13 Best Canned Sparkling Water Brands

Cans of various sparkling waters
Cans of various sparkling waters - Hayley Hamilton Cogill/Tasting Table

The global sparkling water market is one of the fastest-growing beverage segments, exceeding $38 billion in 2023, according to a detailed research analysis by Fortune Business Insider. The group reports sales are expected to reach $108 billion by 2032. Much of the market expansion is due to consumers seeking healthier alternatives to soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, juices, or other sugary beverages. While sparkling water is available in glass and plastic bottles, sipping from recyclable aluminum cans is the preferred method of enjoyment for many sparkling water enthusiasts due to convenience.

In general, carbonated sparkling water contains very few calories, low to no sugars or sodium, and is often available in a range of tasty fruit flavors that please the palate while keeping you hydrated. As the industry continues to grow, the number of flavors available has also increased, with more and more brands throwing their hats into the canned sparkling water ring. And as a tried-and-true sparkling water and seltzer fan, I couldn't be happier.

I included both sparkling water and seltzer in this lineup, considering that the difference between the two drinks are only in how they're carbonated; sparkling water contains naturally-occurring fizz, while seltzer is supplemented with additional carbon dioxide. I tasted several different beverage brands to evaluate the flavor, effervescence, ingredient sources, and company's values regarding sustainability to find the ones most worth sipping on.

Some recommendations are based on first-hand impressions of promotional materials and products provided by the manufacturer/distributor/etc.

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San Pellegrino

S. Pellegrino sparkling water
S. Pellegrino sparkling water - Hayley Hamilton Cogill/Tasting Table

San Pellegrino is one of the largest sparkling water brands globally. The European Food Agency reports that Sanpellegrino Group, which is a part of Nestlé, enjoyed sales over $1 billion dollars in 2022. The Italian brand's products include sparkling mineral water, known today as S. Pellegrino, Essenza fruit-flavored sparkling waters, and Italian sparkling drinks, including its new zero sugar sparkling drinks, each available in slim cans that showcase the company's Italian style.

The original sparkling natural mineral water is sourced from mineral spring in the Italian Alps. The company began exporting its sparkling water in 1899, spreading the health benefits of natural mineral waters around the globe. As with all natural mineral waters, S. Pellegrino contains minerals, including trace amounts of sodium and calcium. However, the minerals do not affect the taste, as the water is clean, crisp, and refreshing with a lively burst of bubbles.

The company has a clear dedication to sustainable water management and has reported that it's saved saved almost 300 million liters of water over the past five years through its Alliance for Water Stewardship certification. With its focus on reducing the company's overall environmental footprint while continuing to craft authentic sparkling mineral water from the same source it always has, it is easy to see why San Pellegrino is one of the best sparkling water brands available.


Waterloo sparkling water cans
Waterloo sparkling water cans - Hayley Hamilton Cogill/Tasting Table

Flavored sparkling waters are a great cocktail alternative. Waterloo delivers a range of flavors that are sure to please even the most discerning palates. Its flavorful, non-alcoholic beverage line includes its limited edition mojito mocktail, all day rosé, and pi-ño colada mocktail sparkling waters. These Waterloo waters are the summer mocktails that will elevate your next barbecue or pool party. The company also offers a line of fruit-forward sparkling waters available year-round in flavors like pineapple, black cherry, and peach.

The Austin-based brand began in 2017. It delivers high-quality, flavor-forward sparkling water free of added sugars, sodium, or calories. It uses purified, carbonated water and non-GMO ingredients. To create each Waterloo sparkling water the company undergoes several months of research and taste testing to create the ideal flavor combinations.

In addition to Waterloo's great taste and zingy, bubbly palate, the company focuses on sustainability. It produces its water in a zero-waste facility and bottles its beverages in 70% recycled aluminum cans. Additionally, the brand gives each employee an allowance to do good in their community, whether to help first responders or local businesses that are struggling, which are both causes that every sipper can support.


Spindrift strawberry lemonade sparkling water
Spindrift strawberry lemonade sparkling water - Hayley Hamilton Cogill/Tasting Table

Since Spindrift's founding in 2010, it has been one of the best sparkling water brands for its lip-smacking, juicy, and genuine fruit flavor. The company was one of the first sparkling water brands to include real fruit juice in its sparkling water, which ensures the water inside each can will taste like the flavor advertised on the label.

