11 Creative Ways To Use Egg Whites

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There are many egg-yolk-intensive recipes out there, especially when it comes to baking or fresh pasta. We often end up with leftover egg whites that we're not sure what to do with. It doesn't seem right to throw out these perfectly good parts of the egg and create food waste, especially when there are so many things you can do with them. Most home cooks know that egg whites can be used to make meringues or homemade marshmallows. It's like chemistry and magic combined watching the transparent liquid transform into white cloudy peaks as you whip them up. However, the magic doesn't end there. Egg whites are incredibly versatile and there are actually so many other ways they can enhance a dish in surprising or unexpected ways.

If you're worried about how to store egg whites, the great news is that they freeze perfectly well. One handy way to make your life easier is to portion them into an ice tray. Then, you can use just the amount you need at the time. When you want to use them, it's best to thaw them out in the fridge overnight. So don't throw out your egg whites ever again, food waste is terrible for your pocket and the environment, instead try some of these interesting techniques. Whether you're looking for ways to use leftover whites or want to try new egg white recipes, here are some creative ways to use egg whites.

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Crunchy Chicken Breading

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Crispy fried chicken is all about getting the perfect breading. Everyone has their preferred way of breading their chicken, but for as long as we can remember, the essentials include flour and egg. Eggs are crucial to binding everything together, but it turns out that you only need egg whites for perfectly crunchy chicken breading. Egg whites have all the binding power that you need, and, when paired with cornflour, they tend to crisp up much better than when using a whole egg. This creates the perfect crunchy texture you hope for when making breaded or crumbed chicken.

The best thing about this method is that it guarantees crispy chicken whether you opt to fry or bake your chicken. To get it right, you'll need to use double the amount of whites as you would a whole egg. Whisk them up and dip your seasoned chicken into them, before coating them in cornstarch. While egg whites and cornflour are all you need for this method, you may still add seasoned wheat flour if you prefer. If you do, simply add the flour before you dip your chicken in the whisked egg whites. ‌

Breakfast Egg White Cups

egg white cups spinach
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One of the well-known things about egg whites is that they're high in protein and low in cholesterol and fat, compared to the yolks. For a while, it seemed like health-conscious people all over the world were ordering or making egg white omelets because they wanted the protein without the added fat or cholesterol. Our perception of health is always changing and foods tend to be demonized unfairly, often creating confusion. Certain fats go from being bad to being good, how much protein we need is always debated and eggs are often the subject of many of these debates. What we know for sure is that eating whole eggs contains more nutrients than eating just whites, but for some folks, there might be specific reasons why they're avoiding yolks.

In truth, egg yolks have a lot of the flavor and richness that people love about eggs, and egg white omelets aren't exactly the tastiest thing you can eat. However, that doesn't mean that there's no tasty way to enjoy cooked egg whites for breakfast or a protein-rich snack, especially if you want to use up some leftover whites. This egg white breakfast cup recipe is not only delicious, it's an effortless way to turn egg whites into a nutritious and tasty breakfast. Plus, you can customize your fillings with whatever's in your fridge, and reduce food waste even more.

Make Fluffier Boxed Pancakes

egg white pancakes blueberries
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There are so many delicious breakfast foods that are not always the most practical in daily life and pancakes are one of those. While pancakes are always such a treat to make, they make you work for them, taking some time, a good recipe, and technique to get just right. That makes it all the more reason to keep some boxed pancake mix in your pantry for the days when you want a shortcut to making pancakes. They do the trick when you're in a pinch, but they aren't as good as ones made from scratch. Luckily, there's a way to make them better. Egg whites are the ingredients you need for fluffier boxed pancakes.

They'll make your batter more airy and your pancakes will turn out with a lighter and spongey texture. Plus, it doesn't require much extra effort. Make your boxed batter as you usually would and whisk some egg whites until they form stiff white peaks, similar to that of meringues. Then gently fold in the whisked whites into your batter, taking care not to over-mix, or you can knock out all the air you've created by whisking. Then continue making your pancakes as usual. It's such a nifty way to improve boxed pancakes that you might not want to make them from scratch ever again.

