101 Beautiful Egyptian Baby Names for Boys and Girls—and What They Mean

If you’ve ever traveled to Egypt or if your roots lie there, then you know just how magical the nation is. That’s why as a mummy-to-be, you might want to consider an Egyptian baby name (for a first or middle name). It’s not only a great way to pay tribute to the country, but also keep your child connected to Egypt in a meaningful way.

To help you get started, we rounded up 101 Egyptian names for boys and girls and their meanings. Some are sweet, some are strong, some are traditional and some modern-day monikers are influenced by Arabic and Islamic culture. Others are even derived from well-known Egyptian gods and goddesses, as well as kings and queens.

If you’re in de-Nile about using one, you may be surprised how much you like some of them once you take a look at some of the boy and girl names, below. Trust us, they will make a statement in the best way.

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Popular Egyptian Baby Names

1. Shalise

This gorgeous moniker means “beautiful.”

2. Layla

Even if your baby isn’t born in the evening, this girl’s name, which means “night,” is an adorable moniker.

3. Aya

Your little girl will have a nature-inspired name if you go with this one as this means “bird.”

4. Amun

Your baby boy certainly won’t be “the hidden one” in your family, although this name means that.

5. Jahi

This sweet and simple male name translates to “dignified.”

6. Gamal

Give a nod to your son’s dashing good looks with this name that means “handsome.”

7. Eman

The definition of this popular boy’s name is “faith.”

8. Cleopatra

“Glory of the father” is the meaning of this well-known name once dawned by an Egyptian queen.

9. Ramesses

Your baby will be forever connected to the power of the sun seeing how this name means “born of Ra,” which is the Egyptian god of the sun.

10. Isis

With the meaning “goddess,” your daughter will be admired by all.

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Egyptian Baby Names for Boys

11. Atemu

Your little one will have a name that means “mystical god of Annu” if you choose this moniker.

12. Badru

If you’re looking for an out-of-this-world name, this one means “full moon.”

13. Geb

Want an enchanting name? Go with this one that means “mythical earth god.”

14. Mousa

“Of the water” is what this strong moniker translates to.

15. Chatuluka

“Departs” is what this name means.

16. Chisisi

If a mysterious name is what you’re after, this means “secret.”

17. Aten

This short name means “disc.”

18. Bakari

“Hopeful” and “promising” are the words behind this male Egyptian name.

19. Fenyang

If your son has this name, it may inspire him to “conquer” anything since that’s the definition of it.

20. Hondo

You’ll have a little fighter on your hands thanks to this name meaning “warrior.”

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21. Kek

Even though this name is short, it’s powerful and means “god of chaos.”

22. Hakizimana

With a religious meaning “God saves,” this name has a spiritual connection.

23. Yafeu

Known as a traditional Egyptian name, Yafeu means “bold.”

24. Ammon

If you value education, this name means “teacher.”

25. Jibade

Seeing how your son will be the prince of your house, a name meaning “royalty” is a cute way to reference that.

26. Kafele

“Would die for” is the definition of this Egyptian name.

27. Bes

Seeing that your baby boy will bring you happiness, why not go with a name that means “bring joy”?

28. Fukayna

With a name that means “intelligent,” your son will surely excel in school.

29. Mitty

“Beloved of Amun,” is the definition of this name and holds great meaning, as Amun is known as the god of air.

30. Adeben

While this name means “twelfth born,” it would be fitting for any baby boy.

31. Kakra

If you’re expecting twins, this name actually means “twin.”

32. Chibale

“Kinsman” is what this male moniker means.

33. Madu

“Of the people” is the definition of this male name.

34. Beb

“Osiris's firstborn” is the meaning behind this Egyptian name.

35. Mbizi

This name will flow ever so nicely for any boy as it means “water.”

36. Min

“God of fraternity” is what this one syllable name means.

37. Hapi

This name pays tribute to Egypt as it used to be a name for the Nile River.

38. Kosey

May your child be as fierce as his name, which means “lion.”

39. Harakhty

“Horizon” is the tranquil meaning of this name.

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40. Lateef

A sweet name like this means “gentle.”

41. Kazemde

“Ambassador” is what this sophisticated Egyptian name means.

42. Abasi

This serious boy’s name means “stern.”

43. Chigaru

While this name means “hound,” it’s a great name for any little boy to go by.

44. Gyasi

The definition of this name will embody how you feel about your son as it means “wonderful baby.”

45. Kontar

“Only son” is what this male moniker means.

