These 125 Birthday Wishes for Your Sister Are the Perfect IG Captions

birthday wishes for sister
Just a Bucha Birthday Wishes for Your Sister 👯‍♀️Courtesy Pexels

Sorry to all of you who only have brothers and can't relate, but there is quite literally nothing like growing up with a sister. She's seen you at every turn—from your unfortunate middle school phases (I see you, ex-vsco Girls), to your biggest, most awe-inducing moments (Prom! Graduations! Weddings!). And most importantly, she's definitely talked sh*t with you about your parents, your ex, and that one friend she never liked anyway.

Sure, you've had your fair share of fights (that have somehow become inside family jokes, ofc), but that never stopped y'all from stealing sharing each other's clothes, makeup, accessories and...personalities. All that to say, she's irritating, yes, but you can't imagine life without her, and wouldn't want to. So when her born day comes around, you just gotta lavish her in every ounce of your love—starting with a good ol' Instagram caption.

If you're the older sib, you probably can't believe your baby sister is all grown up. And if you're the younger sibling, you're likely making fun of her for being old (even though you'll secretly always think of her as your Cool Big Sister). Either way, it's time to wax poetic about your sis. From funny birthday captions to sweet ones, these birthday wishes for your older or younger sister are perfect. Of course, if you realllly wanna be the best sister ever, you'll also grab her a thoughtful gift that she'll totally love (and you can hold it against her so she'll also get you one when your bday rolls around hehe 😈).

Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister

  • Sisters are awesome, especially yours. Happy birthday!

  • Birthday candles aren’t the only thing getting lit this weekend, amirite? Happy birthday!

  • Happy birthday, sis! This year, your present is my presence.

  • Yeah, yeah, happy birthday. Where’s the cake?

  • Because it’s your birthday, I’ll share my fries with you.

  • I love you even though you snitched about that party I threw in high school. Happy birthday!

  • Let’s drink champagne and dance on the tables (well, until we’re politely asked to leave).

  • I know you’re a Cancer, but try not to cry while we’re singing happy birthday, okay?

  • Happy birthday to the responsible sister who said Mom’s gifts were from “both of us” when you really did all the work.

  • To quote the great poet 50 Cent, “We gon’ party like it’s your birthday.”

  • May the BeReal notification happen during the most picture-perfect moment of your birthday.

  • Happy birthday to a dime who’s in her prime!

  • Remember to smile awkwardly as everyone sings “Happy Birthday” tonight!

  • I’m so glad I have someone who I can complain about our parents with. Happy birthday!

  • Happy birthday! Love, the only normal person in our family.

  • I love you more than I love binge-watching Netflix.

  • Happy birthday! May the hangover be mild tomorrow!

  • I’m smiling because we’re sisters, and I’m laughing because there’s nothing you can do about it.

  • Happy birthday! Your transformation into Mom is nearly complete.

  • Happy birthday, sis. Sorry for always stealing your clothes, but in my defense, you have good taste!

  • No one understands me like you, because no one else grew up with our weird family.

  • Happy birthday! Now that we’re officially old, there’s no way I’m staying at your party past 9.

  • Happy birthday! It’s officially time to start using a retinol.

  • My birthday wish for you is that you find a hottie at the bar tonight.

  • Fun fact: birthdays are good for you! Statistics show that the more you have, the longer you live.

  • I’m usually the star of the family, but I’ll let you have the spotlight for today.

  • I can’t wait to celebrate you tonight! But can I borrow that black leather jacket I like?

  • I love you, even though you ripped my favorite sweater in middle school. Happy Birthday!

  • There’s no one I’d rather drive around our hometown with while drinking iced coffees. You're the best!

  • Wishing for years of happiness and mild hangovers (P.S.—I already got you Advil for tomorrow.) Happy Birthday!

  • There’s no one I’d rather talk sh*t with when things don’t go our way with mom and dad. Thanks for always being there. Happy birthday!

  • Can’t wait to have our special ~girl dinner~ to cele you tonight (yes, there will be an actual meal too, I promise)!

  • I told Mom what gift you wanted, so it's basically from both of us. You’re welcome!

  • I’m so lucky to have someone to escape to the bathroom with during awkward family functions. Happy birthday!

  • I hope you enjoy your cake—I picked it out, so you’re welcome.

Birthday Wishes for Younger Sister

  • Happy birthday to the sister who keeps me up to date on TikTok trends.

  • First your sour, then your sweet. Well, sometimes. Happy birthday to my personal little Sour Patch Kid!

  • I’ll always have your back. Happy Birthday to my mini me!

  • Happy birthday to my favorite person in the whole wide world.

  • No one gets me like you do. Happy birthday, sis.

  • On this day, someone special joined the world, and I’m so lucky that she also joined my family.

  • I’m so happy we got to grow up together. Happy birthday to my first best friend!

  • I hope your birthday is as magical and sweet as you are.

  • I hope your [partner/boyfriend/girlfriend/etc.] is pampering you for your birthday since I can't be there. You deserve it!

  • We might not be together today, but I’ll be celebrating your birthday anyway!

  • You’ve grown so much in the past year, and I’m so proud of you. Happy birthday, sis.

  • I hope you know that you are very, very loved, today and every day.

  • You’re building such a meaningful life for yourself. Take time to enjoy it, especially today.

  • You have been so strong in the face of a tough year. Here’s to starting a brand new and brighter one.

  • Sending you a birthday wish wrapped with all my love.