The brand is so committed to offering quality fruit flavor that if it is unavailable to source an ingredient from its partner farms, it will discontinue the product. This occurred in 2021 when a heat wave in Oregon caused a decrease in the supply of high-quality blackberries. Spindrift discontinued its popular blackberry flavor for three years. In June 2024, it brought back a limited edition blackberry flavor, much to the delight of its fans.

The brand sources non-GMO, sustainably-grown produce from farmers. The company gives 1% of the profits back to charitable organizations working to protect the environment through the 1% for the Planet program, along with other non-profits the company supports. Besides sustainable supply chains, Spindrift also ensures that all of its beverages are tasty and reflect natural flavors. Its beverages feature lightly-sparkling water with delicate bubbles, which allows the fruity flavors in each water to shine. The ingredients include only carbonated water and real fruit juice, along with natural herbs and flowers. These inclusions give each can a few calories that are well worth it for the delicious, authentic taste.


Nixie organic sparkling waters
Nixie organic sparkling waters - Hayley Hamilton Cogill/Tasting Table

It is easy to understand why Nixie is one of the best sparkling water brands, as it produces a zesty, flavorful product while doing good for the community. Nixie was created by the founder of Late July Snacks, an organic snack food company. Its sparkling waters nix the sugar, chemicals, and artificial ingredients often found in typical soft drinks and other carbonated beverage offerings. Nixie contains no sodium or sugars and is calorie-free.

The production of Nixie begins with a base of purified water, that has been filtered with reverse osmosis to remove any lingering impurities. It is then infused with organic flavor essences of fruits and botanicals to create a non-GMO, organic sparkling water. These beverages come in a range of delicious flavors like watermelon mint and strawberry hibiscus.

Nixie is also committed to giving back to its community. Each of its team members identify charitable organizations for the company to support. Overall, the brand's philosophy of producing sparkling waters with fresh, lively taste while taking action to give back to its community makes it one of the best brands of sparkling water available.

Aura Bora

Aura Bora sparkling water cans
Aura Bora sparkling water cans - Hayley Hamilton Cogill/Tasting Table

Aura Bora adds Earth-inspired imagination to its line of sparkling waters to create unique flavor combinations influenced by fruit, flowers, and herbs. The company offers 16 flavor combos, including strawberry basil, lavender cucumber, and ginger Meyer lemon, which makes the likelihood of finding a favorite high. The brand creates great tasting, calorie-free sparkling water purified through reverse osmosis and flavored with herbal extracts and natural ingredients, resulting in a product that is free of sugar, sodium, caffeine, and citric acid.

As all of Aura Bora's ingredients come from plant-based ingredients, meaning that the various flavors taste as you think they'll taste. I experienced this when I sampled the strawberry basil sparkling water. Aromas of wild strawberry and soft herbs washed over me when I popped open the can. It led to a highly-refreshing palate of juicy, ripe, red berries and savory basil flavors with just the right amount of fizz to keep you coming back for more.

Aura Bora donates 1% of its sales to nonprofits supporting conservation and fighting climate change as a part of the 1% for the Planet. Plus, the brand's commitment to using recycled materials to can its delicious sparkling waters garners Aura Bora a spot on this best-of list.

Maison Perrier

Maison Perrier Forever lime water
Maison Perrier Forever lime water - Hayley Hamilton Cogill/Tasting Table

There are many styles of sparkling water that consumers love. If you are a fan of the type that has a delicate effervesce with soft, subtle flavoring, Maison Perrier is the water for you. The brand is an offshoot of Perrier, whose tall green glass bottles have graced tables since its founding in 1903. The mineral water was sourced from a natural spring in Vergèze, France and quickly became the drink of the British elite. This helped the brand gain recognition as the sophisticated, luxurious beverage that it's known as today.

Similarly, Maison Perrier flavored sparkling water has an air of elegance to it. Its Forever sparkling water bubbles come from subterranean wells within Vergèze region and maintain the refined, elevated style expected from this luxury water brand. Maison Perrier also offers non-alcoholic cocktails as a part of its Chic range, as well as Energize energy drinks and Magnetic Juice --which blends sparkling waters with all-natural fruit juices.

