Do Zendaya’s new bum-length 00s hair extensions signal the end of bob mania?

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Do Zendaya's XXL extensions signal end of bob era?Greg Doherty - Getty Images

Bobs have been absolutely everywhere in 2023. After trickling into trends at the end of 2022, full-blown bob mania occurred this year. But what goes up, must come down... Right? And that includes hair lengths. And obviously, at some point, the trend will have to slow down. While for most of us, getting tired of our bobs would mean growing it back out, in the celeb world overnight transformations are seeing lengths return with extensions, extensions, extensions.

zendaya hair extensions
Jacopo Raule - Getty Images

Zendaya just stepped out in Paris with bottom-length princess hair and we're wondering if the megastar's move could be foreshadowing the beginning of the end for bob mania. Though she's by no means the first; Millie Bobby Brown got a bob back in February then recently returned to XXL long hair, and TV personality Chloe Burrows literally got extensions two weeks after getting a bob.

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Jacopo Raule - Getty Images

We love Zendaya's bob but we can't lie, we're a bit obsessed with this ridiculously long and straight princess hair, she literally looks like she's doing a royal walkabout getting this snap with a fan. The people's princess.

Aided by that vintage Louis Vuitton, the super long extensions are giving 00's It girl (thankfully a little better blended, sorry Paris and Nicole).

louis vuitton  photocall paris fashion week womenswear springsummer 2024
Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Spring/Summer 2024PARIS, FRANCE - OCTOBER 02: (EDITORIAL UMarc Piasecki - Getty Images

She's in Paris for Fashion Week, for the womenswear spring/summer 2024 shows, and honestly forget the runway, we're taking her hair as one of the biggest trend signifiers for spring of next year. Move over bobs and clean girl buns, 00s extra long hair is coming back. That's Hot.

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