  • You don’t get to choose your family, but I would have chosen you. Happy birthday!

  • You live your life in a way that makes every day worth celebrating. Happy birthday, sis!

  • Your birthday is the first day in a new 365-day journey. I know you’ll make it a good one.

  • Happy Birthday to the life of our family (and the party!)

  • No one gets you like a sister, and I’m so glad you’re mine. Happy birthday!

  • This year, I wish for you to know how special and incredible you are.

  • Happy birthday to the sunshine of our family! You make everyday extra bright!

  • Life was pretty dull until you came around [insert age] years ago. How lucky are we that you were born into this family?! Happy birthday, little sis.

  • I hope today is filled with your two favorite thing: lots of love and cake. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday! You’re welcome for making you cool.

  • I might have been mad when Mom and Dad brought you home, but you’re actually alright.

  • Happy birthday to the sis who never told our parents about me sneaking out to parties. Love ya!

  • It’s time to finally start acting your age! (Just kidding).

  • Happy birthday to the little sis who was always willing to join in on my shenanigans!

  • Happy birthday! Sorry I took all the good genes before you got here.

  • Who would have thought my annoying little sister would grow up to be so cool?

  • Even though you roast me for being a millennial daily, I still hope you have a happy birthday.

  • Happy birthday! I forgive you for being younger than me.

  • Enjoy being young now, because I’m telling you, the hangovers get worse the older you get.

  • Happy birthday! My gift is the fact that I literally taught you everything you know.

  • Counting all those times I drove you and your friends around in high school as my eternal present to you.

  • I can't believe you're [insert age]! Which is great for me since everyone says we look alike.

  • NGL, I was hoping mom and dad brought me a brother back from the hospital. But you turned out to be alright after all!

  • If I could have picked my sister, it'd still be you hands down. Happy birthday, little sis!

  • TBH I still see a little girl with pigtails when I see you. How did [insert age] years fly by already?! Thanks for being my IRL babydoll (and for letting me put lipstick all over your infant face).

Birthday Wishes for Older Sister

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  • Happy birthday to the girl who knows me better than I know myself!

  • My gift to you was telling you to stop wearing that side part last month. You're welcome!

  • Happy birthday to someone who taught me everything I know about applying eyeliner.

  • You’re aging like a fine wine.

  • Happy birthday! You may be older, but I’ll always be wiser.

  • Happy birthday to a sister I’ve always looked up to.

  • Wishing you a birthday that’s fit for a queen.

  • I think you’re supposed to get finer and wise with age? That’s okay, there’s always next year.

  • Happy birthday to my favorite elder!

  • Happy birthday to the older sister all my friends had crushes on.

  • Because it’s your birthday, I’ll admit that you are actually cool. But only today. And maybe next year, who knows.

  • You’re not getting older, you’re leveling up!

  • I’m so happy we’re growing old together, and that you have a head start.

  • Happy birthday! I couldn’t have asked for a better big sister.

  • I know you’re only 30, but according to TikTok, that makes you an old lady now.

  • Happy birthday, sis! Thanks for always picking me up and letting me stay on your couch when I had a fight with our parents.

  • Happy birthday to the sister who is forever young at heart.

  • Happy birthday to the favorite daughter—we all know it!

  • I’m lucky enough to always be mistaken for you, so I guess I'm the one who really got a gift! Happy birthday, sis! I hope today is as beautiful as you.

  • Happy Birthday to the girl who teaches me to be a better daughter, sister, friend, and person!

  • Sending you more years of special moments and memories together <3

  • Does teaching you a new TikTok dance count as a good present?

  • To many more adventures around the world! Happy birthday to my travel buddy and sister!

  • My greatest gift to you was actually the day *I* was born.

  • Happy birthday to my globe-trotting sister! Wishing you many more adventures this year.

Sweet Birthday Wishes for Sister

  • I wish for all your birthday wishes this year to come true.

  • My birthday wish for you is that you get all the great things you deserve this year.

  • Happy birthday to someone who makes the world a brighter, kinder place.

  • I hope you see yourself the way I see you: fabulous, kind, strong, smart, funny, and wonderful.

  • You’re one of a kind, and I love you so much. Happy birthday!

  • Happy birthday to someone who has a big heart.

  • Happy Birthday to my bright and selfless sister! To many more bright and meaningful moments together.

  • I’ll always have your back, and am grateful you’ve always had mine. Happy birthday, sis!

  • Sending you more years of special moments and memories together. I love you so much, sister!

Short Birthday Wishes for Sister

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  • Happy birthday to my favorite (okay, only) sister!

  • Wishing you a birthday as fun as you are!

  • Happy birthday to my forever partner-in-crime.

  • Here’s to another trip around the sun. Happy birthday!

  • I can’t wait to celebrate you all day long!

  • 🎶 I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22 🎶

  • It took 3️⃣5️⃣ years to look this damn good 🔥

  • To the world's greatest, happy birthday!

  • HBD to my evil twin 😈

  • There’s truly no one like you! Happy Born Day!

  • The celebrations begin…Happy Birthday sis!

  • Today, we are on a Champagne Campaign. HBD, best friend!

  • Cake 🎂✔️ Champagne 🍾✔️ Sister 👭🏾 ✔️

  • You are the easiest person to celebrate. Happy Birthday!

  • There's no me without you. Glad you were born, sis!

  • Happy Birthday! I love you, but please stop stealing my clothes.

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