Zion Williamson reportedly gained 8 pounds of muscle after just one week of workouts in offseason

Basketball fans know New Orleans Pelicans big man Zion Williamson is a physical freak. People who are 6-6, 285 pounds shouldn’t be able to move like that.

But in case you wanted to doubt Williamson’s ability, Pelicans general manager David Griffin has the perfect anecdote for that. Griffin says the 19-year-old Williamson shocked team staffers by gaining eight pounds of muscle after just a week of workouts during the offseason, according to ESPN.

Then Griffin shares another story about Williamson — how the Pelicans engaged in a team-wide heavy weightlifting routine for just one week during the offseason. Williamson gained eight pounds of muscle during that span, a degree of weight gain that shocked staffers.

"He's not normal," Griffin says.

While that sounds like a good thing, Griffin says it puts the Pelicans in a tough spot. The team wants to improve Williamson’s strength without Williamson adding too much weight. It’s been challenging for the team to find that balance.

The Pelicans must have figured something out, though. Williamson will return to action Jan. 22 after offseason knee surgery delayed his NBA debut. His return should be must-see television, as the league has hyped up Williamson quite a bit.

Williamson hasn’t seen meaningful game time since college, meaning fans may have forgotten just how dominant he was on the court. If Williamson is the physical freak that Griffin claims, Williamson should have no problem quickly reminding fans why he was the no-doubt No. 1 overall pick.


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