46. Chuma

Good fortune is what this name is all about as it means “wealthy.”

47. Bayek

Meaning “falcon” and “vulture,” your baby will have plenty of strong energy thanks to this name.

48. Matsimela

Going with an earthly name is never a bad idea. This one means “root.”

49. Ahmed

This strong name means “greatly praised.”

50. Aaru

“Heavenly” is the translation of the unisex name.

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Egyptian Baby Names for Girls

51. Dendera

This feminine name means “from Dendera.”

52. Nefertiti

A powerful female name like this will suit any baby girl because it translates to “a beautiful woman.”

53. Memphis

This gender-neutral name is of Egyptian origin and means “enduring and beautiful.”

54. Cairo

This beautiful name is the capital of Egypt and means “the strong” or “the victorious.”

55. Ebonique

If your little one has dark hair, this name can pay tribute to it because it means “black.”

56. Djoser

This male Egyptian moniker means “stability.”

57. Umayma

This cute name has an even cuter meaning as it means “little mother.”

58. ZsuZsi

If you’re searching for a unique name, this one is sweet and means “lily.”

59. Walida

This girl’s name is fitting because it means “daughter.”

60. Mandisa

The definition of this pretty name is “sweet.”

61. Bahiti

The meaning behind this adorable name is “fortune.”

62. Mert

“Lover of silence” is what this strong name means.

63. Naeemah

Your little angel will have a name that means “charitable” if you call them this.

64. OJufemi

Who wouldn’t want a name that means “beloved of the gods”?

65. Anippe

Your child will always know her roots are in Egypt with this name that means “daughter of the Nile.”

66. Sabah

“Born in the morning” is what this little girl’s name means.

67. Masika

If your baby girl arrives on a stormy day, pay tribute to it with this name that means “born during the rain.”

68. Oseye

With a name that means “happy,” your baby girl will have a joyous spirit.

69. Bennu

An animal-inspired name like this one means “eagle.”

70. Mesi

Nature inspired names always have a nice ring to them. This one means “water.”

71. Lotus

Who wouldn’t love a floral name for their little one? This one translates to “water lily.”

72. Pili

If you’re looking for something to name your second born child, this is the exact definition of this name.

73. Bast

“Heat” is the meaning of this baby girl’s name.

74. Quibilah

Your daughter’s name will mean “peaceful” if you choose this moniker.

75. Rabiah

This seasonal name means “born in the spring.”

76. Sagira

There’s no denying that this adorable name has an adorable meaning, like “little one.”

77. Nuru

“Born during the day” is the timely definition behind this moniker.

78. Tale

This Egyptian name has a colorful meaning, as it translates to “green.”

79. Farida

An ocean-inspired name meaning “precious pearl” is a perfect name for a little girl.

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80. Urbi

Your sweetie will love up to her name if you choose this one as it means “princess.”

81. Marietta

If you want your daughter to have a name that ties in with the ocean, this name means “star of the sea.”

82. Nubia

Meaning “gold,” how could you not love this rich moniker?

83. Jamila

Your sweet girl will have a name that means “beauty” if you choose this moniker.

84. Neema

“Wealthy” is what this pretty name translates to.

85. Ramla

Your daughter’s name will have a magical meaning seeing how Ramla translates to “one who predicts the future.”

86. Zahra

If you’re looking to find a girly name, this one means “flower.”

87. Echidna

With an enchanting meaning, this name means “mythical monster.”

88. Ode

“From the road” is what this female name means.

89. Femi

Translating to “love,” this baby name is oh-so-sweet.

90. Rashida

Your daughter will love that she has a strong name that means “righteous.”

91. Halima

“Gentle” is what this pretty girl’s name means.

92. Safiya

“Pure” is the definition of this elegant name.

93. Naunet

Inspired by the water, this name means “goddess of the ocean.”

94. Rehema

“Compassionate” is the beautiful definition of this baby girl’s name.

95. Nourbese

Give your child a name that describes her, like this one meaning “wonderful.”

96. Hathor

Your daughter’s name will be fierce if you call her thus, just like its meaning: “goddess of destruction.”

97. Talibah

Your sweetheart deserves a strong name like this one, which means “seeks knowledge.”

98. Omorose

With the meaning “beautiful,” this moniker makes for a lovely baby name.

99. Neith

“The divine mother” is what this name means.

100. Raziya

This feminine name simply means “agreeable.”

101. Panya

This cute name also has a cute meaning as it translates to “mouse.”

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