Zack Baun, who had diluted sample at combine, finally ends draft fall when Saints pick him

There’s always a player who tumbles way too far in the NFL draft.

Wisconsin outside linebacker Zack Baun won’t be remembered like Aaron Rodgers or Johnny Manziel in draft-drop lore, but he lasted a lot longer than anyone expected.

Baun, a first-round pick in many mock drafts, was available in Round 3. The New Orleans Saints ended his long wait when they traded up and took Baun with the 74th overall pick.

Wisconsin linebacker Zack Baun (56) rhad a long wait before he was drafted. (AP Photo/Andy Manis)

It’s hard to say how much Baun testing positive for a diluted urine sample at the NFL scouting combine played into his draft fall. Teams often overlook failed drug tests at the combine if the talent is worth it. Baun also had a spotty medical history, and perhaps the inability for teams to have medical rechecks at their own facility due to coronavirus restrictions was a factor. Baun also had just one great year at Wisconsin, though it was an impressive season coming off the edge for the Badgers.

The Saints didn’t have to reach on any players. They have a deep roster and could draft the best players available. Linebacker was one of their few needs. Depending how they want to use Baun, they could have a solution there.

Baun was stuck in a spot no prospect wants to find himself in, falling through the draft while the analysts on TV wonder why he’s slipping. At least Baun’s fall ended before the second day was done.

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