11 Boursin Cheese Recipes That Use 5 Ingredients or Fewer

Because everything is better with some ooey-gooey cheese.

<p>Dotdash Meredith Food Studios	</p>

Dotdash Meredith Food Studios

Boursin cheese is as close as you can get to a magic ingredient. It packs recipes full of flavor and helps bring together sauces and creamy dishes. You can also stuff peppers or form the cheese into balls and fry them. The options are kind of endless. Plus, these recipes all use five ingredients or less, so they will be simple to prepare and easy to cook—but Boursin will be the central theme.

Boursin Mashed Potatoes

<p>France Cevallos</p>

France Cevallos

"Oh, so creamy! These potatoes are everything you crave in a flavorful mashed potato dish. Great for the holidays or binge-watching TV. Buttery, silky, and cheesy," —1010lisalynn

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Air Fryer Boursin-Stuffed Wontons

"Wonton wrappers and Boursin are all that you need for a quick appetizer. I've used garlic and fine herbs, my favorite, but feel free to choose your favorite." —Bren

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Boursin Deviled Eggs

<p>France C</p>

France C

"I ate these Boursin deviled eggs at a local restaurant and decided to try recreating them at home. They are packed with flavor and so easy to make! You can easily double this recipe for larger gatherings." —France Cevallos

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Cheesy Meatball Pasta Bake

"This recipe is a slight modification of the popular TikTok feta cheese pasta dish, but made with Boursin instead." —thedailygourmet

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Baked Cod with Boursin Herb Cheese


"This recipe was fantastic. Even my sometimes critical husband (who doesn't even really like fish) raved about it...Will add to my regular rotation!" —angfoodie

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Cheese Fig Puff Pastry Bites


"If you're looking for a quick-and-easy, savory and sweet appetizer for the holidays, you've found it. The flavor is distinctive, yet delicate." —lutzflcat

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3-Ingredient Boursin Cheese Pasta

"Wow! Super easy and surprisingly delicious given the limited ingredients! I absolutely think if made as written would be just as great ,but it’s awesome to find a recipe that you can swap similar ingredients and get the same, great results. We LOVED this! Served with Air Fryer Pork Tenderloin. We liked so much I would make as a main dish, as a side dish or even a heartier dish by adding some chicken or shrimp." —DREGINEK

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Fried Boursin Balls

<p>Dotdash Meredith Food Studios</p>

Dotdash Meredith Food Studios

"Fried Boursin cheese in a small bite-sized package! These fun appetizers are crunchy on the outside, with a delicious warm herby center." —Ali Ramee

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Air Fryer Bell Pepper Poppers

<p>Brenda Venable</p>

Brenda Venable

"When you want an appetizer, try these air fryer bell pepper poppers. Not everyone can take the heat of jalapeño peppers–no worries, though! Use brightly colored mini bell peppers, fill them with Boursin herb-flavored Gournay cheese, and add just a little piece of bacon to the top." —Brenda Venable

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Puff Pastry Squares with Boursin and Tomatoes

<p>Pat Bernitt</p>

Pat Bernitt

"These puff pastry squares with Boursin and tomatoes are baked to flaky perfection with a savory, cheesy filling and sweet tomato topping. We enjoy ours best served warm." —Pat Bernitt

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Boursin Chicken

<p>Renee Pajestka</p>

Renee Pajestka

"This Boursin chicken dish is made with chicken thighs and a rich and creamy cheese sauce with shallots and chives. A delicious way to dress up chicken and sure to impress guests!" —Brenda Venable

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