111 Affirmations to Attract Good Luck, According to an Astrologer

111 Affirmations to Attract Good Luck

Affirmations are a life hack that can forever change our fate. We spend all our time with ourselves, carrying our thoughts. Our mindset shapes and colors every experience we will ever have. Therefore, we must remain conscious of what we’re feeding our minds. If we crave success, health, confidence, and balance, we must think like someone who embodies these ideal traits.

At first, it may feel like affirmations are akin to lying to yourself or denying reality, especially when an affirmation contradicts an internalized negative belief. It's challenging to test out new perspectives outside our comfort zone. But this is where growth lies. Affirmations teach us to “fake it ‘til you make it.” While you don’t have to fully believe what you’re saying right away, positive self-talk can shift dynamics when practiced consistently over time. You’d be surprised how malleable your mind truly is.

State these affirmations to yourself in the mirror. Write them down somewhere you can read them often. Meditate on them. Challenge yourself to shut down cynical thinking by switching to a more uplifting outlook. Affirmations work in a variety of ways. You, the artist of your destiny, get to decide when and where you’d be most successful applying them.

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111 Affirmations to Attract Good Luck and Promote Positivity

  1. Everything is always working out for me.

  2. I look for the good in every circumstance.

  3. Luck finds me.

  4. I am naturally lucky.

  5. I’m at the right place at the right time.

  6. It’s easy to believe that the best-case scenario will occur.

  7. There’s ease and flow in my everyday life.

  8. People love to help and support me.

  9. I’m grateful for the quality of my relationships.

  10. Healthy connections find their way to me.

  11. The people in my life better me.

  12. Abundance is my birthright.

  13. I have a magnetic aura.

  14. My mind, body, and spirit are aligned.

  15. I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been.

  16. I am fortunate to be so blessed.

  17. Everything is always working out for me.

  18. I’m supported beyond my wildest dreams.

  19. There’s always a chance to right my wrongs.

  20. I’ve decided to be happy today.

  21. Everything in my life is improving.

  22. I always win in life despite all odds.

  23. Empowerment has changed my life.

  24. My goals and aims are fulfilled with ease.

  25. Life is always working out beyond my highest expectations.

  26. I’m grateful for what I have.

  27. There’s always more positivity on the horizon.

  28. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better life.

  29. I attract the ideal outcome.

  30. When I’m around, people feel good.

  31. I create positive experiences wherever I go.

  32. Luck follows me.

  33. I release what is no longer for my highest good.

  34. I feel optimistic about my life’s direction.

  35. There are fun days ahead of me.

  36. I am present, here and now.

  37. It’s easy for me to see the silver lining in difficult times.

  38. I remain motivated.

  39. Despite all difficulties, I remain lighthearted.

  40. I don’t take life too seriously.

  41. I don’t take myself too seriously.

  42. I laugh and smile every day.

  43. Fun and pleasure follow me.

  44. My inner child is proud of my adult self.

  45. I trust my discernment and intuition.

  46. Amid confusion, I keep faith.

  47. I trust both my logical and instinctual side.

  48. My work is fulfilling.

  49. Affection and warmth fill my connections.

  50. Nothing can stop me.

  51. Self-love motivates my actions.

  52. There’s so much growth in my current life.

  53. Every day, new blessings find me.

  54. I trust the Universe.

  55. I am in divine timing.

  56. I see opportunities that others miss.

  57. Living life to the fullest comes naturally to me.

  58. My alluring energy attracts ideal lovers to me.

  59. I witness the best in others.

  60. I love my mindset and philosophy.

  61. My experiences have made me into a person I respect.

  62. I savor the simple pleasures in life.

  63. My intuition is strong.

  64. My instincts never lead me astray.

  65. I don’t take anything for granted.

  66. My thoughts are not in control of me; I control them.

  67. I surrender to divine interventions.

  68. Miracles present themselves to me.

  69. My values lead me to serendipitous opportunities.

  70. Integrity keeps me grounded.

  71. My hopes are set high.

  72. I see great things for my future.

  73. People want to help me.

  74. I am resourced.

  75. I am capable.

  76. My strength fills up my spirit.

  77. I give great first impressions.

  78. I hand my problems away to a higher power.

  79. Stress and anxiety cannot stop me.

  80. I don’t take cynical thoughts seriously.

  81. I challenge my negative thinking.

  82. There’s so much hope on the horizon.

  83. I daydream about the good that’s yet to come.

  84. I know I’m on the right track.

  85. I thank myself every day.

  86. I love myself.

  87. There’s so much positivity in the world.

  88. Others cannot believe my luck.

  89. People admire my growth.

  90. I help others find their purpose.

  91. My community is stable.

  92. I experience interpersonal harmony.

  93. I haven’t met all of the people who will love me.

  94. Mistakes are growth opportunities.

  95. I validate my emotions.

  96. I have compassion for myself.

  97. I strive for fulfillment, not perfection.

  98. As soon as challenges arise, they resolve themselves.

  99. My luck never runs out.

  100. What I want, wants me.

  101. My thoughts manifest desirable outcomes.

  102. I appreciate my diversity.

  103. I deserve all of the good coming my way.

  104. I compete with no one but myself.

  105. I appreciate others without comparison.

  106. There’s so much to love about me.

  107. My life is well-balanced.

  108. Success is guaranteed for me.

  109. I have faith despite all odds.

  110. My optimism is stronger than any doubt.

  111. I’m my own biggest fan and supporter.

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