The Forever flavored sparkling waters do not included sugar, sodium, calories, or caffeine. Instead, the waters offers a gentle fizz, a hint of fruity flavor, and a sleek, eye-catching packaging that leans into the  cultivated style of the Perrier brand.


Bubly lemon sorbet water
Bubly lemon sorbet water - Hayley Hamilton Cogill/Tasting Table

Drink giant PepsiCo got into the sparkling water business in 2018 with its launch of bubly. This brand has seen immense success in sales because of the sheer number of flavors available, including classic options like grapefruit, lime, and mango and refreshing combinations like pineapple tangerine and watermelon lime -- all with zero sugars, calories, or sodium. The company even makes bubly flavor drops to add to DIY sparkling water made with beverage devices like the SodaStream and the LUX carbonation machine from DrinkMate.

Bubly is part of PepsiCo's overall approach to increase its overall water efficiency by becoming "net water positive" and replenishing all of the water it uses back into the local watershed. Outside of its sustainability efforts, it also prioritizes a quality product that's easily recognizable via its bright, colorful cans. Bubly's flavors, which includes something for every drinker, will easily take you from parched to fresh in just a few sips.

Liquid Death

Liquid Death sparkling waters
Liquid Death sparkling waters - Hayley Hamilton Cogill/Tasting Table

Liquid Death's motto is to "murder your thirst." While the statement and vision it conjures is a bit extreme, the idea of a product that is so thirst-quenching that drinking one can will provide complete hydration is appealing.

The company was created in 2017 by former Netflix creative director Mike Cessario, whose goal was to bring artisan waters to consumers by marketing them outlandishly. Not only did this initially capture the attention of young water drinkers, but also consumers of every age.

The plain sparkling water is lively, clean, and crisp with lively dancing bubbles that will cleanse your palate with refreshing zing. Liquid Death's flavors have kitschy names like Severed Lime, Convicted Melon, and Cherry Obituary, and include a blend of carbonated water with agave nectar, citric acid, and natural flavor, which gives the waters a hint of sweetness balanced by the carbonated drink's acidity.

The brand and its image isn't the only striking thing about Liquid Death; it's also committed to sustainable sourcing. The company even posts its water quality report on its website so you know exactly what is and is not in its water. Liquid Death is also on a mission to end plastic pollution and donates a portion of the sales from every "infinitely recyclable" can to help with this endeavor.

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's seltzer with a Splash
Trader Joe's seltzer with a Splash - Hayley Hamilton Cogill/Tasting Table

Trader Joe's is a beloved grocer for many customers thanks to its unique, highly-curated food products at great prices. TJ's delivers with its line of Trader Joe's flavored sparkling waters, which debuted in 2017, and Seltzers with a Splash, which came the following year. The sparkling waters contain all-natural flavors, while the seltzers include organic real fruit juice. Both contain zero calories, sugar, and sodium. The affordable grocer's products are less expensive than its name-brand competitors. You'll find a variety of flavors of Trader Joe's sparkling beverages, including  organic blood orange, cranberry clementine, and watermelon lemonade.

The TJ's Seltzer with a Splash lemon and ginger juice variety is energetic and spicy, thanks to the inclusion of real organic lemon juice and organic ginger juice. You don't have to just sip on this beverage either; it's the product I would cook vegetables in to keep them vibrantly colored. Its tart citrus and peppery flavor will also complement the flavor of the produce, while the carbonation will help keep the veggies crunchy.

Topo Chico

Topo Chico blueberry sparkling water
Topo Chico blueberry sparkling water - Hayley Hamilton Cogill/Tasting Table

Fans of the Ranch Water cocktail know that the drink is not complete without Topo Chico sparkling mineral water. The water's naturally high mineral content is the ideal pairing with the cocktail's herbaceous and citrusy tequila flavors. And, its zesty punch of bubbles delivers a refreshing zing to quench your thirst.

