12 Sweet Perfumes That Smell Addictively Good

<p>Sephora/ Hermes/ Killian</p>

Sephora/ Hermes/ Killian

Sweet fragrances are undeniably the darling of the perfume world for those who are inspired to create them and those who love to wear them. “Sweetness is often linked to pleasure and sensuality—it takes us into childhood memories and reminds us of our favorite candy or dessert, so anything sweet, including sweet fragrances, makes most of us happy,” explains Frank Voelkl, principal perfumer of Firmenich fragrance house, which creates fragrances for Inter Parfums.

Sometimes referred to as a gourmand scent as well, there is a good reason why a sweet perfume is so alluring. “Gourmand perfumes are the olfactory expression of everything sweet and addictive,” says Ben Krigler, perfumer and founder of Krigler Fragrances. But how can an olfactory sensation be so compelling? Kriger explains that “sugar stimulates the same neurotransmitters as in addiction phenomena,” he says. “As a result, smelling the perfume we love plunges us into a state of well-being.”

The structure of a sweet perfume requires specific olfactory perfection that perfumers aim to master time and time again. “As a perfumer, I don’t always try to be literal when using gourmand notes, so it’s more about triggering memories in the unconscious to create that addictive effect,” says Voelkl. “Perfumers mainly use vanilla, sugary, and caramel notes because notes coming from flavors have an overtly indulgent effect, while fruit notes and certain floral notes can actually also enhance the sweetness within a fragrance, too.”

Voelkl also points out that diversity in a perfume with a range of notes is crucial to creating a sensorial masterpiece. “It is really about how the different facets of the perfume are balanced, [i.e.] having a larger proportion of sweet notes and a relatively smaller portion of fresher and non-sweet notes,” he says. Read on to discover a carefully curated list of the must-have sweet perfumes, according to fragrance experts.

MCM Ultra Eau de Parfum



“The fragrance’s luscious blackcurrant notes drift over a base of rich, earthy scents of cedarwood, tonka, and moss,” says Voelkl. “These are complemented with light floral bouquets of tuberose and jasmine, in combination with crisp Pink Lady apple, Italian bergamot, and a dash of pink pepper followed by warm amber tones completing the layered fragrance.”

Krigler Subtle Orchid 10

<p>Krigler </p>


“This scent was inspired by Parisian bakeries because my great-grandfather would visit Paris to see his friends and colleagues, and he would go to cafes near Paris's Rue St. Honore, so it’s a true gourmand fragrance,” says Krigler. “The opulent fragrance mixed with orchids and sweet viennoiseries combined with the scent of vanilla, coffee, and cinnamon gives a perfect gourmand parfum.”

Zodica Perfumery Aries Crystal Infused Zodiac Perfume

<p>Zodica Perfumery</p>

Zodica Perfumery

“Aries is an addicting showstopper—it's what will turn heads as you walk by with attention-getting silage,” says Kristi Moe, president of Zodica Perfumery. “The gourmand composition includes sweet vanilla, amber, cinnamon, blackberry and tobacco flower and will soon become your favorite perfume for the sultry confidence it evokes.”

Prada Candy

<p>Prada </p>


According to Audrey Gruss, Founder of Hope Fragrances, this is an attention-grabbing fragrance that defines gourmand because of its notes of benzoin, caramel, and white musk. “You put it on and feel yourself transported to some magical candy land surrounded by rich caramels and other delectable sweets,” she says. “The truth is, you are the candied object of desire, and the delightful blend of sweet notes might give everyone around you a sugar rush.”

MCM Crush Eau de Parfum Pink



“This scent begins with a flirtatious coupling of ice and fire through opening notes of frozen pear and pink pepper,” Voelkl shares. “Once your nose is past the honeymoon phase, the infatuation deepens into a lasting love in the embrace of fresh apricot nectar, hand-picked Rose de Mai, and sensuous ambrette.”

YSL Black Opium Eau de Parfum

<p>YSL </p>


“This scent is sexy, dark, powerful, and addictive,” says Gruss. Think: coffee, vanilla, and white flowers. “The first spritz of this fragrance draws you in and never lets go, and it is a fragrance that is best worn in the evenings for maximum seduction power,” she adds.

Tom Ford Lost Cherry Eau de Parfum

<p>Tom Ford</p>

Tom Ford

“Once you put this on, you won’t be able to stop trying to catch a scent of it on your wrist—it is delectable with notes that are widely appealing to the palette, making the fun-loving wearer a cherished prize to be savored,” explains Gruss. “The key notes of cherry, tonka bean, and almond are crisp yet sophisticated and unimposing.”

Krigler Palais Monarchie 218

<p>Krigler </p>


“The inspiration for this particular scent came from the Viennese cafe scene, their pastries, desserts, and gourmand creations,” explains Krigler. “It features a combination of savory and sweet notes that include almond, pear, cinnamon, vanilla, whipped cream, and Madeleine cake.”

Fragonard Diamant Perfume

<p>Fragonard </p>


“Diamant is a very romantic take on a luscious modern gourmand created in the fragrance capital of the world—Grasse, France,” shares Gruss. “This is one of the most intense perfumes I own, and it is carried to perfection by the vanilla note that lingers throughout the perfume, plus an intricate song and dance involving sweet plum and caramel.”

Hermès Twilly Eau de Parfum

<p>Hermes </p>


“This perfume is fun and flirty, evidenced by the youthful name—you can imagine the wearer twirling away playfully, leaving a trail of broken hearts behind, seemingly unaware of her seductive appeal,” says Gruss. “The fragrance opens to a sweet, delicious scent of ginger and settles down to seductive woody notes and a touch of tuberose.”

Kilian Paris Love, Don't Be Shy

<p>Kilian Paris</p>

Kilian Paris

“This perfume is an intense and powerful depiction of a floral gourmand—truly a sweet perfume that has it all,” says Gruss. “The delicious flavors of marshmallow and juicy honeysuckle are intense, yet coupled with a soft repose as it evolves on the skin. It is something to behold.”

Hope Night Eau de Parfum

<p>Hope Fragrances</p>

Hope Fragrances

“This romantic gourmand is elusive but enduring, virtuous yet sensual, and meant to be worn when romance is in the air!” shares Gruss. “It features warm and sensuous amberish notes combined with white flowers, a hint of plum, and delicious vanilla notes.

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