Here’s Why Jenna Ortega Wasn’t at the 2024 Met Gala

Jenna Ortega skipped out on the first Monday in May because...well, she’s Wednesday. No, seriously. According to Deadline, the second season of the fan-favorite Netflix series reportedly began filming in late April...and in Ireland, no less! So, that’s why we didn’t see Jenna at this year’s Met Gala. She posted a pic from set the literal next day, BTW:

Back in 2023, Jenna showed up in a Thom Browne dress best described as something my Hot Topic lurking high school self would have wept over (in a good way):

the 2023 met gala
Taylor Hill - Getty Images

And in 2022, she went with basically the exact opposite vibe: a hot-pink Valentino minidress with matching tights and platforms.

the 2022 met gala
Kevin Mazur/MG22 - Getty Images

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Jenna chatted about her relationship to fashion during an interview with Dazed last year, saying, “I could dress better when I was younger, whereas now I feel like I could just stare in my closet forever and overthink everything. I used to go to school in little plastic heels with feather boas and I was really into funky socks and sequined vests. Fashion made me feel like I was my own person.”

She also admitted that her approach to red carpets used to involve tutu skirts, Vans and space buns, saying, “You can look back at anything you did when you were younger as embarrassing. But good for her! I was feeling myself. I think it’s adorable, I wish I had that same trust in myself to be like her.”

Feel like old Jenna would be very here for this year’s Met Gala theme, tbh.

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