10 Easy and Chic Hairstyles for the Beach

Easy, breezy, beautiful.

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As the weather gets warmer and the layers start shedding, we lather on the SPF, grab our towels, and head straight to the beach. And of course, no day on the shore is complete without the wind, surf, and sand. But  it’s no secret braving the beachy elements can wreak havoc on the hair—at some inevitable point, the wind always seems to whip those precious strands every which way, interrupting our blissful day reapplying our sunscreen and basking in the sun. To us, a great beach hairstyle is easy to achieve, looks great in a selfie, and keeps hair out of your face. Ahead, we’ve rounded up 10 styles that check all our boxes for your next day in the sun.

XXL Headband

Wearing your hair down at the beach is all fine and dandy until a slight breeze blows strands right into your line of sight. That’s why we always keep a thick stretchy headband on hand—it couldn’t be easier to simply throw on and go, plus it’s seriously cute. We love this neutral three-pack from Scunci ($10).

Braided Ponytail

Beach days are all about approachable, easy beauty, which is why we love this low-effort, high-impact ponytail braid. Start by braiding your face-framing strands with a similar-sized section from just below the crown. Braid about halfway down before gathering the rest of the hair and securing into a low ponytail.

‘90s Messy Updo

Nothing quite screams clear skies and good vibes like a piece-y, messy updo. And with this particular style, you get additional hold from the ponytail-claw clip combo, meaning you won’t have to worry about midday touch ups. Curl your hair beforehand or rock your natural texture—either way, the updo is a no brainer for beach days and summer errands alike.

Baseball Cap and Back

A hairstyle with added sun protection? Count us in. Steal your dad’s vintage baseball cap for a relaxed, foolproof beach style. The key is tucking your hair behind the ears before putting on the hat and making sure your ears aren’t tucked in the hat—that way, your hair won’t end up all over the place.

Twisted Pigtails

For a more elevated take on pigtails, try twisting the first two-thirds of hair, slightly teasing the remaining third for poofy, voluminous ends. Want to spice things up even more? Why stop at two pigtails when you could have four or five.

Baseball Cap and Bun

If keeping hair away from the face is your number-one concern, then this style is for you. Secure hair at the nape of the neck before twisting into a low bun. Throw a classic baseball cap on top for added hold (and some physical protection from sun damage). Trust us, those locks aren’t going anywhere.

Double Braid

For those looking to switch up their usual high ponytail, why not try a couple braids? Split hair into two sections vertically to create two base ponies right on top of each other. Use a boar-bristle brush to smooth out any bumps before securing and braiding down the lengths of each. For an extra pop, opt for hair ties with bold colors.

Bandana Tie

Another easy favorite of ours? Throw on a bandana to protect your hair from tangles and other harsh elements. It’s the perfect way to preserve a blowout or salvage day four hair. We love the tiny details on this Cherry Print Bandana from Urban Outfitters ($10).

Slicked Back

It doesn’t matter what the activity is, a slicked-back look is always appropriate. Lately, we’ve been loving the Djerf Avenue Beauty On-The-Go Styling Gel ($22) for smoothing out any flyaways and holding our style in place.

Messy Bun

When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a messy bun at the beach. Simply throw your hair up and jump in the water.

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