebs, And I Wonder If This Would Ever Work For Regular People

It's pretty cool to see the ways that celebrities can manifest things in their careers and lives — and one of those areas is definitely in their dating lives. Here are 13 celebs who had a crush and actually got to marry or date them:

And, honestly, if this whole comments section isn't just people writing down their celeb crushes for manifestation purposes, I'll be disappointed...

1.Back in 2016, Travis Kelce was asked to play a round of "Kiss, Marry, Kill" between Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift. Even back then he chose to kiss Taylor.

Travis Kelce saying Taylor Swift would be the kiss
AfterBuzz TV / Via youtube.com

Fast forward to 2023, Travis openly talked about trying to meet Taylor and give her his number on a friendship bracelet and one thing eventually led to another and now they're together and have completely broken the Internet, in case you're living under a rock or something.

closeup of the two

2.Once upon a time, Tom Holland revealed that Zendaya was actually his first celebrity crush:

Tom being asked who his first-ever celeb crush was and saying it was zendaya
PopBuzz/YouTube / Via youtube.com

Of course, now they're a couple and have been together for years:

closeup of them at a spider-man premiere
Karwai Tang / WireImage

3.Taylor Lautner's wife Taylor Lautner (née Dome) was a big Twilight fan growing up. She even posted this throwback picture of her rocking a Twilight sweatshirt (on the left).

Of course, she ultimately ended up marrying Jacob Black himself:

closeup of them at an event
Stefanie Keenan / Getty Images for Inaugural Lemons Foundation Gala hosted by Taylor & Taylor Laut

4.Jason Momoa once shared that he had a crush on Lisa Bonet from when he was "8 years old" and saw her on TV and said, "Mommy, I want that one..."

Jason says I always wanted to meet her she was a queen always
CBS / Via youtube.com

Of course, Jason and Lisa were eventually together for 12 years (and married for four) until they split in January 2021. They still remain friends.

closeup of the 2
Steve Granitz / WireImage

5.Machine Gun Kelly admitted in a GQ interview that he actually had a poster of Megan Fox (from her 2008 GQ shoot, no less!) hanging on his wall in high school and that at least one of his classmates says he said he would marry her one day.

closeup of a younger MGK
Johnny Nunez / WireImage

Of course, MGK and Megan have been together since 2020 and have been engaged since January 2022.

the two on the red carpet
Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for The Recording Academy

6.Back in 2015, Zara Larsson tweeted pictures of model Brian H. Whittaker with the following caption:

Zara tweeting who are you where do you live how old are you why are you so fine how do you like your eggs cooked in the morning
Zara Larsson/Twitter

Zara and Brian ultimately ended up dating for over two years starting in 2017 before splitting in 2019:

the two hugging at an event
Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

7.Long before he was Elizabeth Olsen's husband, musician Robbie Arnett revealed that one of his favorite movies was Martha Marcy May Marlene.

Robbie saying that he loved that movie in an interview
Hollywire / Via youtube.com

To refresh your memory, Elizabeth starred in the film, which was released in 2011.

Elizabeth in the film looking in a mirror while another actor fixes her hair
Fox Searchlight /Courtesy Everett Collection

Robbie and Elizabeth started dating in 2017 (six years after Robbie admired her in the movie!) and quietly got married in 2020.

the two dressed up for an event
Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images

8.Brooklyn Nine-Nine star, Melissa Fumero, revealed that she had a crush on the guy in Mariah Carey's 1997 "Honey" music video back when she was 13 or 14.

Mariah Carey  and the shirtless guy
Columbia Records

That guy happens to be David Fumero, whom she married in 2007! They dated for two months before Melissa even realized that he was her dream guy from the video. The couple has two kids together.

closeup of the two at an event
Michael Tullberg / Getty Images

9.In a 2018 interview, Katherine Schwarzenegger was asked to choose between Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, or Chris Hemsworth. Though she first said Chris Evans, she quickly changed her answer to this…

Katherine says, "Actually Chris Pratt" because he's been looking good lately
Access Hollywood

A year after that interview, in 2019, Chris and Katherine announced their engagement. Now, they have two daughters together.

closeup of the two outside their house
Michael Kovac / Getty Images for Cleobella x Katherine Schwarzenegger

10.In 2014, Joe Manganiello was asked by People about his ideal woman, and he said Sofía Vergara...

Joe saying Sofia has a beautiful face, hair and that she's gorgeous
Larry Busacca / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

...of course, he eventually married Sofía in 2015. Sadly, Joe filed for divorce earlier this year after eight years of marriage.

the two dressed up at an event
Steve Granitz / FilmMagic

11.In an interview with W Magazine, Jodie Turner-Smith said that her first celeb crush was "Pacey from Dawson's Creek":

Jodie side by side a picture of pacey from the show
Cindy Ord / Getty Images/Warner Bros. Courtesy Everett Collection

Pacey, of course, was played by Joshua Jackson whom Jodie was married to from 2019 until she filed for divorce last month. They share a three-year-old daughter.

closeup of the two at an event
Lionel Hahn / Getty Images

12.Way back in 1998, Alex Rodriguez was asked, "What would a dream date with Alex Rodriguez be?" He said:

Alex says, "Jennifer Lopez. Hopefully you can find me a date with her"
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / Via youtube.com

Of course, they eventually did get together and even got engaged — though they called off their engagement in 2021.

the couple poses during an event
Jean-baptiste Lacroix / Getty Images

13.Finally, Halsey tweeted about wanting to date Evan Peters back in 2013.

petition for evan peters to date me

Halsey and Evan did end up dating for some time back in 2019 before splitting in March 2020.

the two posing during the premiere of American Horror Story
Rachel Luna / FilmMagic / Getty Images