Eggo Unveils 5 New Coffee Flavors to Help You Keep Warm This Fall

When breakfast lovers hear "Eggo," they likely think of frozen waffles. However, the brand has officially thrown its hat into the coffee ring.

On Friday, June 28, food blogger Markie Devo teased new coffee pods coming soon to stores across the nation. That's because Eggo has reportedly partnered with Two Rivers Coffee Company to offer five coffee flavors:

  • Maple Syrup Eggo

  • Vanilla Eggo Coffee

  • Cinnamon Toast Eggo

  • Blueberry Eggo

  • Chocolate Chip Eggo

"Eggo Coffee combines the irresistible taste of freshly toasted, golden Eggo waffles with the rich, aromatic notes of premium coffee," Devo shared via Instagram.

He also noted the coffee pods recently debuted at the Summer Fancy Food Show Booth 1057 and will be available starting in mid-August.

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Although the release date for Eggo Coffee is still a ways away, Instagram users expressed their excitement about the new offering. One wrote, "😮One yes give it to me now. 👏."

Another follower commented, "I’ll definitely try the maple and cinnamon toast ones. Maybe the vanilla as well."

"Yes I need to try one of these 😎🧇," someone else declared, while another wrote, "Omg yes give it to me now 😮👏."

Not everyone seemed thrilled, however. One Instagram user lamented, "How is this a thing but coconut waffles still aren't??"

For those who want to go all-in when the Eggo Coffee releases, grab a bottle of Coffee mate Kellogg's Eggo Waffles with Maple Syrup Flavored Liquid Coffee Creamer to add to your cup of Joe, and you'll be in waffle-coffee heaven.

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