Crispy Potato Egg White Hack

Crispy roast potatoes, rosemary
Crispy roast potatoes, rosemary - Robynmac/Getty Images

This might be a revelation, but there's a way to make your roast potatoes as crispy as ever that doesn't involve extra oil, breadcrumbs, deep frying, or air fryers (although you can still use your air fryer for this). Egg whites are the secret for deliciously crispy potatoes every time. It might be strange, but this incredibly simple hack will result in consistently good roast potatoes. Don't worry, your potatoes won't taste eggy at all, because egg whites have a neutral taste so you won't even know they're there. The same reason that meringues get crunchy when the water evaporates as they cook is the reason that this works for potatoes. You'll be left with a crispy coating that will make your potatoes a textural delight.

Simply whisk some egg whites until white and frothy, and coat your raw potato wedges or slices with them. Make sure it's a relatively thin and even layer, rather than large egg-white clumps on each piece. The whites also work as an excellent binder for your seasonings, since they're wet and slightly sticky. So once you've covered all your potatoes in the foamy egg whites, season them all over, according to your taste. That's all you need, no oil necessary. Roast them and the proof is in the result. You'll likely never look back.

Use Whites As Egg Wash

sweet glazed croissants egg
sweet glazed croissants egg - Stefan Tomic/Getty Images

Using egg wash on baked goods is a tried and tested method to produce the glossy and golden brown finish that makes those pastries, breads, pies, and more, look delectable. There are various ways you can do this using only milk, cream, egg yolks, egg whites, or a combination of those. However, there are several reasons to ditch the rest and consider using egg whites only. The benefits of only using the whites for your egg wash are numerous. Firstly, egg whites are flavorless, so there's no risk of adding egg any flavor to your pastry that you might not want. They're also guaranteed to produce a clear finish when you don't use the yolks, you'll simply get a shiny layer, no murkiness.

An added bonus to using egg whites is that they create a sticky layer to your pastry or dough, meaning you can easily add sprinkles, sugar, or other toppings. They'll be glued down and stay on top while cooking. In fact, many bakers use egg whites as an adhesive in other ways, like sticking pastry edges together. Egg whites also crisp up once cooked, so you can rest assured knowing that a thin egg wash layer can even support the texture of your baked good and not add any sogginess.

Foamy Cocktails Need Egg Whites

pisco sour egg white foam
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For most cocktail lovers this won't come as a shock, but it's still news to some people that many cocktails contain egg whites. Classics like a clover club, gin fizz, or whiskey sour, all have that signature foamy layer of egg white on top. A good rule of thumb is that any "fizz" or "sour" cocktail like pisco sour, amaretto sour, tequila sour, Meyer lemon fizz, vodka fizz, or mezcal fizz contains fluffy egg white. This shouldn't put you off because egg whites have a neutral flavor and won't affect the taste of your cocktail. As long as you or your favorite cocktail bar is using fresh eggs, there's also no health risk to worry about.

We use egg whites in cocktails because it creates a pleasant mouthfeel to the drink, making it feel more velvety. That white foam also looks beautiful and delicate on top of your cocktail, while adding a flavorless canvas on which to decorate. It may sound complex to do, but it's nothing more than adding an extra "shake" to your cocktail. First, do what's known as a "dry shake" by shaking all your ingredients together without ice. This will help froth the whites before you add in ice to do the final "wet shake."

A Mayonnaise Hack You Wouldn't Have Guessed

mayonnaise spread crackers basil
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Making mayonnaise at home is one of the simplest things if you have an immersion blender. Simply add an egg, some lemon juice, and oil in a jar and watch these ingredients combine into mayo in seconds as you blend. For bakers who end up with leftover egg whites, you might be wondering, can you make mayo with only egg whites? The answer is absolutely, yes. Making egg white only mayonnaise or "white mayo" is just as easy, and is a useful way to use up egg whites. The result is a lighter mayonnaise that tastes great, albeit milder than regular mayo. The only thing to keep in mind is that you'll need to add slightly less oil since the volume of using one egg white is less than a whole egg.

White mayo might not have the same punchy flavor that a yolk provides, but for some, it might even be preferable since this more neutral-tasting sauce won't overpower other flavors in whatever you're adding it to. It is however just as creamy and spreadable. Additionally, you can flavor it with mustard, garlic, herbs, or however you'd like to.

