101 'I Am' Affirmations to Remind You of How Amazing You Are

"I Am" affirmations can make a major difference in your mood, your outlook, and your self-esteem.

"Our thoughts are powerful things. They shape our moods, behaviors and actions. When we are stressed, anxious or feeling down, we often think of dark thoughts and fears, or dwell on our perceived faults or frailties. At times like this, we need to learn how to replace a negative thought with a more positive, adaptive one," Dr. Monica Vermani, C. Psych, clinical psychologist and author of A Deeper Wellness: Conquering Stress, Mood, Anxiety and Traumastells Parade. "Affirmations are positive statements that help quiet negative self-talk and stop ruminating negative forecasting of worst-case scenarios in their tracks."

Dr. Vermani says that contemplative mantras that you repeat to yourself can ground and center you, citing examples like "I am worthy," "I am lovable," "I am strong, healthy and capable" and '"I am safe, healthy and protected."

"Repeating positive statements or affirmations can lead you back to a place of balance, where you can see the good among the challenges of the moment," she says. "You can create your own affirmations as powerful means of accentuating the good things in your life, grounding your thoughts in your strengths and resources, and helping you make your faith in your abilities bigger than your fear of the unknown."

Using positive "I Am" mantras can help change your perception of yourself and help to drown out the often negative thoughts you may have about yourself, the world and your life. They can be as simple as reminding yourself that you're beautiful inside and out or can be reminders to forgive yourself for your faults, flaws and mistakes. This list of "I Am affirmations" is a great starting point to help you feel empowered enough to love yourself and chase the life that we all know you truly deserve.

101 I Am Affirmations

1. I am who I am.

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2. I am grateful for the opportunities today brings.

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3. I am made of stardust.

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4. I am loved.

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5. I am deserving of great joy.

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6. I am not my mistakes.

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7. I am meant to be here.

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8. I am growing every single day.

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9. I am living in my truth.

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10. I am always evolving.

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I am strong.

12. I am living my own life on my own terms.

13. I am forgiven for my faults and errors.

14. I am at peace.

15. I am surrounded by light.

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16. I am brave.

17. I am doing the best that I can.

18. I am grateful for today.

19. I am proud of who I am.

20. I am beautiful inside and out.

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I am worthy.

22. I am on my way to prosperity.

23. I am thankful for a new page.

I am ready for the next chapter.

25. I am letting go of what I cannot control.

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26. I am writing my own life story.

27. I am growing more comfortable in my own skin every single day.

28. I am unique and extraordinary.

29. I am radiating love.

30. I am profoundly blessed.

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I am deserving of abundance.

32. I am divinely guided.

33. I am honoring my soul in all I do.

34. I am my own best friend.

35. I am not defined by my circumstances.

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36. I am open to healing.

37. I am guided by light and truth.

38. I am getting better every single day.

39. I am lovable.

40. I am capable.

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I am on my own journey.

42. I am inhaling light and exhaling darkness.

43. I am grateful for all the amazing things my body can do.

44. I am not my emotions.

45. I am surrounded by serenity.

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46. I am made of goodness and light.

47. I am attracting abundance.

48. I am cherished.

49. I am intelligent.

50. I am deserving of great love.

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I am excited about what life has to offer me.

52. I am on my own journey.

53. I am a survivor.

54. I am overcoming adversity.

55. I am manifesting my best destiny.

56. I am capable of overcoming obstacles.

57. I am curious and open to new treasures.

58. I am growing wiser every day.

59. I am learning who I am.

60. I am a magnet for good fortune.

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61. I am serving the greater good.

62. I am limitless.

63. I am going to be OK.

64. I am deserving of rest and relaxation.

65. I am not weak for asking for help.

66. I am confident in my decisions.

67. I am rising above my circumstances.

68. I am capable of wonderful things.

69. I am deserving of kindness.

70. I am nearing my fullest potential.

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71. I am working towards my highest self.

72. I am thriving.

73. I am ready to move forward.

74. I am able to express myself honestly.

75. I am a gift.

76. I am living my own best life.

77. I am accepting what I cannot change.

78. I am deserving of love exactly how I am.

79. I am confident that I will triumph over adversity.

80. I am embracing my flaws.

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81. I am deserving of strong friendships and loving relationships.

82. I am becoming my best self.

83. I am creating great things.

84. I am honoring my inner light.

85. I am the reason someone believes that there is goodness in the world.

86. I am making positive contributions.

87. I am overcoming pain.

88. I am healing my earlier wounds.

89. I am creating space in my life for bigger and better things.

90. I am worthy of respect.

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91. I am determined to do whatever it takes.

92. I am who I want to be.

93. I am confident that goodness will prevail.

94. I am truthful in my exchanges.

95. I am welcome in all spaces in which I wish to be.

96. I am protected.

97. I am triumphant.

98. I am exactly where I need to be in this moment.

99. I am embracing my inner child.

100. I am sending light and love to all.

101. I am enough.

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Dr. Monica Vermani, C. Psych., clinical psychologist and author of A Deeper Wellness: Conquering Stress, Mood, Anxiety and Traumas