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10 best car gadget deals of the week, including a popular hand vac for just $19

Inexpensive gadgets that can help maintain the value of your car long-term. (Amazon)
Whether you'd like to tidy up your interior, gauge (heh) the condition of your tires, or keep your ride running in an emergency, Amazon's got a crazy-affordable solution at hand. (Amazon)

For most of us, our cars are our lifelines. We use them to get to work, to the store, for family road trips — and they've also cost us a pretty penny! — so naturally we want to take care of them. Whether it's something as simple as a trash can to keep down clutter or an easy-to-read tire-pressure gauge, Amazon's chock-full of automotive gadgets that can make your behind-the-wheel experience cleaner, tidier and more efficient. These are the best deals we've seen this week:

This bestselling 2-gallon trash can can swallow months' worth of fast-food wrappers and other on-the-road disposables. It has a leak-proof interior that can handle a few drops of leftover soda, while mesh pockets lining the exterior make it great for storing things like wipes, a flashlight and more. It's also washable, so if something does spill and you need to clean it up, soapy water and a wipe-down will put it back in business in a jiffy. 

$10 at Amazon

Cleaning crumbs out of your car can be difficult enough, but when they fall down into the gaps around your gear shift, it's nearly impossible. Enter this miracle gel! The sticky goo grabs crumbs, dust and other undesirables and makes it easy to clean every nook and cranny. 

$7 at Amazon

A clean car is self-care. It just feels better to drive a vehicle that isn't taken over by crumbs and dirt from the bottom of shoes. This vacuum makes it a breeze to perform a quick clean-up whenever the need arises, and it even has a 16.4 ft cord for reaching everywhere in the car with ease. 

Save $6 with coupon
$19 at Amazon

This powerful charger is available in seven different colors and fits flush with the AC port on your vehicle. Dual charging ports mean you can power up two different devices at the same time, while its metal construction prevents overheating. There are also numerous safety features built-in to prevent over-current and overcharging. Don't forget to clip the coupon for maximum savings. 

Save $3 with coupon
$7 at Amazon

A flat tire can absolutely ruin your day, but keeping a can of Fix-a-Flat on hand will at least make it possible for your car to limp to the nearest service station. It can fix punctures of up to 1/4 of an inch in diameter. This is the perfect size for standard tires on a car, and you don't even need a jack to make it work. Just connect it and inflate away. 

$9 at Amazon
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$9 at Walmart$17 at Lowe's

If you only buy one thing on this list, make it this. It's incredibly easy to use and gives you pressure readings in 0.1 increments. There's even an LED backlight for reading the screen in the dark. It also automatically resets when there's no pressure, so you never have to worry about having to calibrate it.

Save $7 with Prime
$9 at Amazon

Almost every single state has some form of hands-free driving law. Besides that, it's just not safe to look at your phone while driving — you want to keep your eyes on the road. This No. 1 bestselling phone mount is a mega-popular option among Yahoo customers due to its sturdy grip and the variety of mounting options it offers users. 

$11 at Amazon

If you're tired of your purse falling into the backseat when you have to hit the brakes, here's a fix for you. Not only does it provide a handy pocket for storing things like umbrellas, but it can also act as a barrier between the front and backseats to keep pets where they ought to be. 

$16 at Amazon

If your trunk is a chaotic mess, this is the product for you. After all, 55,000 fans can't be wrong, right? Multiple storage compartments make it easy to keep various tools separated. For instance, you could have room for jumper cables, a change of clothes, etc. When not in use, you can collapse the organizer flat.

$24 at Amazon

Carrying jumper cables around is so last century. This portable jump box lets you get your car going even with a low or dead battery. On top of that, it also has a flashlight, USB charging, and more built-in. This is an all-around handy accessory you'll want to keep in your vehicle for those times when your battery is out of juice. 

Save $46 with coupon and Prime
$54 at Amazon

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