The water is most commonly found in tall greenish-blue glass bottles. However, the company also offers canned, flavored sparkling waters known as Topo Chico Sabores. The Sabores, made with carbonated filtered water, natural fruit juice, and herbal extracts, include fun flavors like blueberry with hibiscus and lime with mint. For those who enjoy a little kick to their water, the company also introduced a line of hard seltzer canned cocktails in three citrusy flavors in 2021.

Today, Coca-Cola owns the company. However, its Mexican roots date back to 1895. Its source is a mineral water spring near a mole-shaped hill in Mexico, which is where the brand gets its name. Like the original sparkling mineral water, the Sabores sparkling water delivers the same punch of vibrant effervescence that Topo Chico fans love, paired with juicy fruit flavors, a fresh botanical note, and a touch of salinity that rounds out the appealing, highly hydrating palate.


Sanzo sparkling waters
Sanzo sparkling waters - Hayley Hamilton Cogill/Tasting Table

Sanzo is an Asian-inspired sparkling water from founder Sandro Roco. The New York native with Filipino roots created the company after noticing a lack of quality sparkling waters that contained genuine, flavorful Asian fruits. The brands that he did find on store shelves hid the complex, natural flavors behind preservatives and sugar.

Sanzo uses real fruit juices with zero added sugars to create sparkling water with authentic Asian flavors like yuzu with ginger, pomelo, and juicy calamansi -- which has the punchy tartness we expect from the Filipino citrus fruit. The first pop of the can releases rich, fruity aromas of zesty lemon, lime, and orange citrus. The water has a bright and frothy thirst-quenching fizziness, with nicely-balanced, fresh acidity.

Since Sanzo is made with real fruit instead of fruit essences and natural flavors, its cans are not completely free of sugar. However, the content is limited to a few grams per can.Each product is vegan, gluten-free, and includes only non-GMO fruit purees and carbonated water.


LaCroix sparkling waters
LaCroix sparkling waters - Hayley Hamilton Cogill/Tasting Table

No best-of list for sparkling water would be complete without LaCroix. It is one of the most recognizable brands and has been selling its brightly colored cans since 1981. The name may sound like it hails from an sophisticated European country, but it actually comes from a combination of LaCrosse, Wisconsin -- the town where the beverage was first created -- and the St. Croix River, which runs through the state.

Today, LaCroix is one of the most widely available brands throughout the country with 25 flavor options. Of all the LaCroix flavors, the zero-calorie and zero-sugar Pamplemousse sparkling water with a lively, authentic grapefruit flavor is a favorite. It is a delicious option to enjoy with a liquor pairing, too. For example, you canadd the drink to tequila for a low-calorie take on a Paloma cocktail.

Aside from the brand's plethora of flavor options, we appreciate the company's commitment to giving back and supporting charitable organizations, including the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association. The company crafts its flavors from non-GMO flavor essences without added sugars, sodium, or artificial flavors -- giving sippers a bold taste that they can feel good about drinking.

Good & Gather

Good & Gather sparkling water
Good & Gather sparkling water - Hayley Hamilton Cogill/Tasting Table

Target's grocery brand, Good & Gather, is known for its high-quality, affordable products -- many of which are free from artificial colors, sweeteners, or high-fructose corn syrup. The store brand launched in 2019 and includes a wide diversity of products underneath its umbrella, including sparkling water.

Good & Gather offers a selection of unusual flavor combinations, each providing an authentic fruit essence. Its Dr. Cherry Vanilla tastes surprisingly like a Dr. Pepper without the sugar or calories, while the coconut pineapple flavor is the perfect mixer with rum for a light refreshing take on a piña colada cocktail.

Good & Gather uses only carbonated water and natural flavorings to deliver sparkling water without any additional sugars or sodium. The price of these cans is less expensive than many other name-brand offerings. Plus, the great thing about all Good & Gather products is that they come with a money-back guarantee. So if you aren't satisfied, you can return the water to the store.


Canned sparkling water
Canned sparkling water - Hayley Hamilton Cogill/Tasting Table

We began our best-of list by looking at the diversity and variety of options available from each producer. However, product array along was not the deciding factor, as I wanted to include brands that also offered a great taste and bright effervescence. I also considered the availability and popularity of each beverage I sampled (some of which did not make this list), as well as each brand's commitment to sustainability or social causes.

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