Zoë Foster Blake on why she's not a fan of the Kardashian contouring effect

While the Kardashians may be massive fans of contouring, strobing, tontouring, highlighting and any other beauty trend that ends in 'ing' to make their faces look super flawless, beauty guru Zoë Foster Blake has revealed she isn't a fan of the make-up technique.

The 35-year-old, who is a mum to adorable two-year-old son Sonny Blake, a successful author and runs her own skincare company, Go-To, told Be she doesn't think contouring is viable as an everyday make-up look and she prefers a more natural finish.

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"I think the Kardashian effect is interesting because basically anything they talk about becomes a trend," Foster Blake said.

Zoe Foster Blake has revealed she's not a fan of contouring. Photo: Supplied
Zoe Foster Blake has revealed she's not a fan of contouring. Photo: Supplied

"When Kim talked about strobing and contouring she pretty much single-handily drove that but I think it’s really hard to do yourself.

"I don’t know if it’s necessary. I’m pretty anti-contouring actually."

Foster Blake, who has been married to comedian and actor Hamish Blake for the past four year, said the technique has been around for years and make- up artists are the only ones she would allow to contour her face.

"If someone is doing my face professionally then sure, but day-to-day? Who has the time and take 30 minutes to shape the face?" she said.

"I’m a proponent of skin first and minimal make-up."

When it comes to the biggest beauty mistake a woman can make, Foster Blake is adamant that thick, heavy, red-carpet make-up is a major no-no in everyday life.

"I see women with beautiful, youthful skin and they’ve got the full Kardashian make-up on – over-exaggerated lips, heaps of liner, lashes, full base, contouring and everything," she said.

"I know they’ll come back around full circle eventually."

The former beauty editor at Cosmopolitan magazine, has just released a sequel to her skincare book Amazing Face, which she aptly called Amazinger Face, a beauty tips and tricks guide, which gives women the lo-down on simple beauty dilemmas - like how to pick the perfect lipstick shade for your skintone and which foundation or sunscreen is best for you.

And sunscreen is a topic the young mother is very passionate about, appealing to women everywhere to think about the harmful effects UV rays can have on not just your health but the state of your skin.

"We live in Australia. I think it’s just so obvious that we have far less o-zone than anywhere else. We have stronger incidents of skin cancer than anywhere else in the world," she said.

"We have to be mindful and it’s the burning rays, the UV rays which are the ageing rays.

"If there’s one thing that’s going to make you look older sooner it’s the sun and if that vanity drive can’t make you wear it then I don’t know what will."

Zoe is pictured with her husband Hamish Blake and her two-year-old son, Sonny Blake. Photo: Instagram.
Zoe is pictured with her husband Hamish Blake and her two-year-old son, Sonny Blake. Photo: Instagram.

As for the people who think limiting your time in the sun will lead to a deficiency in vitamin D, Foster Blake believes there are other ways you can get your dose of sun.

"You can get some vitamin D on your wrists or on your hands or on your arms or on your legs but protect your face and your neck and your skin. Put sunscreen on that," she said.

"That’s the area that’s going to be on show until you’re 100-years old and you’ve got to look after it, especially your hands because they age faster.

"We all love a tan but tanning has come so far. The spray tans and self-tanners that are out there are completely convincing and things have changed, technology has improved."

The skincare genius of course carries around two lipbalms from her own Go-To collection with her but she's also a massive advocate for indulging in professional treatments to keep her skin in tip-top shape.

"I get a facial once a month and I think it’s really important, especially for someone who wears sunscreen every day, zinc-based which is really heavy so I go and get a really deep clean," she said.

The mum-of-one poses with her adorable tot. Photo: Intagram.
The mum-of-one poses with her adorable tot. Photo: Intagram.

Also in her handbag is a hydrating concealer (Mac Select Cover-Up) and a little Stila cream blush in a compact with a mirror and that acts as a freshener for her cheeks and lips.

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Foster Blake believes if you're constantly needing to top-up your make-up throughout the day, there must be something seriously wrong with your skincare routine.

"If you use a good primer and a good base and take the time to apply it with a really good brush really you should only need to touch up a little bit," she said.

"If your skin’s eating your make-up and it’s gone by half of the day then your skin’s thirsty, it needs more skincare or your using the wrong foundation so you’ve got to go back a few steps if you’re constantly having to touch-up you face."

Zoe's new book 'Amazinger Face' is out now.
Zoe's new book 'Amazinger Face' is out now.

Everyone knows brows are the star attraction of the moment in the beauty world and Foster Blake agrees with this, claiming they're so important to fill in as they can change everything about your face

"A thicker, stronger brow will always make you look younger so I take the time every morning to fill in my brows because it’s kind of the the piece of the face that makes the most impact, apart from a bright lipstick," she said,

"Getting a lash lift every six weeks can make a huge difference because your eyes just look open and awake and tinting your brows. Little cheats like that are always good."

The best beauty advice she can give to women is to look after your skin and everything else will follow.

"I think the most confusion comes from skincare because I find it crazy people will spend $80 on a face cream and they will stick it even if it’s not doing anything – or worse if it’s having adverse effects on them," she said.

"There are only a few key ingredients that do anything topically so why not use the products that you know rather than getting confused and spending too much money on a lot of steps and products that may not be relevant to you and your skin."

Zoë Foster Blake's new book Amazinger Face is available to buy now.

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