Zero + Maria Cornejo Continues Focus on Sustainability With a Resort 2025 Collection That Offers Casual and Evening Pieces

Maria Cornejo continued her focus on sustainability in her resort 2025 collection, utilizing some of her tried-and-true, eco-friendly fabrics for a collection that offered a range of casual and evening pieces.

“It’s a lot of shapes and things that are iconic of the collection,” she said. “We were emptying out the studio and the factory, so we decided to get creative with the fabrics that we had on hand. It’s pretty much all upcycled. In this delivery we do really well with evening and the very casual, so it’s a very mad collection of one extreme or the other. There’s no middle ground. It’s always great to go through the archive with the girls and see what makes sense for that delivery.”

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Cornejo used fabrics like como jersey, organic cotton eco denim and silk crepe made from 100 percent natural fibers, among others, to create the minimalist, yet sophisticated styles she has become known for.

Colorblocking was a central motif, giving otherwise simple silhouettes an interesting detail. Several pieces were color-blocked in a black, white, navy and beige colorway, such as a feminine silk maxi-length dress with a drop waist.

On the bolder side, Cornejo experimented with vivid pops of red and fuchsia, creating a draped red dress with cutouts and a tunic-style fuchsia dress that gave a youthful edge to the more mature collection.

As denim has become a key category for the brand, Cornejo offered more styles this season. There was a cropped bomber jacket and wide-leg trousers and an oversize wrapped vest that gave a cool factor to the collection’s casual styles.

The lineup showed Cornejo’s commitment to marrying sustainability with sophisticated styles and her understanding of her loyal customer.

Launch Gallery: Zero + Maria Cornejo Resort 2025 Ready-to-Wear Collection

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