The New $1 Trader Joe’s Snack That Has Fans Snagging At Least 6 Bags At a Time

Trader Joe's

There’s always something to smile about at Trader Joe’s—whether it’s an innovative and delicious new snack or one of those ultra-cute mini totes reselling for stratospheric prices online. And while it may be hard to put a price on an endless supply of good vibes (or an adorably miniature tote bag), we much prefer our TJ’s finds sans the astronomical markup.

Of course, the infinitely chill and endearingly quirky retailer is well aware of its fan-favorite status and the inevitable frenzy associated with new product releases; however, that hasn’t deterred them from delivering more than a few additional glimmers of sunshine at prices our wallet can smile about, too. The latest positively joyous offering to join the ranks of TJ’s cult-faves is a delicious lemony sweet shoppers are buying six of at a time.

A post by u/tofuhousewife on the ever-reliable Trader Joe’s-themed subreddit showed off the newly released seasonal Cheery Lemon Animal Crackers, and shoppers are saying, “They are SO good!”

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Available in super-cute single serving-sized packs, this happy “zoo” of animal crackers gives the Circus Animal Cookies of our youth a bright and citrusy update. Delicately sweetened crackers shaped like one of 13 animals—bears, elephants, cats, donkeys, goats, tigers, lions, horses, cows, rhinos, camels, bison and hippos—are coated in a zippy lemon-flavored yogurt coating and finished with classic multicolored nonpareil sprinkles.

Perhaps most exciting and worth jumping for joy over is the grin-inducing price of just $0.99! At a price that low, it’s easy to see why shoppers are stocking up. The overwhelming response from fans has been wildly positive, with most expressing their incessant ”NEED” to get a few bags of their own. And although this treat is limited, we’re sure they’ll be popping up at a store near you soon enough.

Aside from the positive accolades, the only preferential ding that the post’s admin found was that there may have been one too many sprinkles on some of the crackers. That being said, that didn’t stop them from doubling back to Trader Joe’s to grab a few more packs to scarf down on the trip back home. “Update: bought six more bags at my local TJ’s 😅 eating one otw home,” shared the post's originator.

With a ringing endorsement like that, we’ll gladly make our way to TJ’s to try them for ourselves—if there are still any left, of course.

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