Egg Whites Makes Light And Fluffy Waffles

waffles strawberries black plate
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Making waffles at home is not as easy as making pancakes, and even if you have a waffle maker, it doesn't guarantee they'll turn out the same as the ones you can have at your favorite cafe or breakfast spot. Those perfectly crispy on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside waffles are a dream to eat. If you've ever tried making waffles you'll know getting the texture right is the hard part. More times than not, waffles can come out denser or dryer than you'd like. Sure you can work on your batter recipe, get the right heat level going, and make decent waffles, but the egg white trick for restaurant-quality waffles helps you make light and airy waffles with no trouble.

By whipping your egg whites before incorporating them into your waffle batter, you'll create enough air bubbles that will make your final result light and fluffy. Make sure to fold them in carefully to protect the volume. The whites not only help make the inside soft and airy, but they'll encourage crispness on the outside, too, since egg whites develop a crunch when the moisture is cooked out of them. It couldn't be simpler to achieve the best waffle texture, every time.

Add Them To Your Smoothies For A Protein Boost

banana strawberry smoothie glass
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For health enthusiasts and people who need to increase their protein intake alike, smoothies and protein shakes are a go-to drink to take in the nutrients they need. Smoothies make it easy to add a bunch of things together and drink them up in one go. Especially when including things like fruit or cocoa powder, they can also be a really delicious way to do so. Eggs are a protein powerhouse and one of the easiest ways to eat more protein, making them a popular choice of food for many. Cooking them is the most obvious method, you can also add them to your smoothies.

While images of weight lifters might come to mind when you think of drinking raw eggs, that's not exactly how it needs to be. Instead, you should start adding egg whites to your smoothies. Using egg whites only makes it more palatable, since they don't have much taste, most of the egginess you think of when you think of eggs is actually from the yolk. The whites also have protein, without the fat or cholesterol that yolks have, making them a good choice for people who want to avoid those things. Make sure you're using fresh and pasteurized eggs (since you'll be consuming them raw and you need to be safe), and simply add the whites to any smoothie mix you like and enjoy the benefits without even noticing them.

Swap Whole Eggs For Whites In Your Cake Mix Batter

cake mix batter eggs
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It's essential to have a box of cake mix at home because cake emergencies happen. Seasoned bakers might scoff at cake mix because they know how to easily whip up a cake from scratch, but for the rest of us, a box of cake mix delivers us consistently good cake without stress. They're made to work, have a good flavor and texture, and they make it accessible to people who want to bake cake at home in less time, or with fewer ingredients. While they are great on their own, there's one ingredient swap you should try in your next cake mix batter. Using egg whites instead of whole eggs can take your cake to the next level.

We've already learned that whipped egg whites will add more air and bounce to pancake and waffle batter, and the same applies to cake too. The other thing is that egg whites are an incredibly effective binder and help to keep all the ingredients together in a uniform cake batter. It's one small trick you can do to improve your cake mix. Make sure to double the amount of whites to whole eggs, since egg whites are lesser in volume.

Make Mousse Is A Cinch

chocolate mousse cups hand
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Another egg white recipe favorite like meringues and marshmallows is mousse. Egg whites are central to many mousse recipes for a reason. When you eat mousse, the mouthfeel of it is one of the most important things. You want it to be as light as possible, because "biting" down on the soft texture and deflating the air bubbles in your mouth is half of the pleasure. Dense mousse isn't as palatable, as it becomes cumbersome to eat, and heavy. The good news is that egg whites help you achieve the desired lightness.

Whipped egg whites produce a cloudy frothy substance that when incorporated into your mousse, whether it be chocolate mousse or a fruity variation, adds body and fluffiness simultaneously. Instead of relying solely on whipped cream to hold its shape and take hours in the fridge to set whipped egg whites ensure a faster setting time, and a more reliable texture as they won't deflate over time the same way whipped cream might. In truth, you can make chocolate mousse without using any cream if you use egg whites. Impress yourself and your guests with this easy technique to make an impressive, restaurant-quality mousse.

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